Scard Family           
                                                                    John Scard 
                                                                              Of Sydney, Australia, formerly of Gosport, Hampshire, England
                                                                                                Spouse 1:   Mary Ann Room [c.1830-1852]
                                                                                                Spouse 2:   Annie Watts [c.1836-1901]

                                                                                          This Biography was compiled & written by J.S.Adams
                                                                                                   England Section - Researched by J.S. Adams 
                                                             Australia Section is based on the information supplied by EileenH & DavidKenny [descendants] 

             1818  Birth:    John Scard was baptised on the 27th December 1818 at Alverstoke, Hampshire, England the son of 
                                              John Scard & his wife Fanny nee Butcher. Access PointerBiography of John Scard [1790-1868] of Gosport Hampshire

                      Family:           John's parents were married at Portsea, Hampshire in 1818. [see Biography for details]
                                              John had three siblings before his mother's premature death in 1826. 

                                              Fanny Scard [1821-1866]  baptised 20th May 1821 at Alverstoke. Married George Till. See Biography of her father.
                                              Jasper James Scard [1824-?]  baptised 24th February 1824 St. Marys Portsea.
                                                                                                 - does not appear on the Hampshire Burial Index or England Census.   
                                                                                                 - outcome unknown See Biography of his father
                                              Elizabeth Scard [1826-1826]  born Jan. 1826. Buried 9th October 1826 at Newtown, Hampshire. 

                      Mother's death:
                                              Immediately following the birth of his infant sister Elizabeth, subsequent records imply that his mother 
                                              Fanny Scard [nee Butcher] may have died in childbirth; 

                              1826                  ' Frances Scard buried 3rd January 1826 - 'aged 39'    'wife of John'  at Alverstoke.' [HBI & Knightroots]

                                              Fanny Scard was survived by her husband John of eight years marriage and her three children;
                                              John [the younger] aged eight years, Fanny [the younger] aged five years and her infant daughter Elizabeth. 

                              1826        Nine months later ....
                                              Burial:  'Elizabeth Scard buried at Newtown 9th October 1826 - 'infant' - 'daughter of 'John and Fanny' 
                                                             aged '9 months'. [HBI & Knightroots]  [Note:  Newtown is 1 mile WSW of Alverstoke]

                               1827        John's grandmother dies; 
                                               John was nine years old when his paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Scard [nee Seager] was buried at Alverstoke
                                               on the 29th November 1827 noted 'aged 58'  'wife of James'.
                                               As Alverstoke was adjacent to Gosport it is assumed that John had frequent prior contact with his grandmother. 
                                               [Note: Knightroots gives venue as 'Brockhurst' they may mean 'Brockenhurst'. The HBI & NBI give venue as Alverstoke]

                               1828        John's father remarries;
                                               John was aged around ten and his sister Fanny aged five, when their father John Scard married Ann [nee TBA] 
                                               around 1828.

                              Further Siblings were born;  
                                               William Scard [baptised 'John' William Scard] [1830-1899] Married Clara [nee Brown?]. See Biography of his father.
                                               Henry James Scard [1832-1889] Married Maria Sutton 1889. Biography Access Pointer Biography of Henry James Scard [1832-1889] of Gosport
                                               Ann Scard [c. 1837-pre 1846] assumed to have died in infancy or early childhood. See Biography of her father
                                               George Scard [c. 1837-1872] George never married and lived with his spinster sister in Hampshire. See Biography of his father
                                               Ann Scard [1846-1894] Ann never married and lived with her bachelor brother in Hampshire. See Biography of her father

                          1831:           John's paternal uncle James Scard died at Gosport/Alverstoke on the 9th October 1831 at the ‘recorded’ age of 43yrs.  
                                              There is evidence to suggest that John may have had at least one surviving 1st Cousin. 

                                               Compiled and written by J.S. Adams. Information submitted by Eileen H or DavidKenny or other descendants
                                               as indicated.

                                               1839/40  Sydney Australia;
                                               Leaving his parents and siblings in England, by the age of twenty-one John had made his way to Sydney 
                                               Australia around 1840, assumed working en-route as a Mariner.

                                               Subsequent Documents show that he began working on the steamer 'Sovereign'  initially as a mariner and later 
                                               as a fireman/stoker for the next twelve years ferrying passengers and cargo to and from Sydney and Brisbane.

                                                                           Copy of Sketch kindly submitted by RTScard, courtesy of the Maritime Museum, Brisbane.

                     1840  Marriage;
                                              At the age of twenty-two, John Scard married Mary Ann Room at the Presbyterian St. Andrew's Church, 
                                              Sydney on the 15th September 1840. The ceremony was officiated by John McGarvie.  The witnesses were;
                                              George Butt, Mary Ann Perry and Grace Butt of Sydney.  Certificate submitted by EileenH.
                                              The relationship if any of the witnesses to the bride and groom is unknown. 

