Scard Family           
                                                 Henry Jasper Scard
                                                                                                      Shipwright of Gosport - Died Testate   
                                                                                                               Spouse: Sarah Frankeiss

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                      1794:  Birth; 
                                           Henry Jasper Scard was baptised on the 17th August 1794 at Holy Trinity, Gosport the son of Jasper Scard and 
                                           his wife Ann [nee Miller].   His father worked as a Dockyard Shipwright at Gosport.  See the Biography of his father
                                            Biography of Jasper Scard [1770-1812]

                      1797: Sibling;
                                           Henry was aged three when his only recorded sibling, George Augustus Scard [1797-1852] was born, baptised on the
                                           17th March 1797 at Holy Trinity, Gosport.

                      1797: Grandfather James Scard; 
                                          It was in the December of that year that Henry's paternal grandfather James Scard purchased a property at Gosport.
                                          The family had been at Gosport for at least 2 decades prior, his father being born there in 1770. 
                                          Henry's paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Scard [nee Guthridge] had departed this life three years before his birth
                                          buried at Holy Trinity Gosport on the 26th June 1791, Henry's father was only twenty-one at that time and had not 
                                          yet married.

                     The family; 
                                          Henry and his brother George had three paternal uncles living at Gosport;  John Scard, James Scard who had two 
                                          sons James & John and Thomas Scard who also had two sons Thomas [the younger] and William.
                                          All three uncles had died before Henry reached the age of seven.  His four 1st cousins continued living at Gosport
                                          during their childhood.  
                                          He also had a spinster paternal Aunt, Mary Scard of whose Estate Henry ultimately became her sole executor & 

                     1818:           Henry is named in the Will of his spinster Aunt Mary Jasper Scard of Gosport who published her Will on the
                                         29th December 1818.  Mary lived a further fourteen years [1832]. 
                     1822:  Marriage;
                                          At the age of twenty-eight Henry Jasper Scard married Sarah Frankeiss by Licence on the 25th December 1819.
                                          [Bride aged 22yrs] at St. Mary's Portsea. 

