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                   Scard Biographies - The Southampton, Hampshire Branch
                                    Mary Scard               &                 Susan Scard
                                                      [1811-1891]                                                                     [1813-1871] 

                                                             Spinster Sisters of Eling

                                                                         Each died unmarried and without Issue

This family has several entries in the UK Poll Books and Electoral Registers 1538-1893,
the London, Land Tax Records 1692-1932 and the
Hampshire Record Office also holds several documents not listed below.
UK Passenger Lists and in addition to the Wills already transcribed on this website, also many Wills post 1858
which have not been retrieved (England & Wales National Probate Calendar from 1858 )
Newspaper Articles from various sources plus many other resources with entries
not listed here are left to their respective descendants to explore

This website is primarily focused on conjoining all the 'Scard Branches' to a common family around the
late 17th Century, the biographies presented for each of the extended families is a a rough draft
of their lives for those just beginning to explore their Scard Lineage

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                                                                      Scard Biographies - The Southampton, Hampshire Branch

                                                                                                Mary Scard    &   Susan Scard
                                                                                                                                       [1811-1891]                            [1813-1871] 

                                                                                                                                                    Spinster Sisters of Eling
                                                                                       Compiled and Written by J.S.Adams, combining the Original & Independent Researches of both JSAdams & LMealey
                                                                                                                                               with special thanks to Lyn Mealy
                                                                                                                  who transcribed and submitted both the Wills of Susan and Mary Scard

1811    Mary Scard was born 29th January 1811, baptised at Eling 12th July 1812 the daughter of Thomas Scard [Jnr] and Mary [nee Yeats]. Mary is assumed the namesake of her mother
             Mary Yeats, the niece and heiress of William Yeates of Lymington. 

1813     Susan, although born two years later on the 26th January 1813 she was aged four before she was baptised 22nd June 1817- a year after her father's death. 
             Susan was the namesake of her paternal grandmother, Susannah Scard [nee Benness] the daughter and heiress of wealthy maltster John Benness of Eling.

             Mary & Susan were the youngest and only daughters of nine children born to their parents.  

1815    Mary & Susan's paternal grandmother Susannah Scard [nee Benness] was buried at Eling 9th November 1815 at the recorded age of 72yrs.  
1816    Their father died in 1816 at Eling. Mary was aged five & Susan aged three.  See Biography of her father. 
            Mary and Susan never married and spent most of their adult lives under the wing of William Kemp Jonas and his sister Maria a friend of the Scard Family.

                                                     William Kemp Jonas was baptised 3rd June 1808 the son of Daniel Jonas and his wife Sarah nee Knapp.  
                                                     Both Families were wealthy in the Southampton area of Hampshire.  He was appointed 'Tax Commissioner' at Southampton in 1857.  
                                                     His father Daniel died testate in 1812.  [Written 21st October 1809 - Proved 27th November 1812]. 
                                                     Beneficiaries; Sarah Jonas - wife; William Kemp Jonas - son;  Mary Jonas - daughter; Charlotte Jonas - daughter; 
                                                     Mary Robinson [wife of Charles Robinson Esq.] - sister. 

 1840:  The sister's mother Mary Scard [nee Yeats] died testate in 1840 bequeathing her entire Estate to her two daughters Susan and Mary.  Further to several estates, 
            Susan was especially bequeathed her mother's piano, stool & music books. It would be apparent that both Susan and her mother were accomplished at piano forte.  
            See their mother's Will in the Biography of their father Thomas Scard [the younger] of Eling. 

1840:   On the 18th April 1840 Susan published her Will with her sister Mary as her sole beneficiary and Executrix. Her eldest brother Reverend Thomas Scard was one 
            of the two witnesses. Although Susan lived a further thirty- years [1771] her Will stood as written in 1840. 

             A year after their mother's death Susan and Mary  were recorded in the 1841 Census aged 28yrs and 30yrs, of Independent Means, living at High Street, 
             Bishops Waltham with their servant Sarah New aged thirty.  It was shortly following this event that Mary & Susan appear to have entered the household of the 
             Scard Family friend, the  wealthy William Knapp Jonas and his spinster sister Eliza.  Mary & Susan remained unmarried, living under the protective wing of the 
             Knapp Family for the rest of their lives.  

1851 [Census]   
            On the night of 30th March 1851 [Census] Susan and Mary were recorded 'as visitors' with William Jonas, Master of Arts, Cambridge University and his spinster 
            sister Eliza at Newchurch, Ryde in the Isle of Wight. Both sisters were recorded as aged 32!  
1861 [Census]   
           Mary and Susan were recorded 'as visitors' with William Jonas and his sister Mary at Brighton, Sussex.  William was recorded as a Landowner.