                                               Mary Ann Room:  Submitted by DavidKenny;

                                                                               Mary Ann Room arrived in NSW aboard  the Ship 'Andromache' on the 18 January 1839, having 
                                                                               departed Plymouth 8 October 1838.  
                                                                               The passenger list indicates that she was aged 18 yrs, her Trade or Calling was ‘General Servant’, 
                                                                               her  religion was Protestant, that she could Read and that she was of Somersetshire, England. 
                                                                               Having  paid a bounty of £12 she may well have traveled under the London  Emigration Committee, 
                                                                               which was commissioned by the British Government to facilitate  single unmarried females to Australia.
                                                                               The LEC and its functions is well documented in the book ‘Single & Free, Female Migration to Australia,  
                                                                               1833 -1837’, author Elizabeth Rushen.
                                                                               There is evidence to suggest that Mary Ann Room was the daughter of Benjamin Room, a well respected 
                                                                               citizen, Parish Clerk and later appointed Civil Registration Clerk of Bedminster, Bristol, Somerset, England
                                                                               and his wife Ann.  Extensive Investigations are in Progress.   
                                                                               Enquiries relating to further information regarding Mary Ann's immigration and/or Research into Mary Ann's
                                                                               Family & Lineage is welcomed by genuine Family Members. DavidKenny. 
                                                                               Contact via webmaster [above] addressed 'Re: Scard Enquiry -toDavidKenny'.  
                                                                              Also see the Ship's List:  
                       Issue;            John Scard born 28th December 1842, baptised at St. James Sydney 8th January 1843. 
                                                                            married1 Sharlotte Beas 1869 , married2 Margaret Dervon 1867, Dubbo. Had issue.  See Details in Epilogue.   
                                              Jasper James Scard born c. 1847 at Sydney, died 10 May 1850.  
                                              Fanny J. Scard born 1849 at Sydney married John Rogers see Epilogue.
                                              Mary Ann Scard born 1851 at Sydney, died on the 13 April 1852 see below.

                     The Sovereign; 
                                             During this time John continued to work aboard the steamer 'Sovereign'. 
                                             The Steamer worked on the Hunter River trade, covering Morpeth and Newcastle and also the Moreton Bay 
                                              to Sydney passage. 
                                             From the Maitland Mercury Newspaper we are able to find a few snippets of interesting events that occurred 
                                             on the 'Sovereign' as she went about her trade.  John Scard - Mariner/Fireman, no doubt having involvement 
                                             in events aboard ship during his six years of service. 
                                                                                                                                                      By DavidKenny             

                                             Later it is documented that his fellow shipmates called him 'Jack' Scard.

