Scard Family           
                                                                                                        James Scard
                                                                                                         Of Kent, formerly of Gosport
                                                                                                          Spouse: Nancy Jane Michell

                        Most likely Paternity; 
                                                The son of James Scard [the younger] [1788-1841] of Gosport [the son of James Scard & Elizabeth nee Seager].

                                  Military Records: 1]  Original page number: 385 James Scard Rating; Age on entry: [Not Given];
                                                                       Dates served: 19 May 1861-13 March    -   1871; 
                                                                       Date and Type of Application: Whitehall 20 July 1861 
                                                                       Born: 9 December 1816, Gosport, Hants.  
                                                                       Date range: 1860 - 1861. [National Archives, Kew]  
                                                                       This appears to be his 2nd enlistment

                                                                  2]  Entry: 9646,  Scard, James, Rank -  Bosn. Mate, Service-RN,
                                                                       Unit-HMS Pelorus, Number 9, Date-1860. [UK Milita Lists]  
                                                                       Ref-ADM171/16.  [England - Military Records - CD]
                                                                       Recipient of the the New Zealand Medal * 1845-1847 

                                                                       *This Medal was approved on 1 March 1869, for issue to survivors only, of those who had taken part in 
                                                                          suppressing Maori uprisings on the North Island between 1845 and 1846, on the South Island in 1847, 
                                                                          and for general service in New Zealand between 1860 and 1866.
                                                                          An original Medal can be viewed on URL: 
                                                                          As recipient of the Medal, James would have been alive after 1869 and therefore it is almost certain that 
                                                                          he can be identified with the Military Record below which also shows he is a recipient of a medal [illegible];

                                                                   3]   James Scard - Born Gosport, August 1819?  
                                                                          Died 1st July 1875 at Pembroke Military Hospital, Kent - Military Record below; 
                            Military Record of James Scard born 1819 
                 Further Details;
                       1843:          James Scard married Nancy Jane Michell, Stoke Dameral Devon Sept. Qtr. 1843.                                                                                    
                       1851:          Address: 39 King Street, Stoke Damerel Devonport, Devon.
                                            Nancy Scard, head, age 28, sailors wife, born Portsmouth Hants.
                                           Charlotte Scard, Daughter, age 2.

                       1861:          Address: Stoke Damerel Devonport, Devonshire.
                                           Nancy J. Scard, Head, Married, aged 38, Sailor's Wife, born Portsmouth, Hampshire.
                                           Charlotte F Scard, Daughter, aged 12, Scholar, born Devonport, Devon.
                                           James J Scard, Son, aged 8, scholar, born Devonport, Devon. 
                                                          Born c.1853 - Middle name 'J' interesting - No further information for young James. 
                                           Christinia J Scard, Daughter, aged 7 born Kent Chaston.

                                            Daughter Charlotte Frances Scard married in June Qtr. 1865 at Sheppey Kent.
                                            Daughter Christinia married John Bridges at some point during the next decade.   
                         1871:         Address: No. 7 Orchard Street, Shenness, Kent. 
                                           James Scard, Head, age 51 Greenwich Pensioner, born Titchfield Hampshire. 
                                                                    [Titchfield is about 6 miles NW of Gosport.]
                                           Nancy Scard, Wife, aged 48 born Portsea Hamp.
                                           Christina Bridges, Daughter, aged 18, Dressmaker, born Gillingham Kent.
                                           Christina Bridges, Granddaughter, aged 1 week, born Shenness Kent.

                                                      James Scard's Daughter Christina Bridges [nee Scard] appears to have died during the next decade.  
                                                      Christinia and John may have had a son John Bridges before her death [death record not found].                
                                                      By 1881 Census John Bridges had remarried and had further issue.
                                                      Young Christinia jnr and John jnr. [considered of his 1st wife Christinia] were living with him.

                        1875:         James Scard snr. died on the 1st July 1875 his death registered in the Sept. Qtr. 1875 
                                           recorded aged 55 [Registered Medway Kent]. 

                        1877:         James' widow, Nancy Jane Scard [nee Michell] remarried Sept. 1877 to John Wheaton at Sheppey, Kent. 

                                          1881 Census: Nancy [aged 58yrs] and husband John Wheaton [49yrs] a Greenwich Pensioner were living
                                                                  alone in Sheppey, Kent.     
                                          1898 Census: Same
                                          1901 Census: At Stapleford, Cambridge aged 78yrs with spouse John W. Wheaton aged 69.
                                          1907 Death:   Nancy Jane Wheaton, formerly Scard, nee Michell, died at Cambridge 1907 
                                                                  at the recorded age of eighty-four.  [Registered Chesterton, June Qtr. 1907] 

                        SON:  James J. Scard may be the same JJ Scard who settled in South Africa - See Unplaced 'South Africa'.

                                           Further information;
                                           Pembroke was the name given to the Shore barracks at Chatham Dockyard
                                           Melville Hospital for Soldiers and Marines - Chatham in Kent.,_England 
                                           All about Greenwich Pensioners –   Military: