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                          John Scard                                    -      Charlotte Isenbart Cowper
                                      [1801-1881]                                                                         [1812-1903]   
                                                                  Solicitor of London, formerly of Eling Hampshire

                                    Charlotte Henrietta Scard [1835-1841] died aged six 
                                    Unnamed Daughter  [1838-1838]  - still-born
                                    Eliza Joannah Scard [1841-1917] - Spinster - died unvarried & without issue
                                    Joanna Mary Scard [1843-post 1901]- married Walter James Shaw & by him had issue
                                    Henry Benness Scard [1846-1922] - married Sarah May - 1882  - no known issue
                                    Thomas Deveril Scard [1847-1894] - married Martha Booth 1872 & by her had issue
                                    Edward Meakin Scard [1850-1851] - died young
                                    Frederick Isenbart Scard [1854-1923]- Married Viola Grassett & by her had issue 
                               This family has several entries in the UK Poll Books and Electoral Registers 1538-1893, 
                                                               the London, Land Tax Records 1692-1932 and the 
                                                Hampshire Record Office also holds several documents not listed below.
             UK Passenger Lists and in addition to the Wills already transcribed on this website, there are many Wills post 1858 
                                    which have not been retrieved (England & Wales National Probate Calendar from 1858 ) 
                                       Newspaper Articles from various sources plus many other resources with entries 
                                                       not listed here are left to their respective descendants to explore

                 This website is primarily focused on conjoining all the 'Scard Branches' to a common family around the 
                      late 17th Century, the biographies presented for each of the extended families is a a rough draft 
                                            of their lives for those just beginning to explore their Scard Lineage

                                        Please visit the UPDATES page for newest Scard research, documents and/or submissions
                                                                            Scard Biographies - The Southampton, Hampshire Branch

                                                                                   John Scard                                    -      Charlotte Isenbart Cowper
                                                                                                                  [1801-1881]                                                                         [1812-1903]

                                                                                                                                  of London, formerly of Eling, Hampshire
                                                                                                Researched, Compiled and Written by Judith-Ann S Adams 


 1801:     John Scard was  born 6th April 1801, baptised at Eling, Hampshire  8th January 1802 the son of Thomas Scard [the younger] and his wife Mary [nee Yeats] 
               His mother was the niece of wealthy Yeoman William Yeats of Lymington.  John had eight siblings.
 1815:    John's paternal grandmother Susannah Scard [nee Benness[ (the daughter and heiress  of wealthy Malster John Benness [deceased] of Eling)  died testate, buried at Eling 
               on the 9th November 1815 at the recorded age of 72yrs.   John's parents were also living at Eling at this time and it is assumed John who was aged thirteen at this time 
               had close contact with his grandmother. For further information relating to John's grandparents - follow the links in the top left panel.

1816:    John was aged fourteen when his father died prematurely, intestate, buried at Eling on the 21st December 1816 at the recorded age of forty-one.  John's youngest sibling
              was aged three at that time. Following the death of his father, grave concerns were expressed by the Scard and Yeats' Families regarding his mother's financial security 
              and the education of her children since it would appear that his father was insolvent and any future Scard and Yeats Family Legacies may be in Jeopardy.  John's paternal 
              grandfather later writes in his Will of  the matter as "a great misfortune".

1824:    John's paternal grandfather Thomas Scard [the Elder] died testate, buried at Eling 29th January 1824 at the recorded age of  87years.   John was aged twenty-two at this 
             time, his paternal Uncle John Scard named executor of the Will was also living at Eling. 