                                            Submitted DavidKenny; 
                                            Famous Passengers aboard the Sovereign. (Moreton Bay - Sydney run)
Archbishop of Sydney (1843)
Rev. Dr. Gregoery (1843)
Dr Ludwig Leichhardt (1846)
Submitted by DavidKenny; The Sovereign was 1 of 18 registered Steamers at the port of Sydney (1845), she was recorded as 119 Tons with 50 horse power and was assigned primarily for the Moreton Bay / Sydney run, but was assigned local duties from time to time during the period, as the Notice below shows.. From The Maitland Mercury - 7 March 1846;
                        1844:  Convict Mutiny Quelled enroute to Newcastle Goal - Norfolk Island Convicts. (1844) 
                                            -  Submitted by DavidKenny;
                                               Source: from The Maitland Mercury - 8 June 1844
'On Wednesday last fourteen or fifteen prisoners, chiefly from Norfolk Island, were sent up by the Sovereign steamer from Sydney to Moreton Bay, assigned to Government. They had neither a military guard nor constables to accompany them; and on the passage to Newcastle some of them showed a disposition to mutiny. On arriving at Newcastle, a military guard was sent for, and some of them were brought ashore; four of the ringleaders were taken before the bench, and sent to the stockade; the rest were forwarded by the steamer on to Moreton Bay.'
1846: The Sovereign catches Fire - (1846) - Transcribed & Submitted by DavidKenny; - Submitted by DavidKenny; Source: from The Maitland Mercury - 5 July 1845
' The "Sovereign." - During the passage of the steamer Sovereign from Sydney to Moreton Bay, last trip, while between Seal Rock and Port Macquarie, she narrowly escaped being burnt. Some of the fire had fallen from the galley on the deck, and before it was discovered the deck and beams immediately under had ignited and were beginning to burn furiously. The usual remedies were resorted to, and the fire was soon extinguished.'
1846: Sovereign in Dry Dock - Submitted by DavidKenny; Source: From the Maitland Mercury - 1 July 1846
In July 1846 the Sovereign was put into 'dry dock' before being redeployed from the Hunter Trade to the Clarence River Trade.
1847: The 'Sovereign' falls victim to the Sea - many lives are lost - John Scard is recorded injured; In the March of 1847 as Mary Ann was approached the third trimester of her second pregnancy, John was working aboard the 'Sovereign' , now as a coal fireman when the steamer left Port Moreton Bay, Brisbane on the 3rd March 1847. A succession of southerly gales detained the steamer at Amity Point. Eventually leaving Port amid inclement weather the steamer was caught in the storm, mercilessly slashed by the seas, losing the power of her engines the ship was doomed and many lives were lost. The following article published in the Moreton Bay Courier Extraordinary, records the disaster on the March 17th 1847; URL: - Link Submitted by EileenH. John's Official Statement relating to the disaster is transcribed as follows - Submitted by EileenH; The Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List Saturday, April 10th 1847, Edition 160 ' The Colony of New South Wales To Wit I, John Scard, lately coal fireman of the steamer Sovereign, do hereby state, that on Wednesday, the 10th day of March instant, at half-past three o’clock PM, we got under weigh and proceeded towards the bar, but in getting clear of Amity Point, the wind was strong from the southward.  The bar I consider was not heavy, we returned to our former anchorage, next morning being Thursday the Eleventh day of March instant, again weighed anchor about six o’clock in the morning, and proceeded towards the bar.  I saw no break in the channel on nearing the bar, as was my duty.  I commenced covering up the engine hatches, I had just finished, and was about to stand up on a cask to look at the bar, when a sea came over me and aft amongst the wool and coal.   I was very much injured.  I crawled aft on the poop, the helm was put to port to pay the vessel’s head off to get in again, but the wheel chains parted. I then went to the fore part of the poop, and one of the seamen exclaimed, “Jack, we are lost for the engines are broken to pieces.”  The Captain called out to trail the fore-sail up, the fore-sheet was accordingly let go.  I observed the anchor, checked her head to the sea at intervals, but not to hold for any time.  The sea was now breaking over forward and aft, the passengers, the boy and one of the seaman, were doing their utmost at the pump, the Captain set them to work, saw him going fore an aft pressing the people to do different things, and doing what he could, succeeded in getting up the main rigging, saw the fore-mast go; the two mates were upon it at the time, along with the engineer and many others.  In a few minutes afterwards, I went with the main mast.  I have belonged to the Sovereign for upwards of six years, under the command of Captain Cape, the greater part of the time as a seaman, and feel it my duty to say that I have many times seen come out over this and the Clarence bar in much worse weather and I am convinced that if the engines had not broken down, we should, as we have done many times before, come out in safety.  The bar, the prior trip was, I consider equally as bad.   I do solemnly swear & etc & etc.                                                              John Scard News of the wreck of the Sovereign continued to reached newspapers not only throughout Australia but also New Zealand and in England. DavidKenny submits; The Article published regarding the destruction of the SOVEREIGN in 1847, with John Scard aboard, was widely reported  in the English newspapers of the time, which would mean that his family, his father John perhaps, may well have read about the shipwreck and discover that he survived - including Mary Ann's father.
Certainly the event was reported in the Lloyd's Weekly London Newspaper (London, England), Sunday, July 25, 1847; Issue 244, along with several other newspapers.
The future; From this day on, perhaps through his injuries or by choice, John Scard would never again take work at sea, and their child, then in utero, would not survive to see his third birthday. Three months later.... 1847: Birth: Born on the 4th June 1847 and baptised Jasper James Scard at St. James Sydney in July 1847. Recorded - Father: John Scard; Mother: Mary Ann (Marianne) Broon; Noted of Kent Street, Sydney; father's occupation, Mariner (Seaman); Minister: Charles Kemp. [Reg. No. 493/32A] 1847 SOVEREIGN RELIEF FUND. Written & submitted by David Kenny;

The relief fund set-up to offer financial support to the survivors of the 'Sovereign' shipwreck collected upwards of £314 4s for distribution in June 1847, of which two separate payments of £3 and £12 were made to John in Sydney. The Moreton Bay Courier contains a detailed account of the distributions which can be found in the 12th & 26nd June 1847 Editions. Then in October a separate subscription was made by individuals in Ipswich and Brisbane, as reported in the 30th October Edition of the Moreton Bay Courier, for the sum of £4 and upwards specifically for John and his situation, which was paid to him in Sydney.

In all over £22 was appropriated to John Scard and his young growing family in Sydney - this sum was received with heartfelt thanks by John which was evidenced by the Notice transcribed below; Moreton Bay Courier: 27th July 1847 - Advertisement;

To the subscribers of the "Sovereign" Relief Fund.

Gentlemen, - Allow me, through the columns of the Moreton Bay Courier, to return you my most sincere thanks for the great kindness I experienced from the inhabitants of the district while in the Hospital at Brisbane, and also for the munificent sum they have afforded me since I arrived in Sydney. I am quite incapable of describing the feelings of a grateful heart, but mine ever will be such, and I shall always endeavour to instil it into the minds of my children, and teach them to have a true sense of gratitude for the comforts which they now enjoy instead of want, and also that it was afforded them by the generous public of Moreton Bay.

I am, Gentlemen,
Your much obliged servant,

Sydney, July 27th, 1847

12 months later...
The Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List Saturday, July 10th 1848, Edition 160. Submitted by EileenH.
                                                    The following amounts have been appropriated by the parties who contributed here towards the Sovereign 
                                                    Relief Fund – To Mrs. Somerville, widow of the late Robert Somerville, late chief engineer of the steamer 
                                                    Sovereign  £12: to Mrs. Horseman, widow of the late Mr. Horseman, second cook £12, 
                                                    to John  Scard, fireman £15: to Thomas Harvey [boy] £1; to the children of the late James O’Ryan, steward 
                                                    of the Sovereign £5, and to Mr. James Hexton, the pilot of the  port, the sum of £5 as a mark of the subscriber’s 
                                                    estimation of his kindness and  hospitality to the survivors of the late wreck – Correspondent. 

