Scard Family           
                                                  JAMES SCARD
                                                                                                    of Gosport, Hampshire, England
                                                                                                           Spouse- Elizabeth Seager 

                      1764: Baptism; 
                                          James Scard was baptised on the 6th may 1764 at St. Thomas Portsmouth, the son of 
                                          James Scard and his wife Elizabeth [nee Guthridge]

                    Parents:    His father James Scard [c.1735-1812] was well respected in the Gosport community and during his life referred to 
                                      in a Deed Document at Gosport as 'Gentleman'.  He died Testate in 1812 bequeathing a small fortune.

                    Lineage:    Little is known of his maternal history the Guthridge & Jenkins Lineages except that they were Ancient 
                                       Families, resident in the immediate region for many generations.  The Ancient Jasper Family of Hampshire is also
                                       considered to have also been a probable maternal lineage not yet fully explored.

                                      James' parents had married at Christchurch, Dorset 23miles WSW in 1758 and moved to nearby Portsmouth after their 
                                      marriage and later moved 3 miles WSW to Gosport where they remained.
                                      Older records were found in the area relating to both families and both of his parents may  have had early family 
                                      ties at Christchurch.

                    Siblings:    James had six siblings;
                                        Mary Scard [1760-1763] Died in early Childhood; Elizabeth Scard may married John Young 1782;Thomas Scard [1766-1803]
                                       Thomas married & had two surviving sons before his premature death. Mary Scard [1768-1832] Died Testate, unmarried & 
                                       without issue 1832 at the recorded age of 65 years. See copy of her Will -Epilogue in Biography of her father James Scard
                                        Jasper Scard * [1770-1821] Jasper married Ann Miller 3rd February 1792 at Portsmouth and had issue.
                                        John Scard [1773-1799?] No further information for John - an early burial may apply see Father's biography.
                    1787  Marriage Licence            ;

                                             A marriage Licence sometimes carried a bond of up to £200 but although we know the details [HMLI].
                                                                     'Scard, James, of Gosport, 21, bachelor  & Elizabeth Seager, 
                                                                      of the same Parish, 21, spinster, at Alverstoke*, 
                                                                      Dated 2nd December 1787.'  * marriage to be performed at Alverstoke. 
                                            The couple were married on the same day.

                                                     Elizabeth Seager;
                                                               Based on her recorded age at burial, Elizabeth Seager was baptised at Alverstoke, Hampshire
                                                               on the 29th November 1767 the daughter of John Seager and his wife Mary nee Pearce.
                                                               Her parents were married at Botley, Hampshire 1st January 1765. 
                                                               Elizabeth had three known siblings; 
                                                    Sarah Seager, baptised 15th April at Alverstoke.                                                                                                    
                                                                      John Seager, baptised 14th June 1772 at Alverstoke.
                                                                      Ann Seager, baptised 3rd June 1770
                                                               Elizabeth was aged seven when her mother died; 
                                                                      Mary Scard buried at Alverstoke 26th January 1774 'wife of John'.
                                                               Her father married Jane Gunningham five months later at Alverstoke on the 11th June 1774
                                                               with whom he had other issue; 
                                                                      William Seager baptised 18th May 1777 at Alverstoke.
                                                                      Nanny Seager baptised 29th March 1779 at Alverstoke. [possibly Jane jnr.]
                                                                      Richard Seager baptised 15th May 1775 at Alverstoke.
                                                               Elizabeth's step mother Jane died 15th October 1792 at Alverstoke 'Wife of John'.
                                                                               Not to be confused with a Parallel 'John Seager' Wheelright of Gosport who married Ann 
                                                                              nee Greenhill [1756] and had issue baptised at the High Street Independant Church at Gosport.
                                                                              This John Seager died Testate, leaving his Estate to his wife Annie and upon her death to fall
                                                                              to his children in equal shares. Executors: William Seager & Baker Garrett [Baker was the 
                                                                              spouse of John's then deceased daughter Sarah].
                                                                              This John Seager died Monday 7th August 1809.
                                                                              Hampshire Telegraph, 7th August 1809 - Issue 513;

                                                             There were several Property Sales advertised in the Hampshire Telegraph mentioning 'John Seager'
                                                              from 1800-1801 mostly at Gosport.                                                                
                     1791 Death:    James' mother dies;

                                   James was aged twenty-five when his mother, Elizabeth Scard nee Guthridge died at the estimated age of around forty-eight.
                                   buried at Holy Trinity Gosport on the 26th June 1791.
                                   Elizabeth was survived by her husband James of thirty-three years marriage and at least four of her surviving children
                                   [Elizabeth aged 29 ???], James aged 27 yrs [married], Thomas aged 25 yrs [married], Mary aged 23yrs [unmarried] and
                                   Jasper aged 21 yrs [unmarried],  [John aged 18 yrs???]