1834:    Ten years later John married;
              Details:   John Scard of the Parish of St. Giles in the Field, bachelor and Charlotte Isenbart Cowper married by Licence on the 18th September 1834 at Old Church 
              St. Pancras, London.  Both Bride and Groom signed clearly.  Witnesses:  Henry Cowper & Edward Scard [brother of the groom] and the faint signature of Julia Myers
              After their marriage the couple settled at Bedford Street, Bedford Square, London. Over the next nineteen years John Scard and Charlotte nee Cowper recorded 
              ten known children; 
Charlotte Henrietta Scard [1835-1841] Death of daughter Charlotte 1841The Times, Sat., 8 May 1841 - Submitted by David Kenny - whooping-cough
John Cowper Scard [1836-1909]
baptised 17th February 1836 Holborn St. Gilies in the Field
Birth notice of John Cowper ScardLondon Times: 23rd Jan 1836 - Submitted by David Kenny - married Louisa Bailey 1863 & had issue.
See Epilogue
Unnamed daughter [1838-1838] Birth of Stillborn daughter of John Scard and his wife CharlotteThe Times, Wednesday, 3 March 1841 - still-born
William Marchell Scard [1839-1841] Death of infant son of John ScardThe Times, Wed, 3 March 1841- Submitted by David Kenny - 20 mths
Eliza Joannah Scard [1841-1917] baptised of Bedford Square 19th October 1843 Holborn
St. Gilies in the Field
- married Walter James Shaw & had issue
- See Epilogue
Joanna Mary Scard [1843->1901]   - Spinster - died unmarried
- See Epilogue
Henry Benness Scard [1846-1922]   - married Sarah May - 1882 - no known issue
- See Epilogue
Thomas Deveril Scard [1847-1894]   - married Martha Booth 1872 & had issue.
- See Epilogue
Edward Meakin Scard [1850-1851]   - died in early childhood just after the
1851 Census
Frederick Isenbart Scard [1854-1923] born 5th October 1853, baptised 4th November 1853 2 North Crescent St. Gilies in the Field - Married Viola Grassett & had issue
(Marriage info. submitted by David Kenny)
- See Epilogue
              Whilst his two brothers Thomas and Edward are recorded in the Oxford University Alumni [Ancestry], it is not clear exactly where John undertook his Law Degree.
              John was apparently practicing Law at the time of his marriage in 1834 and recorded as a Solicitor on the baptism records for several of his children.  In 1836 John Scard 
              was recorded as the assignee to Richard George Barton of Windsor, Berkshire and advertised in the The Legal Observer, or otherwise Journal of Jurisprudence re 
              Admissions in Chancery in 1836; " ....... assigned to John Scard of No. 11 Bedford Street.". 
              It is possible to follow John's life through several entries in the London Newspapers and other documented events in his life; 

1837:     London Gazette 11th August 1837:  Dissolved:  John Scard and James Thomas Fry as Attorneys and Solicitors carried on under the name Scard & Fry  
                                                                             at No 11 Bedford Street Bedford Square Middlesex - dissolved by mutual consent from 30th June 1837. 
                                                                             Signed and Witnessed 10th August 1837.1839-1840:  London Gazette: 
                                                     Insolvency:    Listed:    John Scard late of No. 11 Bedford Street - In Fleet Prison. 
                                                     Insolvency:    Listed:    14th December 1839.  John Scard. 
                                                     Insolvency:    Listed:    29th Oct. 1839. John Scard in 'List of Provisions for Assignees of the Estates & Effects of...'
                                                     Insolvency:    Listed:   7th Jan. 1840. John Scard of Bedford St. formerly of Scard & Fry.  
                                                     Insolvency:    Listed:   25th Jan. 1840  John Scard of No. 11 Bedford Street Middlesex, Attorney at Law, an insolvent.

1841:           Census                   Address: Living at Bedford St. Fishenbury, St. Giles in the Field. Middlesex in 1841.
                                                                     John Scard aged 40 Solicitor
                                                                     Charlotte Scard aged 30 
                                                                     Sarah Ellis aged 15yrs Servant.
                                                                     NOTE: Son John C. Scard now aged five years has not been found on this census so far.  

1841:           John Scard was accepted to the Queen's Bench at the end of Michealmas Term 1841 and advertised in the The Legal Observer, or otherwise 
                    Journal of Jurisprudence -  "John Scard of Bedford St. assigned to Geo. P.F. Gregory of St. Swithin's Lane". 

1845            Published 5th August 1845 Practicing at North Crescent Bedford Square London. 

1849:           John's brother Edward Scard, a surgeon died in 1849 leaving a son and daughter.  

