Scard Family           
                                William Thomas Scard
                                                                                                    Tailor, of London, England
                                                                                                        Spouse:  Elizabeth Ryan
        1818 Birth:       William Thomas Scard was baptised 28th June 1818 at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London 
                                              the eldest child of William Scard and his wife Mary Ann [nee Barnes].

                     Lineage:            William's paternal lineage stems from James Scard, Gentleman of Gosport, Hampshire & his wife Elizabeth
                                               nee Guthridge.
                                               William's maternal lineage stems from Thomas Barnes of the County Westmorland who married Jinny Harrison,
                                               also a native of Westmorland, the Harrison name being esteemed in the area, in particular the Christian name
                                               Andrew being prominent.   This lineage extends far into the 16th Century at Westmorland, the Family Names 
                                               having much status. 

         Family:            William had one paternal uncle Thomas Scard, a bootmaker, who although settling in Bridgewater Somerset 
                                               for many years, moved to London when William was aged around nineteen. William's father & uncle had a 
                                               a particularly difficult childhood after their father died when they were young and both apprenticed in their 
                                               respective trades, leaving home at an early age. Whilst William followed his father's trade of tailoring, his 
                                               younger brother Anthony assumed the trade of Boot-making, considered learnt from his paternal uncle. 
                                               William had seven siblings in all, three brothers & four sisters of which only three are believed to have survived
                                               infancy; Anthony Harrison Scard born 1826 & Mary Ann born 1833.
                     1839 Marriage: At the age of twenty-one William Thomas Scard married Elizabeth Ryan on the 12th May 1839 at the venue 
                                               of his baptism, St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London.
                                               William Thomas Scard born 16 th May 1819 - Married Elizabeth Ryan of Camden Town - by kind courtesy of 
                                                Ms. M. G. Scard of Kent [1978]  
                                                           William Thomas Scard [1840-1899] born 20th July 1840 
                                                                                                     baptised 6th Sept. 1840  St. Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury, London.
                                                                                                     Married & had issue - See Epilogue.
                                                           George Charles Scard [1843-1927] born 22nd January 1843 Windmill Lane, Tottenham Court Road, 
                                                                                                     baptised 23rd Feb 1851St. Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury, London.
                                                           Elizabeth Scard [1845-1924] Birth Registered Sept. Qtr. 1845.  Born Strand, London
                                                                                                    Died unmarried & without issue aged 78.  Greenwich, London.    
                                                           Hannah Scard [1848-1919] born 14th May 1848, 
                                                                                                     baptised 23rd Feb. 1851 St. Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury, London.
                                                                                                     Never married Died June Qtr. 1919 aged 70yrs. Godstone. [Surrey].
                                                           Harry Scard [1850-1918] born 2nd October 1850 
                                                                                                     baptised 23rd Feb. 1851 at St. Thomas  Charterhouse, Finsbury, London.
                                      Married & had issue - See Epilogue.
                                                           Prudence Emma Scard [1853-1858], born 6th October 1853, 
                                                                                                     baptised 30th Oct. 1853 St. Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury, London.
                                                                                                     Died 1858 aged five years. [Registered London Dec. Qtr. 1858]
                                                           Ellen Scard [1857-post 1881] Birth registered Sept. Qtr. 1856 London City.     
                                                           Mary Scard [1859-1865?] Birth registered Dec. Qtr. 1858 London City.
                                                                                                     Mary may have died March Qtr. 1865 as Mary Ann Scard [Registered London City]?

                      1841 Census:  Address: Windmill Street, London [ages rounded this Census];

                                                          William Scard, age 20, Tailor, born in County!  
                                                          Elizabeth Scard, aged 20, born in County
                                                          William Scard, age 10 months, born in County.