1865:   Mary and her sister Susan had returned to Bishops Waltham where they recorded a Deed Agreement noted: 
                                                  'Between Mary and Susan Scard with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners re property in the parishes of Littleton,
                                                    part of the Winchester Dean and Chapter estate Deed.  Dated 1st December 1865.'

1866:   The following year they recorded a Conveyance on the same Property with the same Parties i.e.
                                                  'Conveyance of property in the parishes of Littleton, part of the Winchester Dean and Chapter estate, 
                                                    by Mary and Susan Scard to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.  Dated 6th September 1866.' 

 1868-1870:  Mary and Susan were recorded on the Southsea Visitors Lists Published in the Hampshire Telegraph from 1868-1870 accompanying William Jonas 
                     and his spinster sister Eliza; 
                                                  May 30 1868; 
                                                                                Mary & Susan Scard visit Portsea 1868
                                                 Sept., 12 1868
                                                 Sept., 19 1868
                                                 Sept., 26 1868
                                                 June    4 1870
                                                 June    8 1870
                                                 June  11 1870
                                                 June 15  1870
                                                 and finally June 18 1870
                                                                                Mary & Susan's last visit to Portsea
                         As the visits stopped abruptly at Susanna's death six months later it is possible that they were there in an attempt to remedy Susan's possible 
                          deteriorating health.                                                              

1871: Susan's death;
                               Susan Scard died Testate unmarried and without issue at Bishops Waltham on the 15th January 1771 at the recorded age of fifty-eight. [Registered at Droxford]. 

                                                                                                                               WILL OF SUSAN SCARD 
                                                                                                                          Transcribed & Submitted by LynMealey
             This is the last Will and Testament of me Susan Scard of Bishops Waltham in the County of Southampton Spinster Whereby I give devise and bequeath All my real and personal 
              estate of whatsoever nature kind or tenure and wheresoever situate or being and whereof I now am or may at the time of my decease be seized or possessed or may now or then 
              have any power of disposition and  whether the same now is or may be then in possession or reversion or subject to any contingency unto my dear sister Mary Scard and to her 
              heirs executors administrators and assigns according to the nature quality and tenure of any said real and personal estate and to and for the sole and absolute use and  benefit of 
              her my said sister. And I hereby nominate and appoint her my said sister Mary Scard sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament hereby expressly  revoking all former Wills
              and Codicils by me at any time heretofore made In testimony whereof I the said Susan Scard  have hereunto set my hand the eighteenth day of April in the year of Our Lord  one 
              thousand eight hundred and forty Susan Scard Signed published and declared by the above named Susan Scard as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us 
              Thomas Scard Bishops Waltham Clerk and Wm Gunner Bishops Waltham Solr

              Proved at Winchester the eighteenth day of March 1871 by the oath of Mary Scard Spinster the Sister the sole Executrix to whom administration was granted The Testatrix 
                           Susan Scard was late of Bishops Waltham in the County of Southampton Spinster and died on the fifteenth day of January 1871 at Bishops Waltham aforesaid. 
                           Under ₤1000  -  C and F I Warner Solrs Winchester - Resworn November 1872 Under ₤1000.              

 1871 [Census] - Mary; 
             On the 2nd April 1871 Mary Scard was recorded aged 59yrs, living at Bishops Waltham with William Jonas and his spinster sister Mary.  William Jonas was recorded with his 
             Degree and as a landowner with 150 acres, employing 9 men and 2 domestic servants.

1872:    The following year William's sister Maria Jonas and long time friend of Mary died unmarried and without issue at Bishops Waltham in the Sept. Qtr. 1872 at the recorded age 
             of 73 years. [Registered at Droxford] 

1873:   Mary's brother, Reverend Thomas Scard died at Testate at Durley 7th February 1873.  Mary was a legatee . In a further Codicil written a month before his death he 
             bequeathed Mary his stable; 
                                                                'I give and bequeath my brougham carriage horse and harness and all the hay corn and shaw(?) 
                                                                 and all the stable requisites which shall be in and about my stable and carriage house at the 
                                                                 time of my decease to my sister Mary Scard for her own absolute use and benefit.'