1851:           Census                  Address: Living at No.2 North Crescent, St. Giles;
                                                                    John Scard, Head, aged 40, Solicitor
                                                                    Charlotte Scard, Wife, aged 39, Household Duties
                                                                     Joanna Scard, Daughter, aged 7yrs, Scholar at home.
                                                                     Thomas Scard, Son, aged 3yrs
                                                                     Edward Scard, Son, aged 1yrs [Died a few months later]
                                                                     Ellen Crump, Servant, aged 22yrs born Middlesex
                                                                     Eliza Reynolds, Cook, aged 24yrs.
                                                    Address:  John's son John Cowper Scard was recorded in the 1851 Census boarding at Bishop Waltham School for boys 
                                                                     with his first cousin Thomas Scard the son of John's brother Edward Scard [Surgeon].             
                                                    Address:  John's daughter Eliza Joanna Scard & his son Henry Benness Scard were recorded in the 1851 Census staying
                                                                      at 1 Haughton Place Marylebone London with who may have been their Maternal Aunt?
                                                                      Machel Crook, Wife, [with a note - Head [i.e. assumed spouse] Abroad], aged 36, married, no occupation, born 
                                                                                                            Middlesex, Kilborne. 
                                                                      Eliza Scard, neice, aged 9yrs, Scholar. 
                                                                      Henry Scard, nephew, aged 5yrs, Scholar.

1861: Census                  Address: John Scard, Head, age 59yrs, Solicitor born at Eling Hampshire, 
                                                                     Charlotte Scard, wife aged 49yrs.  born at Colchester, Essex. 
                                                                     Eliza J Scard, daughter, aged 19yrs, born St. Giles Middlesex
                                                                     Joanna M Scard daughter  aged 17yrs born St. Giles
                                                                     Thomas D Scard son aged 13yrs born St. Giles
                                                                     Frederick F Scard son, aged 7 yrs, born St. Giles
                                                   Address:   Son John Cowper Scard was found living as a Lodger in the home of Stephen Medcalf aged 34, a carpenter born Berks.
                                                                     John C. Scard was recorded as aged 25yrs, Lodger, unmarried, Solicitors Clerk. 
                                                   Address:   Son Henry Benness Scard was found recorded living in Berkshire with his maternal grandmother and spinster aunt.
                                                                     Joanna Cowper, Head, Widow, aged 78yrs, Landholder, born Essex Harwick ?
                                                                     Eliza Cowper, Daughter, Unmarried, aged 52yrs, Landholder, born Middlesex.
                                                                     Henry B Scard, aged 15yrs, Solicitor's Clerk, born Middlesex.
                                                                     Frances Hichcock, unm, aged 21yrs, House Servant, born Berks, Brightwaltham [Brighton]

1863             London Gazette:  John was published 11th Aug 1863 Practicing at No. 22 Great St. Helens London.1863
1863             Son John Cowper Scard marries Louisa Bailey 1863.  [Registered Pancras [London] Dec. Qtr. 1863.] - See Epilogue

1871:           Census                  Address: Living at Christchurch Kent
                                                                    John Scard, Head, aged 59yrs, Solicitor born Totton Hampshire [Totton is 1 mile from Eling]
                                                                    Charlotte Scard aged 49yrs, wife, born Colchester, Essex. 
                                                                    Eliza J. Scard aged 29yrs unmarried 
                                                                    Joanna M Scard aged 24yrs unmarried
                                                                    Thomas J. Scard aged 22yrs, clerk unmarried
                                                                    Frederick I Scard aged 17yrs undergraduate
                                                   Address: Son Henry Benness Scard was recorded still living with his maternal grandmother Joanna Cowper & spinster aunt.
                                                                    Residence: 16 Dorington Square, Speen, Berkshire.  
                                                                    Joanna Clarke Cowper, Head, Widow, aged 88yrs, Living on income Chiefly from [illegible] 
                                                                    Eliza Cowper, Daughter, Unmarried, aged 62yrs, no occupation.
                                                                    Henry Benness Scard, Nephew, Unmarried, aged 25yrs, Solicitor's Managing Clerk. 

1872             Son Thomas Deverell Scard married married Martha Booth 1872. See Epilogue below
1872             Charlotte's mother Joanna Clarke Cowper died during Sept. Qtr. 1872 at the recorded age of ninety years. 
1872             John was recorded 24th Dec. 1872 still Practicing in London.  [London Gazette] 
1873             John's brother, Reverend Thomas Scard died Testate at Durley 7th February 1873 bequeathing John and his children a third share of his Estate.  
                     See Will of Thomas Scard of Durley.

