Scard Family           
                                                                                                           John Scard 
                                                                                                             Of Portsea, Hampshire
                                                                                                          Spouse 1:   Fanny Butcher 
                                                                                                           Spouse 2: Ann Seagar 

                      1790        John Scard was baptised on the 22nd February 1790 Holy Trinity, Gosport Hampshire the son of 
                                      James Scard of Gosport and his wife Elizabeth nee Seager

                     Siblings: John had an older sibling, James Scard baptised 19th October 1788 at Alverstoke.

                      1791        John was aged one year when his paternal grandmother, Elizabeth nee Guthridge died, buried at Gosport
                                      26th June 1791 [estimated aged fifty-eight].   His grandfather does not appear to have remarried.    
                     1811         John was aged twenty-two when his paternal grandfather, James Scard, drafted his Will on the 6th July 1811
                                      leaving his Estate to John's spinster  paternal aunt Mary Scard. His sons were apparently not mentioned in his Will
                                      which is consistent with the Eling Southampton Scard Families.  See Biography of James Scard [Snr.]
                                      Note:James made no provision for his wife reassuring the 1791 burial of Elizabeth Scard applied as his wife [nee Guthridge]
                                              There were only two adult burials listed for 'Elizabeth Scard' on the Hampshire Burial Index [1400-1837]
                                                  1]   26 th June 1791 Elizabeth Scard - Buried at Gosport. 
                                                  2]   29 th November 1827 Elizabeth Scard - Buried at Alverstoke notes '58 yrs'  'wife of James' [Knightroots]
                                                         The latter was John's mother Elizabeth Scard nee Seager.

                     1811        John's elder brother James Scard had married Sophia Bennett of Gosport and after giving birth to their son James,
                                     Sophia died two months later, buried 24th November 1811 at Gosport.
                     1812         John was aged twenty-three when his paternal grandfather, James Scard died at Gosport 1st January 1812 buried
                                      at Gosport 8th January 1812 [HBI].

                     1818         Marriage; 
                                      At the aged of twenty-eight John Scard married Fanny [Frances] Butcher 8th February 1818 at St. Marys Portsea.

                     1818         Child 1: John Scard [1818-1905]  baptised 27th December 1818 at Alverstoke. 
                     1821         Child 2: Fanny Scard [1821-1866]  baptised 20th May 1821 at Alverstoke.
                     1824         Child 3: Jasper James Scard [1824-?] baptised 24th February 1824 St. Marys Portsea.
                     1826         Child 4: Elizabeth Scard [1826-1826]  born Jan. 1826 
                                           There was no baptism record found for Elizabeth however she was buried exactly 9 months after her mother;

                     1826 Death:  John's wife Frances Scard [nee Butcher] appears to have died in childbirth. 
                                             Parish Entry reads; 
                                                     Frances Scard buried 3rd January 1826 - 'aged 39'    'wife of John'  at Alverstoke. [HBI & Knightroots]

                                     Fanny Scard was survived by her husband John of eight years marriage and her three children;
                                     John [the younger] aged eight years, Fanny [the younger] aged five years and her infant daughter Elizabeth. 

                     1826 Death:  Exactly Nine months later an infant burial is recorded Elizabeth Scard  'daughter of John and Fanny' noted 'infant'  [HBI]
                                              'Elizabeth Scard buried at Newtown 9th October 1826 - 'infant' - 'daughter of 'John and Fanny' aged 9 months.
                                               Entry is also in the Knightroots Parish Transcriptions see link above;

                     1827        John's mother dies; 
                                     Elizabeth Scard [nee Seager] buried at Alverstoke 29th November 1827 noted 'aged 58'  'wife of James'.
                                     [Knightroots gives venue as 'Brockhurst' they may mean 'Brockenhurst'. The HBI & NBI give venue as Alverstoke]
                                     Knightroots is doing wonderful work, it may be a typing error.

