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                            William Scard                                 Maria Gale
                                              [1798-1839]                                                                      [no issue]

                                                                     Died without Issue

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                                                                           William Scard
                                                                                                                                                                    [1798 - 1839]
                                                                                                                                                         Yeoman of Eling, Hampshire
                                                                                                                                                      Spouse:  Maria Gale (No Issue)

                                                                                                                                Researched, Compiled and Written by Judith-Ann S Adams

                     1798:   William Scard was born  8th June 1798,  baptised at Eling 4th October 1799 the son of  Thomas Scard [the younger] and his wife Mary [nee Yeats] Yeoman of Eling. 
                                  William had eight siblings. 

                     1815:    William's paternal grandmother Susannah Scard [nee Benness] was buried at Eling 9th November 1815 
                                   at the recorded age of 72yrs.  John's parents were also living at Eling at this time and it is assumed John who
                                   was aged seventeen at this time had close contact with his grandmother.                    

                    1816:      William was aged eighteen  when his father died,  buried at Eling on the 21st December 1816 at the recorded aged of forty-one.  
                                   William's youngest sibling was aged three at that time.    

                    1820:      Following the death of his father, grave concerns were expressed by John's maternal uncle William Yeats Esquire of nearby
                                   Lymington regarding his younger sister, Mary Scard's financial security and the maintenance and education of her children.
                                   When outlining his Will four years later on the 11th October 1820 William went to great lengths to prevent any potential
                                   debtors of her deceased husband and any future husband she may choose to marry taking or controlling any part of her
                                   Legacy [i.e. moiety of  interest of £12,000].  Provisions were also made for any future children born to her from a possible
                                   subsequent marriage. Mary's share of the moiety was to fall to her children upon her death.
                                   William Yeats lived for a further six years.

                     1822:     William Scard married Maria Gale 1822 at St. Mary's Southampton. [Source -Hampshire Parish Clerk]

                                                                NOTE:  An isolated article published in the Hampshire Telegraph in 1823 for a 'William Scard'
                                                                  who was attacked in the performance of his duty as a Custom's Officer in the Isle of Wight. 


                                                                  William & Maria could have moved here during this time following their marriage. 
                                                                  William does not mention his occupation in his Will (1832) It is not yet proven if the article is relevant.  

                    1824:    William's grandfather Thomas Scard [the Elder] died testate, buried at Eling 29th January 1824 at the recorded age of
                    1826:    William's maternal uncle, William Yeats died in 1826 and his mother Mary inherited a huge legacy as did John and his
                                  siblings sharing in the interest of £12,000 stock & shares when they came of age.

                    1827:     By 1827 William's brothers Thomas and Edward had matriculated from Oxford University. No mention of William's education has been found. 

                    1832:     William Scard published his Will on the 16th September 1832.

                    1839:     Seven years later William Scard died testate in the December Qtr. 1839.
                                  William left his Estate, goods and chattels to his beloved widow and named sole executrix, Maria Scard for life and upon 
                                  her decease, to his brothers and sisters and their children including any monies or annuities derived from his late 
                                  maternal Uncle's Will, William Yeats [deceased 1826] from his aged mother Mary who was still living at this time. 
                                  See William's Will transcribed below.  

                    1840:   William's mother died testate in 1840, her son William predeceasing her by a few months.  
                                 His mother's Will has been Transcribed and can be found in the Biography of William's father.

                                 His wife Maria could not be found on the 1841, 1851 Census at the present time. A death recorded for 'Maria Scard'
                                 in the Dec. Qtr. 1856 [Registered at Southampton].  In view that no other known individuals could fit this description
                                 the entry may relate to William's widow, Maria Scard [nee Gale].

                                 It is unknown at this point whether William Scard died with surviving issue, the missing  census for his widow could shed
                                 some light.  Investigations are continuing. 

                      Note:  Named Executor, i.e. William's brother John Scard had predeceased William by a year.  Administration of William's
                                 Estate fell to his younger brother Henry Benness Scard on behalf of William's widow. 

                                                                                                                WILL OF WILLIAM SCARD
                                                                                                                     Yeoman of Totton, Hampshire

                                                                                                             Transcribed by JAdams and LMealy separately. 
                              In the name of God Amen on the sixth day of September one thousand eight hundred and thirty two this is my Last Will and Testament I give and bequeath 
                              to my dearly beloved wife Maria Scard all that I may be possessed at the time of my death and I hereby constitute her my whole and sole executrix  and I 
                              further give to her all that may fall to me out of the Estate of the late William Yates the interest thereof to be by her enjoyed for her life and after that to go 
                              to my brothers and sisters that may be then living or to their children after them. In Witness hereof I hereby place by hand and seal – William Scard [Signed] 
                              – Signed sealed  published pronounced and declared on the said William Scard as his last Will  and Testament in the presence of the subscribers, 
                              Edward McGurk, William Frampton [or Hampton] , Benjamin Nicholson. 
                              Probatum: On the 14th day of April 1840 Administration (with the Will annexed) of the goods chattels and credits of William Scard late of the Town County 
                                                  of theTown of Southampton deceased was granted to Henry Benness Scard the natural and lawful brother and next of kin of the said deceased
                                                  having  been first sworn by the Court duly to administer.  Maria Scard, Widow the wife of the said deceased the sole executrix and Residuary 
                                                  Legatee named in the said Will having at first [?] as well the probate and Execution thereof as Letters of Administration (with the same annexed)
                                                  of the goods of the said deceased as by the Acts of Court appears.