                                                           Sarah Frankeiss was baptised Holy Trinity Gosport 22nd April 1800 [Surname mispelt 'Frankes' in LDS]  
                                                                                           the daughter of John Frankeiss, a  sailmaker at Gosport and his wife Frances nee 
                                                                                           Sarah had five siblings; 
                                                                                                           Harriot Frankeiss b.1802, 
                                                                                                           James Frankeiss [1807-1879] Died Testate;
                                                                                                                   Registered copy will of James Frankeiss of 43 Saint Vincent Street, Southsea, 
                                                                                                                   Portsea, pensioner from Her Majesty's dockyard, Portsmouth.  Date: 1879.
                                                                                                                   John Frankeiss was also witness to the Will of his brother-in-law
                                                                                                                   Henry Jasper Scard in 1869. See Transcription Below 
                                                                                                           Samuel Frankeiss b. 1812, 
                                                                                                           Joseph Frankeiss b. 1815, 
                                                                                                           Elizabeth Frankeiss b. 1818.
                                                                                           Sarah and all siblings were baptised at Orange Street Now King Street-Independent, 
                                                                                           Portsea, which records both  birth & Baptism dates with the correct spelling of their name. 
                                                                                           Sarah's Lineage:  goes back quite far, this is only a small section;
                                                                                           Sarah's parents John Frankeiss and Frances nee Abbott were married 6th October 1799, 
                                                                                                                        at St. Thomas  Portsmouth. 
                                                                                           Sarah's father,   John Frankeiss was baptised 20th November 1774 St. Mary's Portsea 
                                                                                                                        the son of John & Margaret nee Davis. 
                                                                                           Sarah's mother, Frances Abbott was baptised at nearby Botley 28th June 1778 the 
                                                                                                                        daughter of  James Abbott and Olive nee Bastard who were married 
                                                                                                                        12th October 1774 at nearby Droxford.
                                                                                           This latter 'Abbott' Family is of great interest as they also married into the Scard Family
                                                                                            of nearby Southampton who were very wealthy.  It is considered that Henry's Grandfather
                                                                                            James Scard 'Gentleman' was the brother of Thomas Scard [Senior] 'Gentleman' of 
                                                                                            Southampton, both being born in the early 1700's, there being many similarities in the 
                                                                                            family and also their close proximity.                                                               
Notes; Henry Jasper Scard and Sarah’s granddaughter by their daughter Maria
was named Olive the namesake of Sarah’s grandmother [1841 Census]. Also Military Records held National Archives Kew imply that one of Sarah's brothers had issue in Kent by 1852. Contact the writer if interested in look-ups forburials in Hampshire.
Issue: Child 1: Sarah Ann Scard: Sarah Ann Scard was born 5th March 1821, baptised 1st November 1821 at Orange Street, now King St. Independent, Portsea. Note: This Baptism venue was the one used by her mother's family.] Was beneficiary in the Will of her paternal aunt [by marriage] Jane Scard [nee Hobday]. See Epilogue. Appears may have had a base-born son: Harry F. English [aka Harry F. Scard] in 1842. Child 2: Ann Scard: died before 1869; Ann Scard was baptised 25th July 1824 at St. Mary’s Portsea. Married George Hunt, a Miller and had issue. See Epilogue. Child 3: Eliza Scard born 1825 - Gosport; Appears to have been baptised at around age 20; Eliza Elizabeth Scard baptised 4th July 1844, Alverstoke, Hampshire, daughter of Henry & Sarah [LDS] Married George Brown and had one known child Olive Brown. See Epilogue. 1832 Beneficiary: Henry's spinster Aunt Mary Scard died unmarried and without issue at Gosport buried on the 29th February 1832 [HBI] at the 'recorded' age of sixty-five [HBI]. Henry Jasper Scard was her sole Executor & Beneficiary. For a scanned copy of the Original Will See Epilogue in the Biography of Henry's grandfather James Scard. 1841 [Census] Recorded at Windmill Row, Alverstoke; [note: ages rounded in this census] Henry Scard, age 45, Shipwright. Sarah Scard, age 40, Sarah Scard, age 20, [on next census - single visiting John Jacobs - see Epilogue] Ann Scard, age 15, [had married George Hunt next census] Eliza Scard, age 15. [on next census under married name 'Eliza Brown'] 1842: The birth of Grandson Harry English Scard appears to be Registered twice; 1] as Harry English in the March Qtr. 1842 [Alverstoke] 2] as Harry English Scard in the same Qtr. March 1842 [Alverstoke] He is recorded over the next 20 years under conflicting names at the home of his grandfather Henry. There has been no baptism recorded and the paternity of the child is unknown. Henry could have had an unrecorded son or daughter or his daughter Sarah may have had an illegitimate child. 1851 [Census] Recorded at Windmill Row, Alverstoke;  Henry Scard, Head, aged 57, Shipwright born Gosport. Sarah Scard, Wife, age 57. born Gosport Eliza Brown, Daughter, Married aged 26yrs, born Portsea Olive Brown, infant granddaughter, 1 month, born Gosport * Harry English, grandson, age 9, Scholar, born Gosport. John Frankeiss, father in law, aged 74yrs, sailmaker pensioner, born Gosport. * Grandson Harry is now recorded without his birthname 'Scard'
                     1852: Death of Jasper's brother:  
                                             Henry's only known sibling, George Augustus Scard died Testate in Gosport Testate in 1852 at the age of 55yrs.
                                             He had been living in London for some time where he had married Jane Hobday in 1829 later returning to Gosport 
                                             by 1851 amassing a reasonable Estate.  They had no issue. His sole beneficiary and executrix was his wife Jane.