                                      1788: Child 1: James Scard [1788-1832]  Baptised 19th October 1788 at Alverstoke. See Epilogue.
                                      1790: Child 2: John Scard [1790-1868]  Baptised 22nd February 1790 Holy Trinity, Gosport. See Epilogue.
             1795: Child 3: William Scard baptised 12th Sept. 1795 [kindly submitted by Pat Richardson UK]
                      1792      Brother Jasper's Marriage;

                                   At the age of twenty-two, Eight months after his mother's death Jasper Scard married Ann Miller 3rd February 1792
                                   at St. Thomas Portsmouth.

                                                       Ann Miller:    Little research has been done on Ann Miller, several baptisms [LDS] could apply.
                                                                                Ann Miller could be the same baptised at Holy Trinity Gosport 16th September 1770
                                                                                daughter of John & Mary.
                                                                                The naming of Jasper and Ann's son 'George Augustus' may imply a clue.
              For more information See Biography of Jasper Scard Access Pointer Biography of Jasper Scard [1770-1821]     

              Death:  In veiw that no other issue was found recorded for James & his wife Elizabeth [nee Seager] it is considered that 
                                    James Scard died relatively young.  There were eight burials for James Scard in Hampshire [HBI] and of these
                                    there were only two burials that could apply;

                                                  James Scard buried 10th September 1775 at Christchurch [HBI]  [probably related to his father- poss. his grandfather]
                                                  James Scard 19th April 1804 'Infant' at Eling.  This was the son of Thomas Scard [the younger] of Eling. Died aged 8 mths.
                                               *   James Scard buried 21st July 1804 at Gosport [HBI] 
                                                  James Scard 2nd May 1810 'Infant' at Eling. This was the son of Thomas Scard [the younger] of Eling. Died aged 9 mths.
                                                  James Scard 8th January 1812 at Gosport.  This is proved to be James' father who died Testate. 
                                               * James Scard buried 8th March 1812 at Gosport [HBI] possible son of James Scard [the younger] i.e. James Bennett Scard
                                                  James Scard buried 9th October 1831 at Alverstoke - recorded  '41 yrs'.  This was James' eldest son, born 1788. See above.   
                      1812:     Elizabeth was certainly a widow by July 1812 and appears to have lived next door to her brother William;
                                    Hampshire Telegraph & Sussex Journal etc., Dated Monday 27th July 1812 - Issue 668;
                                    Kindly submitted by David Kenny; 

                                    Note: 'in the occupation of Mr. William Seager and Mrs. Scard.'

                                                 Elizabeth Scard [the younger] Property Sale, Gosport 1812 [with William Seager]

                      1827 Deaths:  William Seager the brother of  James' widow was buried at Alverstoke 25th November 1827.
                                             Elizabeth Scard [nee Seager] was buried four days later at Alverstoke 29th November 1827 recorded 'wife of James' 
                                             'aged 58' [HBI] [recorded 'Brockhurst' in Knightroots].
                                             Elizabeth was survived by her three known sons James Scard aged 39yrs and John Scard aged 37 years, 
                                             William Scard aged 32yrs and at least two of her four grandchildren, by her son John.  It is uncertain if her 
                                             eldest son James and youngest son William had surviving issue.  


                                                                                                            Quick links
                                                                                          Child 1:    James [1788-1832]
                                                                                          Child 2:    John [1790-1868]
                                                                                          Child 3:   William [1795-1839]
                                                                                                 Seager Family Research

 Child 1:  James Scard [1788-1832] son of James Scard & Elizabeth Seager;

James Scard was baptised on the 19th October 1788 at Alverstoke.

Marriage; At the age twenty-two James Scard married Sophia Petty on the 3rd Sept. 1810
at St. Thomas Portsmouth, Hampshire [LDS].   [Entry transcribed James Peard] 
[Pallot's Marriage Index]
                   Click on image to enlarge

based on other similar entries seen for Pallot's Marriages James would have signed his name 
and the small 'x' beside bride's name would indicate she signed with her mark.