1878             John Scard was practicing Law at 10 Eascheap London and 1 Lawn Terrace Kent. [London Gazette]

1878            Daughter Joanna Mary Scard marries Walter James Shaw Sept. Qtr. 1878. Submitted by David Kenny; - see Epilogue
                                                                      Marriage of Joanna Scard to Walter Shaw

                    Over the years John was recorded many times in relation to the cases he represented later in Partnership with his son. 
                    He was also recorded in his capacity as Solicitor at the Old Bailey in London. Keyword Search: Scard
1881            John Scard died on the 3rd April 1881 at the recorded age of eighty. 
                    His Death was Published in the Daily News London:  8th April 1881   Submitted by DavidKenny;  
                                                                     Death Notice of John Scard [Solicitor]                
                    It also appeared in the Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Friday, April 8, 1881
Charlotte Scard [nee Cowper] widow of John Scard;
                       1881 [Census]   Address:   Charlotte Scard records herself as 'widow' living on an Annuity.  Living with her spinster daughter Eliza Scard aged 39yrs. in London.
                       1891 [Census]   Address:   Charlotte Scard was recorded visiting her daughter Joanna Shaw and her husband Walter James Shaw and her grandchildren;  
                                                                     Eleanor Shaw [Eleanor Charles Shaw] age ten and 
                                                                     Endilling Shaw aged eleven 
                                                                     who were living at Salcombe Malborough Devon.  They had a servant Emma Lambell aged 22yrs.
                                                   Address:  Charlotte's daughter Eliza J. Scard was found visiting her brother Henry Benness Scard who lived at Bath, Somerset with his wife Sarah.  
                                                                     Charlotte remained in Devonshire with her daughter Joanna Shaw where she was later joined by her spinster daughter Eliza J. Scard.
                        1903:                                    Charlotte Scard [nee Cowper] died in Devonshire in 1903 at the age of 91yrs.  Her death was registered at Totnes.
John Cowper Scard:  son of John Scard and Charlotte nee Cowper;                        
                        1862 [re-cap]                         John Cowper Scard married Louisa Bailey 1863 by Licence [copy of original London Marriage Bonds Ancestry
                        1871 Census:  Residence:  Monmouth Cottage, Greenwich, Kent;
                                                                       John C. Scard, Head, aged 35yrs, Married, Solicitor.
                                                                       Louisa Scard, Wife, aged 29yrs, married, born St. Giles Middlesex.
                                                                       Herbert C. [Cowper] Scard, Son, aged 5yrs, Scholar, born Middlesex, New Southgate.
                                                                       Lavina Taylor, Servant, aged 22yrs, Domestic Servant, born Cornwall St. Colink?
                        1872:                  Death of Infant son Published - The Times, Friday, 9 August 1872 - Submitted by DavidKenny; 
                               Death of young son Reginald Bailey aged 6 weeks 1872.
                        1873:                 John's paternal Uncle, Reverend Thomas Scard dies at Durley 7th Feb. 1873 naming his nephew John Cowper Scard a beneficiary.
                                                   See Will of Rev. Thomas Scard. 
                       1881 Census:  Residence:  2 High Street, London; 
                                                                      John C. Scard, Head, aged 45yrs, Married, Solicitor. 
                                                                      Louisa Scard, Wife, aged 38yrs. 
                                                                      Herbert C. Scard, Son, aged 15yrs.
                       1891 Census:  Residence - Blackfield Road, London;
                                                                      John C. Scard, Head, aged 55yrs, Married, Solicitor, Self Employed.
                                                                      Louisa Scard, Wife, aged 48yrs. 
                                                                      Herbert C. Scard, Son, aged 25yrs, Solicitor's Clerk.
                       1895                 John Cowper Scard appears in the High Court relating to a Compensation Claim on behalf of himself. London Times: Tuesday 19th June 1894; 
                                                                             John Cowper Scard caseclick to enlarge
                       1895: Son                 Herbert Cowper Scard married Grace Ethel Maltby London [Registered March Qtr. 1895]

                       1901: Census: Residence - No. 30 Blackheath Road, Greenwich London. 
                                                                      John C. Scard, Head, aged 65yrs, Married, Solicitor, employed at home. 
                                                                      Louisa Scard, Wife, aged 59yrs.
                                                                      Herbert C. Scard, Son, aged 35, Married, Solicitor. 
                                                                      Grace E. Scard, daughter-in-law, aged 26, married, born Camberwell, Surrey. 
                                                                      Dudley H.M. Scard, grandson, aged 5yrs, born Greenwich, London. 
                                                                      Edith Allchurch, Servant, single, aged 22yrs, born Greenwich, London.