                      An interesting change of Occupation;

                                                   At some point, after the events of the shipwreck John began trading in Sydney as a Butcher.

                      Extra note; 
                                                   Born to a family of Mariners, this choice of occupation is rather a surprise. It was after all a Trade. 
                                                   The are several possible scenarios, two of which;
                                                              1) John was familiar with the trade before he left England. 
                                                              2) That he worked in Sydney employed as a trainee Butcher for some period of time.
                                                   Interestingly his half brother William Scard [1829-1899] in England, of his father's 2nd wife also adopted the 
                                                   Occupation of 'Butcher'.
                                                   William was eleven years younger that John and would have been aged around ten, when John left England
                                                    at around the age of twenty.  There would certainly have been time for John to have learnt the Trade in 
                                                   England prior to departure.   
                      1850: Death:    John and Mary Ann's young son, Jasper James Scard died in the 10th May 1850 at the age of two years 11 months.
                                                Jasper was buried in Camperdown Cemetery, Newtown, Sydney.  Details submitted by DavidKenny.  
                      1851: Birth:      A daughter, Mary Ann Scard was born in 1851, this child too did not survive, buried on the 13 April 1852.
                                                Young Mary Ann was buried in Camperdown Cemetery, Newtown, Sydney.  Details submitted by DavidKenny.  

                       Four months later;            

                       1852 Death:    John's wife Mary Ann [nee Room] died on the 18th August 1852 at the age of thirty-two [cause unknown]. 
                                               Certificate submitted by EileenH; 
                                               Transcription:  Reg. No. 415 V348:   
                                               Mary Ann Scard, Abode: Erskine Street; Date of Death: 18th August 1852; Date of Burial 19th August 1852;
                                               Age: 32; Religion: Church of England; Parish: Camperdown; County: Cumberland.

                                               Mary Ann Scard was survived by her husband John of twelve years marriage and her two surviving children; 
                                               John [the younger] aged ten years and daughter Fanny aged five years.
                                               Her Death Notice appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald the following month;
                                               Submitted by DavidKenny:
                                                                     Published – Sydney Morning Herald, 19 September 1852
                                                Mary Ann Scard died just a few months after her youngest child, Mary Ann Scard died on the 13 April 1852. 
                                                Mary Ann was buried with her daughter Mary Ann and son James Jasper Scard in Camperdown Cemetery, 
                                                Newtown, Sydney.  Submitted by DavidKenny.
                                                Further information contact DavidKenny via Webmaster [above]. Please address: Re: Scard Family -to DavidKenny.  
                     1856:    John remarries; 

                                               John Scard married Annie Watts in 1856.

                                                                               Annie Watt: Little is known of Annie except the information extracted from her death Certificate
                                                                                                     in 1901 which states she was born in Glasgow, Scotland and her father was 
                                                                                                     James Watts and she arrived in the Colony at the age of two [i.e. 1838]. 

                                                                                                     A Family member Submission re Annie:
                                                                                                     'traveled to australia at approx 2 years old on the ship 'John Barry' 
                                                                                                      Submitted by RTScard. 

                                                                                                     Further investigations revealed that although the passenger lists for the
                                                                                                     'John Barry' may not have survived, it certainly was the most likely ship for
                                                                                                     Annie's immigration.
                                                                                                     Further information:  

                    Further Issue:   John and his 2nd wife Annie had the following issue;  
                                               Eliza J. Scard born c. 1857 Sydney
                                               Jasper J. Scard born c. 1859 Sydney  
                                               Benjamin Scardborn c. 1862 Sydney
                                               Thomas G. Scard born c. 1865 Sydney  - died in early childhood c. 1867.
                                               Annie Scard born c. 1867 Sydney  
                                               Emily Scard born c. 1871 Sydney

                    Property:           During this time John had invested in two adjacent  properties in Sydney which he leased.
                                             The Sydney Rate Books show the following entries;                                     
                                                       1861-Address:242 KentStreet: - Tenant CharlesBums
                                                                                                  -  Owner JohnScard– brick–Slated-1 level-4 rooms-Annual  Income £45 
                                                       1861-Address:244 KentStreet: -  Tenant AlexanderFerguson
                                                                                                  -  Owner JohnScard–brick–Shingled–Garden-1 level, 4 rooms, A/I £45
                                             Meanwhile John was renting a shop and house in Erskine Street; 
                                                       1861-Address:38 ErskineStreet: -Tenant JohnScard
                                                                                                      -Owner Dulcabella Beatle 
                                                                                                      - House&Shop–Brick & Shingle– 2 levels
                                                                                                      - 4 rooms A/I £100–extras: Kitchen & Shed. 