                     1853: Death of Jasper's sister-in-law: 
                                            George Augustus Scard's wife Jane died Testate at Gosport the following year in 1853.
                                            Her main beneficiaries were her sister Mary Ann Franklin [wife of George], her friend, George Brown 
                                            and also Henry and Sarah's daughters Ann Hunt nee Scard and Sarah Scard [Spinster] .   
                                            Jane's sister-in-law, Henry's wife Sarah Scard [nee Frankeiss] was left a small bequeathal to oversee 
                                            Jane's Funeral;                                                       
                                                           ' I give and bequeath unto Sarah Scard wife of the said Henry Scard the sum of 
                                                             nineteen pounds nineteen shillings and I request her to [supervise?] my funeral 
                                                             and have the same conducted according to my wishes with which she is acquainted.'
                                            See a transcription of both Wills in the Epilogue of George & Henry's father Biography of Jasper Scard [1770-1821]  

                      1861 [Census] Recorded at Clarence Road, Alverstoke;
                                              Henry Scard, Head, aged 66, Shipwright Superannuated. 
                                              Sarah Scard, Wife, aged 60
                                              Harry English, Grandson, aged 19, Clerk Telegraph Office.
                                          *  Again grandson Harry's 'Scard' surname has been dropped. 

                     1869 Death:    Still living at Clarence Road, Alverstoke when Sarah died at the recorded age of 68yrs in March Qtr. 1869.
                                              Living at Clarence Road, Alverstoke when Jasper published his Will.

                     1869 Will:       Henry Jasper Scard published his Will on the 23rd April, 1869.
                                              His Beneficiaries were his two daughters Ann Hunt and Sarah Hurley and his grandson Harry English. 

                     1869 Death:    Henry Jasper Scard died on the 27th April 1869. 
                                              His Obituary was published in the Hampshire Telegraph & Sussex Journal on Saturday, 1st May 1869.
                                                                   Henry James Scard Obituary
                                              His Will Proved on the 6th May 1869. 

                                                                                      The Will of Henry Jasper Scard

                          In the name of God Amen This is the Last Will and Testament of me Henry Jasper Scard a Superannuated 
                                  Shipwright of H.M. Dockyard at Portsmouth and now residing in my freehold premises at No. 4 Clarence 
                                  Road in the Town of Gosport Parish of Alverstoke County of Southampton

                                  I will and desire as follows (being at this present time of sound mind and clear intellect) that is to say

                                  I commit my Soul with hope and humble confidence to God who gave it and my remains to be committed to 
                                  the Earth in the confident expectation of a glorious resurrection through the merits of Christ my Redeemer
                                  Secondly I will and desire that all former Wills Codicils and documents of every kind relating to the distribution
                                  of my property be cancelled and is hereby rendered nill and void

                                  Thirdly I Will and desire that my freehold premises in which I now reside shall be put up to auction and sold to 
                                  the highest bidder and the mortgage now on it be discharged

                                  Fourthly I Will and desire that all my household furniture and every other article or thing unto me belonging
                                  shall be sold in such manner as my children hereinafter named together with the consent of my herein named
                                  executors shall determine

                                  Fifthly I Will and desire that my Executors hereinafter named shall receive all monies due at my decease from 
                                  all and every club or insurance and every other source And I further Will and direct that such monies together with the 
                                  proceeds of the sale of my property of every kind shall be deposited in the bank in Gosport known as the Hampshire
                                  Banking Company and shall be available for my Executors to pay all just demands

                                 Sixthly I Will and direct that my executors do pay all just and lawful debts and funeral expenses and administration 
                                 to and so soon as possible divide the residue and pay it over in equal proportions or third parts to my daughter
                                 Sarah Hurley and my daughter Mrs. Sarah Hunt and my Grandson Harry English Scard.