             During her life Mary appears to have been fond of two particular items;  Her Piano (once belonging to her sister and mother and her horses and carriages. These items were 
             particularly mentioned in her own Will. 
1881 [Census] - recorded on the 3rd April.   
             Mary Scard was living at Forest Road, Bishops Waltham  with William Jonas and his three servants. William  was noted as M A Cambridge Occupying 150 Acres Of Land, 
             Employing  8 Men (Farmer). Mary was again recorded as 'a visitor'.  

1891 Death:
            Mary Scard died Testate ten years later, unmarried and without issue, on the 2nd February 1891 Bishops Waltham at the recorded age of eighty [Registered at Droxford].
            Mary had outlived all her siblings, the last by four years.  WILL OF MARY SCARD TRANSCRIBED BELOW
1891 [Census]  William Kemp Jonas continued living at Bishops Waltham, recorded in the 1891 Census residing on his 150 acre property with several servants.  He died a year 
            after Mary unmarried and without issue June Qtr. 1892 at the recorded age of 83yrs.
                                                                                        WILL OF MARY SCARD
             This is the last Will and Testament of me Mary Scard of  Bishop’s Waltham in the County of Hants Spinster, I Appoint William Knapp Jonas of Bishop’s Waltham 
             aforesaid Esquire Frederick Isaac Warner of Winchester in the County of Hants Gentleman and James Charles Warner of Winchester aforesaid Gentleman Executors 
             of this my Will.  I give and bequeath unto my nephew Henry Benness Scard the Sum of two hundred pounds I give and bequeath unto my housekeeper Sarah Tilbury 
             the sum of sixty pounds I give and bequeath unto her son William Thomas Tilbury the sum of fifty pounds I give and bequeath unto my  Niece Joanna Mary Shaw 
             Wife of Walter Raleigh Shaw of Salcomb South Devon all my plate and plated goods and my piano. I give and bequeath unto the said William Knapp Jonas my horse 
             carriages and harness as a slight token of my regard and  in remembrance of the long and sincere friendship which has subsisted between us for many years but in 
             case of his death in my lifetime I give and bequeath the same to John Harding Robinson Esquire Examiner in the House of Commons and I declare that all Legacies 
             both pecuniary and specific given by this my will shall be free of Legacy Duty and I direct my Executors to sell all the residue of my household furniture and effects
             in such manner as they shall consider advisable and that the net proceeds of such sale shall fall into and form part of the residue of my Estate And whereas the 
             Executor of the Will of my late Brother Thomas Scard deceased have permitted the sum of eight hundred pounds Debenture Stock of the East and West Junction 
             Railway Company to remain on the said investment as at the decease of my said Brother now I hereby declare that the said Executors shall be indemnified out of my 
             estate from and against all loss costs damages and expenses which they shall or may be put to on account of their not having  realized the said investment or in 
             anywise in relation thereto And I give devise and bequeath all the rest residue and remainder of my real and personal estate effects and property whatsoever and 
             wheresoever unto my Nieces Eliza Scard and the said Joanna Shaw the two daughters of my late brother John Scard to be equally divided between them share and 
             share alike as tenants in common.  And if either of my said Nieces shall die in my lifetime leaving issue such issue shall take their deceased parents share equally 
             to be divided amongst them if more than one as tenants in common And if either of my said Nieces shall die in my lifetime without leaving issue then the share of
             one such dying shall go and  belong to the survivor of them  And I  declare that the said James Charles Warner shall be entitled to charge my estate for all business
             done by them in relation to my estate in the same manner as they would have been entitled to charge my Executors for the same if they had not themselves been 
             Executors but had been employed by my Executors to do such business as their solicitors In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of February
             One Thousand eight hundred and eighty nine - Mary Scard [signed] - Signed by the said Testatrix Mary Scard as her last Will and Testament in the presence of us
              both present at the same time who in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.
             William  Warwick - Coachman, William  Abraham - Groom.

             Proved at Winchester the third day of March 1891 by the oaths of Frederick Isaac Warner and James Charles Warner two of the Executors to whom administration
                              was granted. Power reserved of making the like grant to William Knapp Jonas Esquire the other Executor. The Testatrix Mary Scard was late of Bishops 
                              Waltham in the County of Southampton Spinster and died on the second day of February 1891 At Bishops Waltham aforesaid. 
                               Personal Gross:   ₤7281.12.0  Gross  -  ₤7208.5.10 Net - Extracted by Messrs F.I & J.C.Warner. Solicitors Winchester

            Note:        Legatee "my nephew Henry Benness Scard" was the son of Mary's brother John Scard, solicitor of London (mentioned above).