                      1907:  Death:   Louisa Scard died in 1907 at the recorded age of 65yrs. [Registered at Greenwich Dec. Qtr. 1907]. 
                                                         Published - The Times, Thursday, 17 October 1907.  Submitted by David Kenny; 
                                                                         Death of Louisa Scard 
                      1909:  Death:   John Cowper Scard died in 1909 at the recorded age of 74yrs. [Registered at Greenwich Sept. Qtr. 1909]. 
                                                         John and Louisa were survived by their only known child, Herbert Cowper Scard and his issue.
Eliza J. Scard: daughter of John Scard and Charlotte nee Cowper; 

                                             See Entry above in Epilogue for her mother Charlotte. 
                                             After her mother's death in 1903 Eliza Joanna Scard lived a further fourteen years with her sister Joanna Shaw in Devonshire. 
                                1917:    Eliza J. Scard died in the June Qtr. 1917 at the recorded age of 74yrs.  [Registered at Honiton, Devon]
                                             Unmarried and without issue
Thomas Deverell Scard:  Son of John Scard and Charlotte Cowper; 

                               1872 [Re-cap]  Son Thomas Deverell Scard married Martha Booth 1872. Registered Lewisham March Qtr.1872]
                               1881 Census.  Thomas Deverell Scard, Head, aged 33yrs, married, Auctioneer. 
                                                        Martha Scard, Wife, aged 29yrs, born Essex, Leyton. 
                                                        Harvey W. Scard, Son, aged 5years, born Kent, Lewisham.
                                                        Walter H. Scard, Son, aged 4 years.
                                                        Alice Violet Scard, Daughter, aged 1year.
                                                        Caroline Booth, aged 59yrs, mother-in-law, married, housekeeper, born Etton Yorkshire.

                               1885                Thomas cleared of all charges in a divorce suit involving Todman vs Todman.   -  Innocent 
                                                        Defence of Thomas Scard in Todman vs on image to enlarge

                                1891 Census  Residence - 
                                                        Thomas Scard, Head, married, aged 46yrs [!], Certified Bailiff Local, Self Employed [age discrepancy]
                                                        Martha Scard, Wife, married, aged 59 years
                                                        Harvey W Scard, Son, aged 15yrs, Commercial Clerk, Employed.
                                                        Walter H Scard, Son, aged 14yrs, Commercial Clerk, Employed. 
                                                        Violet [!] W Scard, daughter, aged 11yrs, Scholar.  [probably child above i.e. 'Alice Violet']
                                                        Daisy C. Scard, daughter, aged 6yrs, Scholar, born Kent, Lewisham.
                                                        Francis H Scard, son, aged 3yrs, born Kent, Lewisham.
                                                        Edward Booth, Single, aged 47yrs, Stockbroker's Clerk, Essex, Leyton. [relationship not mentioned but Edward Booth was Martha's  younger brother]
                                1894 Death     Thomas Deverell Scard died in 1894 at the recorded age of 47yrs. [Registered Lewisham Sept.Qtr.1894]
                                1901 Census   Saw Edward Booth caring for his aging mother, and his nieces & nephews.
                                                         Residence: 57 Ladywell Road, Lewisham; 
                                                         Edward Booth, Head, Single, aged 57, Stockbrokers Clerk. 
                                                         Caroline Booth, Mother, Widow, aged 78yrs. 
                                                         Violet Scard, Neice, Single, aged 21yrs, Photographer's Clerk
                                                         Daisy Scard, Neice, Single, aged 16yrs, Confectioner's Assistant [Baker's]
                                                         Francis H. Scard, Nephew, aged 13yrs, illegible.                               
Henry Benness Scard:  son of John Scard and Charlotte nee Cowper;
                                 1881 Census found Henry Benness Scard Lodging in a Hotel in London at 14 Raily App. unmarried aged 25yrs, a Solicitor's Managing Clerk.
                                 1882  Henry Benness Scard married Sarah May December Qtr. 1882 [registered at Richmond [Surrey]].
                                 1891 Census found Henry Benness Scard living at Bath in Somerset with his wife Sarah also visited by his sister Eliza;
                                                          Residence: Devizers Road, Rock House.  
                                                          Henry Benness Scard, Head, aged 45yrs, Married, 'living off own means' born St. Giles in the Fields, London.
                                                          Sarah Scard, Wife, aged 44yrs, Married, born Middlesex, illegible, London.
                                                          Eliza J. Scard, Sister, aged 48yrs, Unmarried, 'living off own means', born St. Giles in the Fields, London.

                                           Henry's sister Eliza returned to their sister Joanna Shaw's home in Devonshire where their aging mother Charlotte was also living.