                      1866:   John's only surviving full blood sibling, Fanny Till [nee Scard] dies in England 6 th August 1869 at the age of forty-nine;

                                               Submitted by DavidKenny; 
                                               From the Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle dated Saturday, August 14, 1869.  Issue 3860; 


                                                Fanny was survived by John's nephew, Fanny's only son George Till [the younger] who was born ten years after 
                                               John left England [1849] .
                                               John's family may very well have contacted him by mail.
                      1867:   A year later the Sydney Rate Books show John had moved;
                                                        1867-Address-129 Clarence St:  - Tenant JohnScard
                                                                                                     -Shop-Wood &Shingle,1 Level,2 rooms A/I £30
                                                        1867-Address-131 ClarenceSt:   - Tenant JohnScard
                                                                                                     - House-Wood-Shingle1 floor-2rooms A/I £26 
                                                                                                       John may have used the adjacent house containing only 2 rooms as a storeroom.

                                                        1867-Address-238 Kent Street:   - Tenant John Scard 
                                                                                                      - Owner ThomasScard*
                                                                                                      - Brick&Slate-2 levels-3rooms-A/I £30 
                                                        1867-Next Door:240 Kent St.,     - Tenant JeremiahHealy
                                                                                                      - Owner ThomasScard*
                                                                                                      - Brick&Slate-2 levels-3rooms A/I £30
                                            See more information relating to Thomas Scard in the Epilogue of the Biography of his father 
                                            Edward Scard [Surgeon] of London. 
                                            Thomas died in Sydney in 1871.        

                     1868:Death:  John's father, John Scard [the elder] died at Portsea, Hampshire, England in the December Qtr. 1868 
                                            at the recorded age of 79yrs [Registered at Portsea].

                                            John's step-mother Ann Scard had predeceased his father by four years having died suddenly at Landport 
                                            on the 25th June Qtr. 1864 at the age of 64yrs.  An inquest was held and the event was published in the 
                                            Hampshire Telegraph, the finding 'death by natural causes'.  Clipping available to view in the Biography 
                                            of John Scard of Portsea.  
                                            [Ann's death was Registered June Qtr. 1864 - Portsea]

                                            During this time John had amassed a comfortable living in Sydney, however documents show that he gave credit 
                                            to many Ships and private citizens which led to his eventual insolvency. 

                    1868:   Daughter Fanny; 
                                 Meanwhile in Sydney John's eldest daughter Fanny appears to have given birth to a base born infant, Mary A in Sydney 
                                 1868, considered the namesake of Fanny's deceased mother. [NSW BDM].  
                                 No further entries were found for this infant under the name 'Scard', however Fanny married John Rogers four years 
                                 later in 1872 having several issue but none named Mary or Mary A .  It is very possible that young Mary A was embraced
                                 into the Rogers Family and married/died under this name, which was common practice prior and during this era in both
                                 Australia and England. 

                    1874:   Insolvency; [Submitted by EileenH]
                                           Seven years later John Scard was insolvent recorded as a Butcher, Sydney;  
                                           Sequestration 5th February 1874. Certificate for Release was issued 12th March 1874 [NSW State Records]

                                           At this time John was living at No.40 Erskine Street Sydney, a Butcher. John's total debts were £615.3.0  
                                            or by todays retail equivalent £39,240 sterling or $A80,432.00 John's total Assets were £171.18
                                            This amount included debts owed by various private persons and Ships Masters in the Purchase of Meat. 
                                            Their names, items of purchase and money owed by each individual is recorded. 
                                            With expenses, the deficiency was calculated at £430.5.0

                       5th February 1874 - Sequestration;
                                                    The Voluntary Sequestration Form includes the words; 
                                                  ' That your Petitioner by misfortune and without my fault or dishonesty have and is insolvent....'

                       17th February 1874;
                                            A meeting of Creditors was held at Sydney Court on the 17th February 1874.
                                            February 1874 signed affidavit John's 12 creditors stating that they have received full  payment.

                      4th March 1874; 
                                            A second meeting of Creditors was held at the same venue on the 4th March 1874. 

                      12th March 1874; Release from Insolvency [handwritten]; Submitted by EileenH
                                           No. 11808
                                                      In the Supreme Court of New South Wales
                                                      In Insolvency.  
                                                      In the matter of the Insolvent Estate of John Scard of Sydney in the Colony of  New South Wales , Butcher
                                                      Thursday the twelfth (12th) day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four 
                                                      Upon hearing Mr. {?] of Counsel for the above named  insolvent John Scard, and upon reading the affidavit of 
                                                      the said John Scard  (as to payment of all the Creditors of the said Estate) sworn and filed on the tenth (10th) 
                                                      day of March instant and the acknowledgement and consent of the said Creditors answered thereto and the 
                                                      affidavit of Moreton Hyde [Fitzhardinge?] of King street Sydney, Solicitors Clerk, (as to due notices having 
                                                      been given in accordance with Rule 26 as established in Insolvency on the 21st day of January AD1862} 
                                                      sworn and filed on the tenth (10th) day of March instant, and no objection being made thereto, 
                                                      It is Ordered that the Estate of the said John Scard be and the same is hereby, Released from Sequestration. 
                                                      By the Chief Commissioner of Insolvent Estates
                                                      Arthur Henry 
                                                      Registrar in insolvency. 
                                                                     The sudden acquisition of money to clear all John's debts all came about 
                                                                      through a friend who appears to have come to John's rescue.
                                                                      Page dated 14th March 1874; 
                                                                       'The available assets were to be rendered for Auction Sale, withdrawn upon the Insolvent, 
                                                                       through a friend submitting an offer to purchase privately, subsequently the Insolvent 
                                                                       arranged with all his creditors and obtained from them an acknowledgement that the debts 
                                                                       have been paid and satisfied.
                                                                       Notice has been given of an application to release the Estate from sequestration on Thursday 
                                                                       13th instant I beg to apply for your Honour’s assessment of my case and the expenses 
                                                                       incidental to the insolvency.' 
                                                                       The friend is not named.