                                 Seventhly I nominate and appoint Mr. Richard Hewett and Mr. James Hantrum (both of Gosport) as my Executors to 
                                 this my Last Will and Testament and praying the Great Lord and our Saviour to bless and keep my dear children
                                 relatives and friends now set my hand to this my last Will and testament dated this twenty third day of April One 
                                 thousand eight hundred and sixty nine              Henry Jasper Scard    his mark X
                                 Witness  John Frankeiss  George Hunt   Sarah Hunt [all signed]

                                 [Note:Witnesses: John Frankeiss was Henry's brother-in-law, an Accountant, the brother of his wife Sarah Scard nee Frankeiss 
                                                             who himself died testate at Gosport ten years later in 1879. See notes on Sarah's family above.
                                                             George Hunt was Henry's son-in-law, the spouse of his daughter Ann.
                                                             Sarah Hunt was Henry's granddaughter by his daughter Ann and George Hunt.]  

                                 Here Henry's grandson Harry is recorded with the surname 'Scard'
                                 In her Majesty's Court of Probate   The District Registry at Winchester 
                                                In the Goods of Henry Jasper Scard deceased
                                 I John Frankeiss of Southsea in the Parish of Portsea in the County of Southampton Accountant make Oath that 
                                 I am one of the subscribing Witnesses to the last Will and Testament of Henry Jasper Scard late of Clarence Road
                                 in Gosport in the said County of Southampton a superannuated shipwright from the Dock Yard at Portsmouth deceased
                                 the said Will being now hereunto annexed bearing date the twenty third day of April 1869 and that the said Testator
                                 executed the said Will on the day of the date thereof by making his mark thereto as the same now appears thereon in
                                 the presence of me and of George Hunt and Sarah Hunt the other subscribed witnesses thereto all of us being present
                                 at the same time and we thereupon attested and subscribed the said Will in the presence of the said Testator.
                                 John Frankeiss   [signed]

                                 Sworn at Gosport in the County of Southampton on the sixth day of May 1869 before me Richard Reeves Wilkinson
                                 A Commissioner to administer Oaths in Chancery in England. 

                       Sarah Scard:  Daughter of Henry Jasper Scard and his wife Sarah nee Frankeiss; 

                      1851 Census:       Sarah was recorded in London aged 25!, a visitor in the home of John Jacobs;
                                                     Address: 6 Brook Street, St. George Hanover, Middlesex;
                                                     John Jacobs, Head, unmarried, aged 50, General Dealer, born Kent, Isle of Shipley?
                                                     Sam Jacobs, unmarried, aged 48, General Dealer born as above. 
                                                     Sarah Scard, Visitor, unmarried, aged 25, Dressmaker, born Portsea, Hampshire. 
                                                     Mary Mahony, Visitor, unmarried, aged 14, Dressmaker, born Ireland, Limerick. 
                                                     + 2 Servants [illegible].
                                                     The relationship between Sarah and the other members of the household is unknown. 
                     1853 Beneficiary: Sarah with her married sister Ann Hunt [nee Scard] was beneficiary in the Will of her paternal Aunt 
                                                     [by marriage] Jane Scard [nee Hobday], the wife of her paternal uncle Uncle George Augustus Scard [deceased]. 
                                                     An excerpt from the Will relating to Sarah and her sister Ann;                  
                                                                   ' I give and devise all that my freehold messuage or dwelling house situate 
                                                                     and being number 6 in Richard Street aforesaid with the appurtenances 
                                                                     thereunto belonging unto Ann Hunt, wife of George Hunt of the Royal Clarence 
                                                                     Victualling Yard near Gosport  afore said Miller and Sarah Scard of Lambs 
                                                                     Coubuit  Passage Red Lion Square in London, Spinster (the two daughters 
                                                                     of my late husband’s brother Henry Scard of Gosport aforesaid Shipwright)
                                                                     and to their respective heirs and assigns to be equally divided between them 
                                                                     share and  share alike as tenants in common and not as joint tenants.' 
                                        Her Paternal Uncle and Aunt had died childless. 
                                        For more information relating to her Uncle George Augustus Scard and his wife Jane 
                                        See the Epilogue in the Biography of Sarah's grandfather; Jasper Scard of Gosport [1770-1821]