                                  1901  Census found the couple living at Staffordshire; 
                                                         Henry Benness Scard, Head, aged 55, Married, Solicitor's Law Managing Clerk.
                                                         Sarah Scard, Wife, aged 54, Married.
                                  Henry Benness Scard's death date is vague.   
                                               He may have been the same Henry Scard died in the June Qtr. 1922 at the recorded age of 76 years. Registered at Brentford [Middlesex]
                                               His wife Sarah appears to have predeceased him, possibly 'Sarah Scard Sept. Qtr. 1918 Honiton Devon aged 70yrs
                                               one of two entries for Sarah Scard post 1901. 
                                  Henry Benness Scard appears to have died without issue.
Joanna Mary Shaw [nee Scard] Daughter of John Scard and his wife Charlotte nee Cowper; 

                                  1881 Census      Address:  The Elms, Devon; [Salcombe]
                                                                               Walter J. Shaw, Head, Married, aged 30, Artist, born Westbury, Gloucestershire.
                                                                               Joanna M. Shaw, Wife, Married, aged 35, born Middlesex, St. Giles.
                                                                               Mary E. Shaw, Daughter, aged 1, born Salcombe, Devon.
                                                                               Eleanor C. Shaw, Daughter, aged 1 week, born Salcombe, Devon. 
                                                                               Bessie S. Shaw, Mother, Widow, aged 57, born Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
                                                                               Helen L. Mamley, Servant, aged 19, General Servant, born Cornwall, St. Blazey
                                                                 Joanna's mother and spinster sister move to Devon

                                  1891  Census:      Address: Blackstone Lodge, Salcombe, Devon; 
                                                                                Walter Jas. Shaw, Head, aged 40, Artist Marine Painter  Sculp [Sculptor], neither employed nor unemployed.
                                                                                Joanna Mary Shaw, Wife, aged 43, born London, St. Giles.
                                                                                Mary Endellion [Endelling?] Shaw, Daughter, aged 11, born Devon, Salcombe.
                                                                                Eleanor Charlotte Shaw, Daughter, aged 10, born Devon, Salcombe. 
                                                                                Charlotte Isenbart Scard, Widow, Mother in Law, aged 79, born Essex, Colchester.
                                                                                Emma Lamble, Servant, Single, aged 22, Domestic Servant, born Bantham, Devon.
                                  1891                      Joanna was beneficiary in the Will of her paternal spinster aunt, Mary Scard of Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire

                                  1901                      Address: 22 Devon Road [Blackstone Lodge] Salcombe; 
                                                                                Walter James Shaw, Head, aged 50, Artist Sculp & Painter, working on own account, at home born Gloucester, Westbury, Clifton.
                                                                                 Joanna Mary Shaw, Wife, aged 53, born Middlesex, London. 
                                                                                 Mary E Shaw, Daughter, aged 21, born Salcombe, Devon.
                                                                                 Eleanor C Shaw, aged 20, born Salcombe, Devon. 
                                                                                 Beatrice Stone, Servant, Single, aged 18, General Servant, worker, born Salcombe, Devon. 
                                  1933:                      Walter James Shaw died in 1933, venue unknown.  He died a renown artist and his works are displayed at various sites online.
                                                                 Joannah died 25th July 1941 at an advanced age. Published - The Times:  Tuesday, July 29, 1941 Submitted by David Kenny 
                                                                                                          Death of Joanna Shaw nee Scard 
Frederick Isenbart Scard:  Son of John Scard and his wife Charlotte nee Cowper; 

                     1871:  Found in the 1871Census when he was recorded as an undergraduate he eventually became an Engineer.

                                                                 Information submitted by David Kenny;
                                                                            Frederick Isenbart Scard married Viola Grassett, in Sep 1877 QTR, Lee, Kent.Viola was born in 1855, Barbados, West Indies.
                                                                             In 1881 Census Viola is staying with her brother, William Grassett along with children; Maud Minnie Scard, born 1879, Lee, Kent 
                                                                            Dudley Isenbart Scard, born 1880, Lee, Kent and her mother, at Glenside, Lee, Kent.