                      1880:   "A dastardly garrotting Outrage";

                                   By 1880 John was now aged sixty-two and his Butcher Shop was a well known icon in the Sydney suburbs, known as 
                                   'Scard's Butchers'.  John had employed a man [name unknown] who fell victim to a violent attack. 
                                   The following Article reports the event; 
From the Maitland Mercury - November 1880 - Transcribed & Submitted by DavidKenny;

'Last night a dastardly garrotting outrage was committed by a number of larrikins on a man working at Scards, butcher, of Erskine-street. He was turning the corner of King and Sussex streets when he was asked the time. On pulling out his watch he received a severe blow on the back of his neck; he was then caught by the throat, and two more scoundrels gave him a couple of heavy blows in the face. Having knocked the poor fellow down they kicked him, breaking four of his ribs. He now lies in a precarious condition.'
1901: Death: John's wife Ann Scard nee Watts died at 13 Lodge Street, Forest Lodge, Sydney on the 20th November 1901 at the age of sixty-five. Her youngest daughter Emily Scard was recorded as the informant. Certificate submitted by EileenH. See Transcription of Annie Scard's Death Certificate after the Epilogue. 1905: Death: John died Testate four years later at the Coast Hospital, Little Bay on the 15th November 1905 at the age of eighty-seven. He was recorded - late of Springvale, Botany. The informant was his eldest daughter Fanny Rogers [nee Scard]. John was survived by his seven children John aged 65, Fanny aged 55 [1st marriage] and Eliza aged 46, Jasper aged 44, Benjamin aged 42, Anne aged 40 and Emily aged 34 [2nd marriage] and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Certificate submitted by EileenH. See Transcription of John Scard's Death Certificate after the Epilogue. At his death, although the eldest child of his father, John had outlived all of his siblings and cousins in England, the last surviving of which, his brother William 'Seager' Scard also a butcher by trade, having predeceased him by two years, died at Gosport in 1899 at the age of sixty-nine. John's descendants now number in the thousands and are scattered throughout Australia and the Globe. Will of John Scard - Submitted by EileenH. The Will is very faded and barely legible, written on a standard Form: This is the Last Will and Testament of Me John Scard of Springvale Botany in the State of New South Wales after payment of all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH unto my daughter Mrs. Frances Rogers the whole of my personal property, Estate. AND I HEREBY APPOINT William J Rollo and Elliot Kennedy EXECUTors of this my Will IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have [?] set my hand this 31st day of May in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand and four. Witnesses: Arthur Tunks and Isabella Simpson. It is subsequently recorded that William Glass Rollo is of North Bankstown - a Farmer and Elliot Kennedy is of Portland Street, Zetland - a clerk. A further Affidavit of the Executors asserts that a true copy of the Estate appeared in the Daily Telegraph on the 11th Nov. 1905. A further page has Summary documented as; The amount to Credit of the Deceased in the Government Savings Bank including accrued interest to the 28th November 1905 = £12.19.9 Amount payable by the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows - Office 183 Elizabeth Street, Sydney = £40.00.0 Total Assets: Fifty Two Pounds, nineteen shillings & nine pence. Probate was granted 12th January 1906. Statement of Executors; The Order of Goodfellows; paid Funeral Expenses: £11.0.0, the balance of £29 paid to Mrs. Rogers. We have arranged with our said Solicitors and paid them the sum of ten shillings and six pence (including eighteen shillings moneys paid out by them) as the Costs and Expenses of applying for and obtaining Probate of the Deceased Will to us, and of preparing and filing this Affidavit in lieu of Accounts, and of all other work done by them in connection with this Estate up to the date hereof, and we have paid the balance of the assets of the Estate, viz, the sum of nine pounds eleven shillings and five pence to the said Mrs. Fanny Rogers. Signed Elliott Kennedy & William G Rollo. Fanny signature appears on only one document. She is noted as still living at the Corner of Phillip & Buckland St. Alexandria. Fanny's Legacy totaled £38.11.5 [Thirty Eight Pounds eleven shillings and five pence and the retail equivalent today would be £2,847.32 sterling or $A5,840.00 URL: Then use any currency converter online for to-day's exchange rate:- Sterling Value to Australian Dollars. Pictured Right: John Scard John Scard [right] L-R: Unknown, John Scard Family Photo Submitted by RTScard Handwritten on Back - 'My grandfather [Tall]' written by the paternal aunt of RTScard Epilogue Information used in the Epilogue was Submitted by EileenH unless otherwise indicated. [possible child: Eliza Scard born 1841 died 1841 Sydney. tentatively placed here till confirmation] Child 1: John Scard [the younger] [1842-1908] the son of John Scard and his 1st wife Mary Ann [nee Room]; John Scard [the younger] became a Carpenter, later settling at Warwick NSW where he farmed. Married1: John Scard [the younger] married 1 Scharlet Beas before 1860. Issue; Ethel Scard born 1860 - Outcome unknown. Note:- Not to be confused with EthelScard [nee Caddy] who married HenryECeiley in 1923Sydney who was the widow of BenjaminScard [1862-1909] . Information submitted by DavidKenny. Scharlet Scard [nee Beas] died in 1860. Married2: John Scard [the younger] married 2 Margaret Dervon 12th December 1867 at Dubbo, NSW. Margaret Dervon was born in 1842 the daughter Michael Dervon. Issue; Male: Deceased Edward John Scard born 1870 - married Amy Eveline Pritchard. Rachel Jane Scard born 1872 - married Thomas Keating. Mary Ann Scard born 1873 - married1 William Anderson 1890 Warren. Elizabeth Maude Scard born 1876 - married James McKay 1893. Benjamin Gascoyne Scard born 1880 Warren. Was a station hand. married Cornelia Davis 1902 Coonamble. Jasper James Scard born 1881 - married Emily Jane Fowler nee Gray. - died 29th July 1916 WW1 France. Caroline Scard born 1882 Warren - married William Harrison 1901 Coonamble NSW. Margaret Scard [nee Dervon] died at Warren on the 9th February 1900. John Scard [the younger] died three years after his father on the 25th November 1908 at Warren NSW at the age of sixty-six. Child 3: Fanny Scard [1849-1923] the daughter of John Scard and his 1st wife Mary Ann [nee Room]; Fanny was the sole beneficiary in her father's Will in 1905. Fanny Scard married John Rogers 1872. They had issue; John Rogers born 1873, Gulgong NSW Rose Rogers born 1875, Sydney Lily Rogers born 1877, Sydney Violet Rogers born 1879, Sydney May Rogers born 1881, Sydney William Rogers born 1884, Sydney Alfred Rogers born 1885, Sydney Fanny Rogers [nee Scard] died Redfern, Sydney in 1923 at the age of seventy-four. Fanny's spouse, John Rogers survived her by a further seven years, died 1930, Redfern, Sydney.
                      Child 5: Eliza J. Scard  [1857-1938] the daughter of John Scard and his 2nd wife Annie [nee Watts];