                    1861 Census:   Sarah could not be found. 
                    1869 Beneficiary: Sarah was named in the Will of her father, Henry Jasper Scard who died at Gosport around the 6th May 1869. 
                    1869 Marriage: At the age of forty-eight Sarah Scard married Patrick Hurley in 1869 [Reg. St. George Hanover June Qtr. 1869].
                                                Sarah seems to have married hastily, the event occurred after the death of her father!!! possibly in order to 
                                                be elligible under this married name, to comply with the administration of her father's Will. 
                                                Sarah was possibly living a defacto relationship with Patrick Hurley and wrote to her father implying she 
                                                was married.  She must have panicked when she realised the implications regarding collecting her inheritance
                                                under this name. In several subsequent newspaper articles Patrick Hurley was reported to be a 'loud ' character
                                                known to have since carried large sums of money in his pockets.
                                                In the 1871 Census he records himself unmarried and Sarah was not living with him.     
                                        No further information for Sarah.                               

                    Ann Hunt [nee Scard]:  Daughter of Henry Jasper Scard and his wife Sarah nee Frankeiss;
                                         At the age of nineteen Ann Scard married George Hunt [a miller, breadmaker] in the Sept. Qtr. 1845.[Reg. at Portsea Is.] 
                     1853 Beneficiary:   Ann with her unmarried sister Sarah was beneficiary in the Will of her paternal Aunt 
                                                      [by marriage] Jane Scard [nee Hobday], the wife of her paternal uncle Uncle George Augustus Scard [deceased]. 
                                                      An excerpt from the Will regarding Ann and her sister Sarah can be seen in this Epilogue relating to her
                                                      sister Sarah [above];
                     1861 Census:   Living at Gosport; 
                                               George Hunt, Head, aged 40, Married, Miller in Clarence Road,  born Portsmouth.
                                               Ann Hunt, Wife, aged 37, Married, Grocer & Baker, born Gosport
                                                Sarah Hunt, Daughter, aged 11, Scholar, born Gosport
                                                Frances Hunt, Daughter, aged 9, Scholar, born Gosport  was actually named 'Frances Olive Hunt', Middle name 
                                                                                                                                                 'Olive' consistent with her maternal grt. grt.grandmother.
                                                George Hunt, Son, aged 3, Scholar, born Gosport
                                                Emily Nicholson, Servant, aged 13, born Southsea.
                     1871 Census:    Living at Gosport
                                                George Hunt, Head, 48, Miller, born Hampshire, Kingston!  
                                                Ann Hunt, Wife, 45, born Portsea.
                                                Sarah Hunt, Daughter, 20, born Gosport
                                                Frances O Hunt, Daughter, 16, apprentice dressmaker, born Gosport
                                                George Hunt, Son, 13, Scholar, born Gosport
                                                Harry F English, Lodger, aged 28, Waiter, born Gosport.  [Ann's nephew].
                                                James Fuller, visitor, aged 6yrs, Scholar, born Landport. [Relationship unknown] 
                                                Again Harry's 'Scard' surname has been dropped.
                     1881 Census:   Ann recorded aged 60! living at Gosport with married daughter Frances Churchill [wife of John - not present] 
                                                and her son John Churchill aged 1 year.
                     1882 Death:     Ann is considered died Sept. Qtr. 1882 at the recorded age of 62yrs. 

                     Eliza Brown [nee Scard] Daughter of Henry Jasper Scard and his wife Sarah nee Frankeiss;

                                              Little is known of Eliza; 
                                              Eliza was recorded 1841 Census living with her parents at Alverstoke aged 15yrs. 
                                              Eliza Scard married George Brown June Qtr. 1848 at Portsea Island.
                                              She had one known child, Olive Brown who was born in 1850.
                                              Eliza was recorded aged 26yrs, married, in the 1851 Census in the house of 
                                              her parents and her infant daughter Olive aged 9months.
                                              Eliza was not mentioned in the Will of her Aunt Jane Scard in 1853. [only her sisters Ann and Sarah were mentioned]
                                              Eliza was not mentioned in the Will of her father in 1869. [only her sisters Ann and Sarah were mentioned]
                                              It is considered she may have died by this time. 
                                              No further information.  