                      1849 William's young sister marries;
                                             William was aged thirty-one when his sixteen-year old sister Mary Ann Scard married Charles Ellson 
                                              on the 22nd April, 1849 at St. Martin in the Fields, London.
                                              Mary Ann may have been influenced by her paternal uncle Anthony in that she names her first-born
                                              'Temperance' Scard Ellson a year later.  Mary & her spouse settled at nearby 4 Broad Street, Westminster.
                                              baptised 27th October, 1850 at St. James, Westminster   

                      1851 Census:    Not found at the present time.

                      1859:  An amusing newspaper article; 
                                               While William's brother Anthony, was an avid teetotaller, it seems William may not have 
                                                shared his enthusiasm;
                                               Temperance Literature & Temperance Politcs Caldonian  Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), 
                                               Wednesday Jan 12 1859.  Issue 21622  [Following included all England & Abroad]

                                                                     'And Mr Scard, bootmaker to the League, Alliance, Maine Law, 
                                                                      and Temperance Reformers in general, who solicits the patronage 
                                                                      of his teetotal brethren, will supply his brother with a boot made 
                                                                      on such extra teetotal  principles that it will not let in even water.'

        1861 Census:  
                        [Sears]             Address: No. 2 Moors Yard, London;
                                                                 Wm. Tho. Scard, Head, Married, aged 43, Tailor, born Middlesex, Westminster
                                                                 Elizabeth Scard, Wife, aged 45, born St. Thomas in the Fields. 
                                                                 G. Charles Scard, Son, aged 18, Porter, born St. Pancras.
                                                                 Elizabeth Scard, Daughter, aged 15, born St. Pauls Covent Gardens.
                                                                 Hannah Scard, Daughter, aged 12, City of London, Mattery or Mitting Street?
                                                                 Harry Scard, Son, aged 10, City of London, Mattery or Mitting Street?
                                                                 Ellen Scard, Daughter, aged 4, City of London, Old Fish Street. 
                                                                 Mary Scard, Daughter, aged 2, City of London, Old Fish Street. 
                                                                                        Mary died March Qtr. 1865 as Mary Ann Scard recorded aged 3 yrs. [Registered London City] 
                     1861: William''s mother dies;
                                                  William was aged forty-three when his mother  Mary Scard [nee Barnes] died just prior to the census in 1861 
                                                   at the estimated age of sixty-three.  [Registered West London June Qtr. 1861]  
                                                   His aging father, now deaf continued to work as a Tailor. 

                  1866:  Eldest son William Thomas marries; 
                                                  William Thomas Scard married Harriet Litchfield Hilton on the 31st March 1866 at Lambeth, Surrey.
                                                  Noted on the Parish Entry 'William Thomas Scard Jnr' - Father: William Thomas Scard [LDS] 
                                                  [Registered March Qtr. 1866 at Lambeth]  
                                                  [Note: Father's name would normally appear on the entry if he was a Witness to the Marriage]

                     Seventeen months later; 

                    1867:  Son George marries;
                                              At the age of twenty-four George Charles Scard married Sarah Deal on the 11th August 1867 at St. Nicholas 
                                              Cole Abbey, London.  His parents and siblings are assumed to have attended the ceremony, his father is noted 
                                              on the entry as William Thomas Scard.  [additional entry is usually a parent witness] 
                                              See further details relating to George Charles Scard in the Epilogue.

                      1869  William's father dies;
                                             William's aging father was now afflicted with deafness for over a decade died in the St. James Workhouse,
                                              his death Registered in the June Qtr. 1869 recorded aged 73 yrs [Civil Index].  He was buried at theVictoriaPk 
                                              Cemetery, Hackney, London on the 16th April 1869.  His burial records him aged 74years. 

        1871 Census:   Address: 9 Phillips Lane, London;
                                                                 William T. Scard, Head, aged 52, Tailor, born Middlesex, Westminster. 
                                                                 Elizabeth Scard, Wife, aged 55, born St. Martins in the Field.
                                                                 Harry Scard, Son, aged 20, stationers clerk, born City of London.

                      Note:                No newspaper articles have been found in London relating to William Thomas Scard at the present time, 
                                               research is continuing.  

                      1878 Death:     William Thomas Scard died in the December Qtr. 1878 at the recorded age of 60 years [Registered London City]


                      Elizabeth Scard [nee Ryan] Wife of William Thomas Scard; 

                                               1881 Census:  Address: No. 9 Phillip Lane, London. 
                                                                        Elizabeth Scard, Head, Widow, aged 65, Tailoress, Born Middlesex, St. Martins in the Field. 
                                                                        Ellen Scard, Daughter, aged 24, Bookkeeper's clerk, born London St. Nicholas, Cole Abbey.