                    Eliza Jane Scard married Henry George Harman 1879, Sydney
                    They had issue.
                                                     1.  Henry John, 1881, Sydney
                                                     2.  Elsie M, b. 1885, Sydney, d 1885
                                                     3.  Amy E. 1887, Sydney, d 1887
                                                     4.  Reginald G. 1888, Sydney
                                                     5.  Lelia C. 1892, Sydney
                                                     6.  Mary G. 1894, Sydney
                                                     7.  Charles Cyril 1896, Sydney
                                                     Interesting Note, Henry John the eldest son named one of his children Bertie Scard Harman, 
                                                     recognising the Scard name of his grandmother Eliza Janet Scard:  Submitted by David Kenny
                     Child 6: Jasper James Scard  [1859-1926] the son of John Scard and his 2nd wife Annie [nee Watts];

                                                      Jasper James Scard married Martha McGuckin on the 25th January 1886 at Balmain. 
                                                               Martha was born 1862 - Sydney,  the daughter of Patrick McGuckin & his wife Mary Ann nee Corvette.
                                                               They had issue;
                                                               Maria S. Scard born 1887 Balmain - died 'Myra' S. Scard 1887
                                                               Jasper J. Scard born 1889 Balmain - died 1906
                                                               John B. Scard born 1891 Balmain - married Elsie M. Coates 
                                                               Millicent A. Scard born 1894 Balmain - married  Francis McNally
                                             * Herbert T. Scard born 1896 Balmain [see special note below]
                                                               Phillis C. Scard born 1898 Balmain - married  Michael E. Murray
                                                               Martha M. Scard born 1902 Balmain - died at Penrith
                                                               Jasper James Scard died in 1926 at Canterbury at the age of sixty-seven.
                                                      Jasper James Scard died in Sydney 1926.  
                                                      His wife Martha Scard [nee Magician] died testate on the 4th October 1929 at Perth.  
                                                      Probate was granted on the 8th November 1929 [No. 13660 item 163/38 series 4] 