                     Harry Frederick English aka Harry English Scard:  
                                             - Grandson of Henry Jasper Scard and his wife Sarah nee Frankeiss;

                                             Harry was recorded as a Telegraph Clerk in 1851 [with grandparents]
                                             In 1869 he was beneficiary in his grandfather's Will. 
                                             He was recorded as 'Waiter', 'a lodger' in 1871 aged 28yrs living with his married maternal aunt, Ann Hunt [nee Scard]
                                             and her husband George Hunt and their family [see in Epilogue above].
                                             In 1872 Harry was unjustly implicated in the death of a Schoolteacher at Gosport by the testimony of a 
                                             another. Rumours casting aspersions on Harry ensued and Harry was forced to  pressed charges of Perjury 
                                             against the party; 

                                            Hampshire Telegraph: Wednesday 12th March 1872; 

                                             Click on image to enlarge
                                           Hampshire Telegraph: Saturday 9th March 1872;   

                                            Harry English Scardclick on image to enlarge

                                           click on image to enlarge

                                            Hampshire Telegraph: Saturday 23rd March 1872;

                                            Harry English Scard  

                                            Hampshire Telegraph: Wednesday 3rd April, 1872;


                        Harry was undoubtedly innocent and unjustly implicated in the Case.
                        Harry's seeming sudden acquired degree of wealth after 1881 may imply that his inheritance was well managed. 

         1875: Marriage:  Harry Frederick English appears to have married Bridget Andrews 24th July 1875 at St. Mary's Portsea, Hampshire
                                                   Groom recorded aged 33 - Bride recorded aged 32. [LDS-IGI]  
                   Known surviving issue; 
                                                   Mabel Muriel English [Birth Reg. Sept. Qtr. 1876 - Portsea]
                                                   Nina Mary P.L. English [Birth Reg. March Qtr. 1878 - S.Stoneham]

                        After this time Harry appears to have deliberately clouded his true birthplace.   

                       1881 Census:   Harry not found.
                       1881 Census:  Address: East Street, Titchfield; 
                                                Bridgette English, Head, aged 37, Chargehand's wife, born Farnham, Surrey
                                                Mabel English, Daughter, aged 4, born Kingston, Portsmouth
                                                Nina English, Daughter, aged 3, born Freemantle, Southampton
                                                Dora English, Daughter, aged 7 months, born Forton, Gosport
                                                        Dora Rona L. English died Dec. Qtr. 1882 recorded aged 2 years [Registered Farnham]

         1891 Census:   Address: West Street, Titchfield, Hampshire; 
                                                                 Henry F. English, Head, aged 48, Living on own means, born Dublin, Ireland!!!. 
                                                                 Bridget English, Wife, aged 47, born Farnham, Surrey
                                                                 Mabel M English, Daughter, aged 14, born Hampshire, Portsea, Ryston Crow?
                                                                 Mira M L S English, Daughter, aged 13, Born Hampshire, Southampton, Freemantle.
                       1901 Census:    Address: West Street, Titchfield, Hampshire;
                                                                 Harry F. English, Head, aged 55, Living on own means, born Dublin, Ireland!!!. 
                                                                 Bridget English, aged 54, born Farnham, Surrey. 
                                                                 Mabel English, Daughter, Single, aged 23, born Hants, Portsea. 
                                                                 Nina English, Daughter, Single, aged 21, born Hants, Southampton. 
                      1903 Death:     Harry Frederick English died two years later recorded aged 60 yrs.  [Registered June Qtr. 1903 - Fareham]
                      1907 Death:     Harry's widow Bridget English nee died four years later at the recorded age of 60 years
                                                                 [Registered Dec. Qtr. 1907 - Fareham]
                      Daughters;       Mabel:      Their eldest daughter Mabel English died unmarried in 1927 at the recorded age of 49 years. 
                                                                 [Registration: Mable M. J. English - June Qtr. 1926 - Fareham]
                                              Nina:         No further information for their youngest daughter Nina English.