                     1828        John remarries;
                                     John Scard married Ann Seagar  c.1828. 

                    Further issue;
                                     John William Scard born 27th October 1829,  baptised 27th October 1833 at St. Marys Portsea by John and his 2nd wife Ann.
                                                  The name is unusual as John already had a son 'John' [now aged 11yrs] by his 1st wife Fanny.  
                                                  This child was named on all Census as 'William' Scard up till his death.
                                                  The 1st born 'John' survived to die in Sydney, Australia 1905. His death record gave his parents as 'John & Fanny Scard'. 
                                     Henry James Scard born 28th April 1832, baptised 27th October 1833 at St. Marys Portsea by John and his 2nd wife Ann. 
                                                  probably the same child on 1841 Census as 'James Scard' then aged 9 yrs i.e. born 1832.
                                     Ann Scard  born 1834, baptised  25th June 1837 at St. Marys Portsea by John and his 2nd wife Ann.  [dual baptism]
                                                         died between 1841-1844.
                                     George Scard born 1837, baptised 25th June 1837 at St. Marys Portsea by John and his 2nd wife Ann. [dual baptism]
                                     Ann Scard born 7th July 1844, Registered Sept. Qtr. 1844 at Portsea Island.
                                                 Pat Richardson [descendant] writes;  
                                                            I have the birth certificate of Ann born 7/6/1844 father John Scard, Mother formerly SEAGAR.
                                                            Have looked for a marriage John Scard/Ann Seagar without success, nothing on Hampshire marriages, 
                                                            perhaps married in another county.
                                                Scan taken from the Original Birth Certificate 'Registered' 15th July 1844; 
1831 John's brother, James Scard was buried at Alverstoke 9th October 1831 at the ‘recorded’ age of 43yrs. [HBI] Note: Knightroots gives venue as Gosport.
c.1838/9: John's eldest son John by his first wife Fanny Butcher who leaves England and worked his way as a Mariner to Sydney Australia where he married twice and had issue, he never returned to the motherland. See Epilogue. 1841 [Census] Address: Landport View Portsea; John Scard aged 50, Mariner Ann Scard aged 40, William Scard aged 11, [on next census] James Scard aged 9, [probably son 'Henry James Scard' born 1832] [not living with parents on next census. See Epilogue] Ann Scard aged 7, [not on next census. appears to have died young - cannot find in Free BDM Death Index] George Scard aged 4. [on next census] 1851 [Census] Address: Landport View, Portsea; John Scard Head aged 61, Marine Pensioner, born Gosport Ann Scard, Wife aged 51 born Gosport William Scard, Son, aged 21, Labourer, born Landport Hants. [William married by the next census - see Epilogue] George Scard, Son aged 16, Errand Boy, born Landport Hants. [on next census] Anne Scard, Daughter, aged 6, Scholar, born Landport Hants. [on next census] Fanny Till, Daughter, Married, aged 30, born Gosport [on next census] James Till, grandson, aged 2, born Portsea [on next census] 1861 [Census] Address: John Scard, Head, aged 71 'g.s. or 6.5 revenue Pensioner' born Gosport. [died 1868] Ann Scard, Wife, aged 51 born Gosport. [died 1864] George Scard Son, unmarried 24, Ironmonger Assistant Born Portsea. [Living with his unmarried sister Annie by 1871 census] Ann Scard daughter, unmarried 17 Milliner Born Portsea. [Living with her unmarried brother George by 1871 Census] Henry Scard Grandson aged 3 born Portsea. Living in the same house; Fanny Till, Head, Married aged 40, laundress, born Gosport [see epilogue] James Till, Son aged 12, scholar, born Portsea. [married in 1870] 1864: John's 2nd wife Ann dies; John's wife Ann Scard died June Qtr. 1864 at the est. age of 64yrs. [Registered at Portsea] Hampshire Telegraph 25th June 1864 - Issue 3377 - Local Intelligence. 1866: John's eldest daughter Fanny by his marriage to Fanny Butcher dies prematurely 6th August 1866 See Obituary in Epilogue below [Fanny Till nee Scard] 1868: John Scard dies; John Died December Qtr. 1868 at the recorded age of 79yrs [Registered at Portsea] EPILOGUE John Scard baptised 27th December 1818 at Alverstoke son of John Scard & Fanny nee Butcher. John Scard was a mariner and made his way to Sydney Australia by 1840. John Scard married1 Mary Ann Room in Sydney not long after arrival. and had issue. See Biography Access Pointer Biography of John Scard [1818-1905] of Sydney Australia formerly of Gosport Hampshire England - Died Testate
Fanny Till [nee Scard] baptised 20th May 1821 at Alverstoke daughter of John Scard & Fanny nee Butcher. Frances Scard married George Till 19th Sept. 1843 at St.Thomas Portsmouth. Fanny lived with her father and stepmother in the 1851 & 1861 Census when she was recorded as ‘married’ Her husband George was not recorded on either census.    Fanny had one son, James Till born 1849 who was recorded with her in both Census. James appears to be the only child of the union. Fanny died at Gosport on the 6th August, 1866. Her Death Notice appears in the Hampshire Sussex Journal; Saturday, 14th August, 1866;
Submitted by DavidKenny. At the age of twenty-one her son James Till married Louisa Amelia Goble in the June Qtr. 1870. He subsequently recorded the occupation Baker and had several issue. See Gosport-Scard Family Tree. Jasper James Scard [1824-?] baptised 24th February 1824 St. Marys Portsea, son of John Scard & Fanny nee Butcher. Jasper James does not appear on the Hampshire Burial Index [pre 1837], could not find him in Civil Records [post 1837] nor on the England Census [1841-1901]. He may have found his way overseas, possibly South Africa [to be confirmed]. No further information. John William Scard born 27th October 1829 baptised 27th October 1833 son of John & his 2nd wife Ann. John William Scard aka William Scard married Clara nee Brown and had issue. See Biography
                     Henry James Scard born 28th April 1832, baptised 27th October 1833 at St. Marys Portsea by John and his 2nd wife Ann.