                                               1891 Census:  Elizabeth at No 18 Luxor Street, Lambeth; a visitor, widow, aged 75 born London, Leicester Sq. 
                                                                        at the home of Joseph T. Salmon, Head, Married, aged 52, Tailors trim manager & ? Manchester, 
                                                                        self employed, born London City. 
                                                                       Catherine M. Salmon, wife, Married, aged 46, born london City.
                                               Elizabeth Scard [nee Ryan] died in the June Qtr. 1895 at the age of 79 years [Registered at Lambeth]

                    William Thomas Scard [1840-1899] Eldest child of William Thomas Scard [Snr] and his wife Elizabeth [nee Ryan]; 
                                              See Biography of William Thomas Scard [the younger] 

                     George Charles Scard [1843-1927] Son of William Thomas Scard & his wife Elizabeth [nee Ryan];
                                             See Biography of George Charles Scard 

                     Elizabeth Scard [1846-post 1851] Daughter of William Thomas Scard & his wife Elizabeth [nee Ryan];

                                             1901 Census Elizabeth Scard born 1846, domestic servant, born Strand, Middlesex, at the 
                                             the Morden College an establishment for decayed Merchants at Greenwich, London.  
                                             Elizabeth died unmarried & without issue in the March Qtr. 1924 at the recorded age of 78 [Registered Greenwich]

                     Hannah Scard  [1848-1919] Daughter of William Thomas Scard & his wife Elizabeth [nee Ryan];

                                                 1871 Census:  Hannah aged twenty-three - the entry has not been found at the present time. 
                                                 1881 Census:  Address:  No. 22 Tollington Park, Islington, a servant at the home of Thomas Illman 
                                                                         and his family;
                                                                         Recorded:  Hannah Scard, Servant, Single, aged 42, General Domestic Servant, born London 
                                                                                            St. Faiths.
                                                 1891 Census:  Status & Details the same living at the same address [1881] working for the same employer.  
                                                 Hannah Scard died unmarried & without issue June Qtr. 1919 at the recorded age of 70 years 
                                                 [Registered Godstone]

                     Harry Scard [1850-1918] Son of William Thomas Scard & his wife Elizabeth [nee Ryan];

                                                                 Harry Scard married Mary Ann E Manning [Marriage Registered Dec. Qtr. 1878] 
                                          Known issue; 
                                                                    Harry E Scard born 1880
                                                                    Arthur G Scard born 1883
                                                                    Frederick C Scard born 1887
                                                                    Joseph I Scard born 1889 

                                          1881 Census:  Harry Scard, age 30, 7 Elcom Street, Paddington, London, a Commercial Clerk, born St.Faith's City.
                                                                    Mary A. E. Scard, aged 26, born London. 
                                                                    Harry E. Scard, age 1, born Paddington.

                                          1891 Census: Not found at the present time.  

                                          1901 Death of Mary Ann E. Scard [nee Manning]; 
                                                                  Mary Ann E. died March Qtr. 1901 aged 46 yrs. [Registered Paddington]
                                                                  Mary was survived by her spouse Harry Scard of twenty-three years marriage and her four children; 
                                                                  Harry E, aged 21yrs; Arthur G. aged 18yrs; Frederick C, aged 14yrs and Joseph I, aged 12 years.  
                                          1901 Census:  Address:3 Presland Street, Paddington; 
                                                                  Harry Scard, Widower, aged 50, Cerk, Worker, born London City.
                                                                  Harry E. Scard, son, single, aged 21, Builder's Labourer, Worker, born London, Paddington [b.1880]
                                                                  Arthur G Scard, son single, aged 18, Bottle washer cellar, Worker, born Middlesex, Millesden? [b.1883]
                                                                  Frederick C Scard, aged 14, born London Newsington? [b.1887]
                                                                  Joseph I Scard, aged 12, born Middlesex, Millerden? [b.1889]

                                          1918 Death:  Harry Scard died at Paddington in 1918 at the recorded age of sixty-seven.  [Registered June Qtr. 1918]

                                                  His son Harry Edward Scard married at the age of twenty-three in the June Qtr. 1903 [Registered Fulham].

                     Ellen Scard  [1856-post 1881] Daughter of William Thomas Scard & his wife Elizabeth [nee Ryan];
                                                 Ellen was last found in the 1881 Census aged 24, living with her mother. 
                                                 She may have married in 1899.   No further information at the present time.