Sophia Petty was the baptised 24th October 1790 at St. Thomas, Portsmouth, the eldest child of 
Joseph Petty and his wife Elizabeth nee Figg.  She had several siblings.  

1811 Child 1:    James Bennet Scard baptised 28th August 1811 son of James and Sophia at Holy Trinity Gosport
Possible burial 8th March 1812 Gosport. Although see unplaced Military Record below.
1811 Death:       His wife Sophia Scard died two months after the birth of their son, 
                            buried 24th November 1811 at Gosport.[HBI]
1831 Death:       James Scard was buried at Alverstoke 9th October 1831 at the ‘recorded’ age of 43yrs. [HBI]

NOTE:      James Scard [the younger] may have remarried and there is evidence of another possible son. 
               Either of these baptisms could also apply to James' brother William.       
                  i.e. James Scard born 1st July 1816 at Gosport.  [presently unplaced] - Military Record
       or  * James Scard born August 1819 at Gosport. [presently unplaced] - Military Record
                  *  See Military Record [scanned] and Biography of James Scard [1819-1873]. Access Pointer Information relating to James Scard [1819-1873] unplaced.
Child 2:  John Scard [1790-1868] son of James Scard & Elizabeth Seager;

Baptised 22nd February 1790 Holy Trinity, Gosport.

John married 1] Fanny Butcher in 1818.   Fanny died in 1826 [records imply she may have died in childbirth] 
John married 2] Annie [nee TBA] around 1828.  

John died at Portsea at the end of 1869 at the recorded age of seventy-nine.  
See Full Biography of John Scard [1790-1868] Access PointerBiography of John Scard [1790-1868] of Portsea Island, Hampshire


Child 3: William Scard [1795-1839] son of James Scard & Elizabeth nee Seager 

Baptised on the 12th Sept. 1795 [kindly submitted by Pat Richardson UK]

May have been the same William Scard recorded a custom's Officer at Cowes, Isle of Wight in 1823. 
William would have been aged 28 yrs at this time who was attacked by several villains.
No other likely contenders for this item.  
Click o n image to enlarge.

William Scard died:  December Qtr. 1839 [Registered Southampton] estimated aged 56 years.
Marriage or Issue have not been found at the present time. 

Possible Paternity of the following;
               Either of these baptisms could also apply to a possible 2nd marriage of his brother James.     
                  i.e. James Scard born 1st July 1816 at Gosport.  [presently unplaced] - Military Record
       or  * James Scard born August 1819 at Gosport. [presently unplaced] - Military Record
                  *  See Military Record [scanned] and Biography of James Scard [1819-1873]. Access Pointer Information relating to James Scard [1819-1873] unplaced.
                                   SEAGER RESEARCH
                                                                                                         at the present time
                                                      The Seagar Family of Hampshire goes back very far with many BDM's Wills, Deeds and Documents. 
                                                      Any family member wishing to follow these threads [relevance and/or lineage cannot be guaranteed]
                                                      may find some data at; 
                                                      Baptisms & Marriages:  Probably many can be found on the IGI - LDS Site.
                                                      Burials:  1538-1837 - Contact writer - by email.
                                                      Wills & Deeds & Documents:   Index available Hampshire Record Office.
                                                              [aka Calm Database]
                                                      The Will of John Seager, Wheelright [above mentioned] may also be helpful - Contact the writer if interested. 

                                                                               Possibly not relevant but here are a few early entries at Dorset

                                                                                                              Dorset Muster Rolls 
                                                                                                B=Bill or Billman - Promise to supply Arms.

                                                              1542 -  John Segar – Bill – Fyffhed (Fifehead Sydling in Sydling St.  Nicholas)
                                                              1539 – Thomas Zeger - B – Melbury Babe Tithing – (Melbury  Bubb)
                                                              1542 – John Zegar* – A – bow, 6 arrows Manor of Fordyngton –  Fordyngton (Fordington)
                                                              1542 – William Zeger - A – bow, 12 arrows – Owre Tithhing  (Owermolgne)
                                                              1542 – Roger Zeger – B – bow, 6 arrows – Manor of Fordyngton  (Fordington)
                                                              1569 – John Zegar – B – Manor of Fordyngton – Fordington  Tithing. 

                                                                                         Several entries were found in the Parallel Lay Subsidy Rolls
                                                                                                    searched through my disc showed
                                                                                         John Richard & William under Segar - can search for other 
                                                                                                   variants if anyone interested - contact writer
                                                                                      the Dorset Seager family appears quite wealthy during this era.