                                          Henry James Scard married Maria Sutton [born 1836] at Fairham near Gosport in 20th March 1859
                                         See Biography  Access PointerBiography of Henry James Scard [1832-1889] of Gosport

                     George Scard born 1837, baptised  25th June 1837 son of John & and his 2nd wife Ann;
                                          George was recorded lived with his parents until the 1861 Census. 
                                          After his parent's deaths he was recorded in the 1871 Census with his unmarried younger sister Ann Scard;
                                          1871 Census:  Residence 88 Charles Street Portsea  
                                                      George Scard, Head, Unmarried, aged 31, Ironmonger Assistant 
                                                      Ann Scard, Sister, Unmarried, aged 25 'a dressmaker'.
                                        George Scard died at Landport, unmarried and without issue on the 23rd June 1872 at the recorded age of 33yrs.
                                        [Registered June Qtr. 1872 - Portsea]
                                        Hampshire Telegraph Dated 29th June 1872
                                        Submitted by DavidKenny;

                     Ann Scard  born c. 1846 daughter of John & and his 2nd wife Ann 
                                        1871 Census working as a dressmaker at 88 Charles St. Portsea living with her unmarried brother George.
                                        After her brother George died in 1872 Annie continued to live at Portsea.
                                        She was recorded living at Finsbury St. Portsea in 1891 aged 46, occupation 'cook & domestic servant'. 
                                        Annie Scard died at Portsea, unmarried & without issue June Qtr.1894 at the recorded age of 50yrs. 
                                        Hampshire Telegraph Published 2nd June 1894
                                        Submitted by David Kenny; 
                              Annie Scard Death notice Hants Tele 2nd June 1894 dau of John Scard & his 2nd Wife Annie