                Child 7:  Benjamin Scard  [1862-1909] the son of John Scard and his 2nd wife Annie [nee Watts];
                                                     Benjamin Scard married Ethel M. Caddy.
                                                     They had issue;
                                                              Thomas H Scard - Married Thelma Harris  
                                                              Violet M Scard - Married Frederick Thatcher
                                                     NSW bdm online.
                                                     Benjamin Scard died in a mining accident 1909. Submitted by RTScard. 
                                                     Benjamin's widow EthelScard [neeCaddy] married HenryECeiley in 1923Sydney. Submitted by DavidKenny.
Child 8: Thomas G. Scard [1865-1867] the son of John Scard and his 2nd wife Annie [nee Watts];
Child 9: Annie Scard [1867-1933] the daughter of John Scard and his 2nd wife Annie [nee Watts];
Annie Scard married John Bird 1891 Balmain. They had issue; 1. Roy Benjamin Bird 2.  Martha E. Bird 3. Alice M. Bird 4. Annie Vera Bird 5. Beatrice E. Bird 6. John Thomas Benedict Bird 7. Grace M. Bird 8. Irene E. M. Bird 9. Hilda Dorothy Bird 10. Ellen Bird 11. Winifred L. Bird 12. Thomas F. Bird 13. Thomas George Bird 14. Alice F. Bird Submitted by DavidKenny.
Child 10: Emily M Scard [1871-1908] the daughter of John Scard and his 2nd wife Annie [nee Watts]; Emily Scard married William E Briggs 1906 St. Leonards, Sydney, two years before her death. The Fellowship of Odd Fellows
Information is under research, to be submitted shortly. An Interesting Encounter During the course of this page's research a second encounter in Sydney by a Scard Family Member of another Lineage was discovered by EileenH in the Australian Military Records WWI; *Herbert Thomas Scard, son of Jasper, who enlisted 23rd November 1915 at Casula, Sydney, NSW. Another record appeared for Charles Henry Scard, enlisted five days prior 17th November 1915 also at Casula, Sydney, NSW.** ** Casula is an outer Sydney Suburb near Liverpool. It was considered remarkable that the two men should enlist at the same time in the same suburb and it is thought that this may lead to a family connection not previously found. Further investigations revealed Charles to be the son of Simeon Scard and his wife Mary nee Furber of the old Cerne Abbas lineage. Charles remained in Australia where died at he recorded age of 70 at Narrabeen [near] Manly, Sydney in 1947. Further information relating to Charles Henry Scard, his family and parents see the Epilogue in the Biography of his grandfather William Scard and his wife Margaret nee Groves. Herbert received a Medical Discharge in 1917 - No further information. Additional Documents Transcript of Annie Scard [nee Watt] Death Certificate From Original submitted by EileenH Reg. No. 13615 Date of Death:   20th Nov. 1901 Place of Death: 13 Lodge St., Forest Lodge Name:       Anne Scard Occupation:    Living Privately Sex: Female Age: 65 Cause of death:    Metal Disease, Canasta Duration:  Not stated Medical Attendant:   Rudolph Oarsman, 19th Nov. Father:    James Watts Father’s Occupation:  Not Known Mother – Maiden Name:  Not Known Informant:   Emily Scard, Daughter, 14 Lodge Street, Forest Lodge When Buried:  21st November 1901 Where:  Church of England, Rook wood. Undertaker: Wood & Son. Minister:  S. S. Covey Religion:  Church of England. Witnesses:  Jasper Scard, Henry G. Harman Where born:  Glasgow, Scotland. Time in Colony/State:  63 years in NSW Place Married:  Sydney NSW Age at Marriage:  About 20 Children of Marriage:  Eliza J. 44, Jasper J. 42, Benjamin 38, Annie 34, Emily 30, 1 male deceased.
                                                                                             Transcript of Scard John Death Certificate
                                                                                                      From Original submitted by EileenH

                                                                                                       Reg. No. 14724 
                                                                                                       Date of Death:                        15th November 1905
                                                                                                       Place of Death:                        Coast Hospital, Little Bay - late of Springvale, Botany.
                                                                                                       Name:                                      John Scard
                                                                                                       Occupation:                             Butcher, GAP
                                                                                                       Sex:                                          Male
                                                                                                       Age:                                         87 
                                                                                                       Cause of Death:                       Senile Decay
                                                                                                       Duration:                                 7 days
                                                                                                       Medical Attendant:                 Dr. Wallace 10th Nov
                                                                                                       Father:                                     John Scard
                                                                                                       Father's Occupation:               Mariner
                                                                                                       Mother - Maiden Name:         Fanny not known
                                                                                                       Informant:                               William Dwyer, superintendent 
                                                                                                                                                       and Fanny Rogers,  Daughter, Phillip & Buckland St. 
                                                                                                       When Buried:                          13th November 1905
                                                                                                       Where:                                     Church of England Rook wood
                                                                                                       Undertaker:                              George Shying
                                                                                                       Minister:                                  C.P.A. West
                                                                                                       Religion:                                   Church of England
                                                                                                       Witnesses:                                Arthur G Patton, Arthur H Shying
                                                                                                       Where Born:                             Plymouth, England
                                                                                                       Time in Colony:                       64 years
                                                                                                       Placed Married:                        Sydney  NSW twice
                                                                                                       Age at Marriage:                       21 and 40
                                                                                                       Spouse:                                     Mary Ann Room and Ann Watts
                                                                                                       Children of marriage:                 John 65, Fanny 55 living
                                                                                                                                                         1 male deceased, 1 female deceased. 
                                                                                                                                                         2nd issue; Eliza 46, Jasper J 44, Benjamin 42,
                                                                                                                                                         Anne 40, Emily 34 Living, 1 male deceased