1881 Census: Frederick not found. There is evidence to support he traveled extensively during this period particularly as an Engineering Consultant His wife and children remained in England Residence: Glenside, Asberton Parade, Lee, Kent; William J.R. Grassett, Head, Single, aged 33, Civil Service Clerk, Paymaster DPI War Office, Whitehall, born Barbados, West Indies. Maria B. Grasset, Mother, Widow, aged 50, born Barbados, West Indies. Viola Scard, Sister, Married, aged 26, born Barbados, West Indies. Maude M Scard, Niece, aged 2, born Lee, Kent. Dudley I Scard, Nephew, aged 1 month, born Lee, Kent. Elizabeth Wright, Servant, Married, aged 35, Nurse Domestic Servant, born Essex, Myle End. Phoebe E. Tilney, Servant, Single, aged 20, General Domestic Servant, born Yaxham, Norfolk. Frederick appears to have spent some time in Demerara South America renown for it's Sugar Cane Industry. An interesting article in a publication; '.....represents the proceedings of the European Science Foundation History of Chemistry in Europe 1989-1939 conference held in Strasbourg in October 1896. Leading scholars investigate the ways in which the chemical with reference to a book authored by Llewellyn Jones & Frederic I Scard published in London 1921 regarding the Manufacture of Sugar Cane. Source: JONES, Llewellyn, and Frederick Isenbart SCARD - The Manufacture of Cane Sugar. (London: Edward Stanford) xix,454 pages 8vo, 244 ills, 1909; (London: Duckworth) 481, xxxii pages 8vo hb, 270 ills, 1921 2nd rev ed. Agriculture. Sugar. Plantations. Caribbean area. BL 1883: Submitted by DavidKenny; At the National Archives in Canberra there is a record for Frederic Isenbart Scard regarding a Application for Patent in 1883 as following...
Title; Application for Letters Patent by Frederic Isenbart Scard and The Colonial Company Limited Titled - Improvements in the process of fermenting liquids Series number A12624 Control symbol 428 Contents: date range1883 - 1883 Contact DavidKenny via Webmaster for further details. 1886: Son Dudley Isenbart Scard is born; Birth notice appears in the London Times; 'Isenbart Scard on the 2nd Nov., at 8 Dartmouth-mouth Terrace, Blackheath, the wife of F.Isenbart-Scard (of Demerara), of a son.  Publication: Nov. 6th, 1886.' 1891 Census: Submitted by DavidKenny Viola is stating at 38 Palace Square, Penge, Croyden, noted as living on own means. Daughter Maude with maternal uncle; Residence: No. 9 Westbourne Park, Paddington, London; William J.R. Grassett, Head, Married, aged 40, Civil Service Clerk (War Office) attached to APO Horseguards, born Barbados, West Indies. Henrietta B. Grassett, Wife, aged 26, born London, St. George's Sqr. Maude I Scard, Niece, aged 12, Scholar, born Kent, Lee. Rhoda Dodd, Servant, Single, aged 24, Parlor Maid, born Bucks, Iver Heath. Sarah A Baldwin, Servant, aged 28, Cook, born London, Egham. 1898: Frederick is recorded in The UK Incoming Passenger Lists 1878-1960 aged 44yrs, Mechanical Engineer, departed Puerto, Columbia, Columbia arrived Southampton 17th March 1898 per Atrato (Ancestry) There are other entries beginning in 1856 in several ports i.e. Pennsylvania, USA, West Indies etc. 1901 Census: Residence: 20 Victoria Road, Lambeth, London; Viola Scard, Head, Married, aged 46, Living on own means, born Barbados, West Indies. Maude I Scard, Daughter, aged 22, born Kent, Lee. Dudley I Scard, Son, aged 20, Civil Engineer CE, born Kent, Lee. Gordon I Scard, Son, aged 14, born Kent, Lewisham. Alice E. Harvey, Servant, Single, aged 25, useful help domestic, born Durham. 1923: Frederick Isenbart Scard returned to England where he died testate, buried on the 26th June 1923 at the age of 69. Published - The Times, Tuesday, 26 June 1923 clipping submitted by DavidKenny. Frederick Isenbart Scard Death Notice His Will is listed in the UK Probate Index (Ancestry) Scard: Frederick Isenbart of The White House, Randolph Crescent, Maida Vale, Middlesex died 22nd July 1922. Probate London 16th July to Howard Marsh, Engineer - Effects £20 1929: Viola Scard [nee Grassett] spouse of Frederick Isenbart Scard was recorded in the UK Voter Lists 1929 living at Lambeth, Surrey with her son Gordon (Ancestry). Daughter Maude had married married John F. Lomax in 1914. Dudley married in 1909. No further information - Reason: Outside the parameter of this website