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James Scard [1816/19-1872] - (Michell) - (Born Gosport)
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  Scard Biographies - The Gosport, Hampshire Branch

           William Scard                   Mary Barnes
                        [1795-1869]               -               [1798-1861]  
               Tailor, of London formerly of Gosport, Hampshire, England
Above: Dorset, Christchurch, Priory Church in the 1890's Courtesy of Old UK Photos online. The Ancient Church has a history dating back to the first millennium and sits on the confluence of the Stour and Avon Rivers, the former of which runs through North Dorset where this family is believed to have been anciently cradled.

                            William Thomas Scard [1818-1873] -  (Ryan)
                            Emma Scard [1825-1826] - died in early childhood
                            Anthony Harrison Scard  [1826-1887] - (Dallman/Bruin nee Hover )
                            Mary Ann Scard [1833->1861] (Elson]

Legend:      =  Titles directly apply to James Scard [1735-1812] only
                                             Scard Biographies - The Gosport, Hampshire Branch

                                                      William Scard                   Mary Barnes
                                                                                                [1795-1869]               -               [1798-1861]  

                                                                                            Researched, Compiled and Written by Judith-Ann S Adams
                                                    with special thanks to the research of Ms.M.G.Scard -Kent [1978]  (Descendant) - displayed in maroon italics,
                                                             also to Barry Key (Descendant) for his information regarding the Barnes Family in Mauve italics
                                                          A list of other available resources open to descendants for continuing research - See after the Epilogue

1795                William Scard was baptised on the baptised at St.Thomas at Portsmouth on the 12th July 1795 together with his one year old brother Thomas, 
                        the sons of Thomas Scard [1766-1803], "a Cooper of Gosport" and his wife Elizabeth nee Bowers]. 

1803:               William was aged eight years and his brother Thomas was nine when their father died prematurely in 1803, buried at Gosport on the 
                         24th April 1803 [HBI] at the estimated age of thirty-three.

1804:         William's mother remarried the following year "His widow Elizabeth then married Henry Kirshwell of Portsmouth"
                                       -  Elizabeth Scard married Henry Kerswell [Kirshwell]  on the 28th July 1804 at Portsmouth [LDS=Bride: Seard; Groom:Kerswell]

1804:               The two brothers were separated when a year after their father's death when they were each Indentured
                                        "Thomas was bound to William Churchill of Titchfield, a boot maker on the 15th Aug. 1805 for seven years leaving Gosport and
                                           sailed for Gurnsey with his master Nov. 21st 1808. 
                                          William Scard the brother of the foregoing Thomas Scard apprenticed to Mr. Stair, a tailor of Gosport, July 10th 1808. Goes to 
                                          London with his master May 2nd 1809. Given up by his master he goes to Titchfield and is bound by Mr. Pearce for 4 years 
                                          June 17th 1812. He returned to Gosport on the 25th Aug. 1812. Leaves and goes to Gosport and works for himself August 1813.
                                          Gosport to Bristol again November 1813 or 1815. Leaves Gosport for London February 2nd 1814. Is married to Mary Barnes 
                                          June 2nd 1817"   Ms.M.G.Scard -Kent [1978] (Descendant)
                                          See more information relating to William's brother Thomas in the Epilogue of their father's biography. 

1812                  William's grandfather, James Scard "died on the 1st January 1812" testate, buried at Gosport on the 8th January 1812 [HBI] 
                          at the estimated aged 75.  Only excerpts from his Will are known.  It is not know whether his grandsons William and Thomas
                          were mentioned. 

1817:                William Scard married Mary Barnes on the 23rd June 1817 at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London. 
                          Entry from Pallot's Marriage Index [Ancestry]

                          The Bride: Mary Ann Barnes was born on the 5th February 1798, baptised 4th March 1798 at Witherslack, Westmorland,
                                              the daughter of Thomas Barnes and his wife Jennet nee Harrison. [LDS and information based on Census details]
                                              Mary had five known siblings; James b.1796; Anthony Barnes b. 1799; Sarah b. 1801; Jinny  b. 1803,
                                              & Agnus born 1805.  [These birth and baptism dates can be found at the LDS Site.] - by Barry Key
                                              Mary's lineage is annexed The Barnes Family of Westmorland- Researched and written by Barry Key [UK]. 

                                                                Note: There is extensive material at many Sites online & persons researching Mary's Family
                                                                           Contacts & Memorial Inscriptions for the Barnes & Harrison Families of Westmorland 
                                                                           can be found at URL
1818-1833:     The couple recorded only four children in fifteen years (found on the LDS); 

                                          1818              William Thomas Scard "born 16th May 1818" baptised 28th June 1818 at St. Martin in the Fields Westminster, London. 
                                                                                                 son of William & Ann [LDS].
                                          1825              Emma Scard born 2nd May 1825 baptised 12th  June 1825 at St. James Westminster, London
                                                                                                 daughter of William & Mary Ann [LDS]. 
                                          1826              Anthony Harrison Scard born 22nd Sept. 1826 baptised 26th June 1833 at St. Martin in the Fields Westminster, London. 
                                                                                                 son of William & Mary Ann [LDS]
                                          1833              Mary Ann Scard "born 3rd May 1833" baptised 26th June 1833 at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London 
                                                                                                 daughter of William & Mary Ann [LDS]

                         However Ms.M.G.Scard records eight children;
                                                                 "William Thomas Scard born 16th May 1818 - married Elizabeth Ryan of Camden Town.
                                                                    A daughter born 20th April 1820  - died.  
                                                                    A daughter born 2nd May 1822 - died 20th May 1822"
                                                                    Anthony Harrison Scard born 22nd September 1825- married Catherine Dolman 1844 St. Mary's Church
                                                                    Jasper Scard born 7th December 1827 - died 6th August 1829.   (not found at St. Martin)
                                                                    George Scard born 28th June 1830 - died August 1832.   (not found at St. Martin)
                                                                    Mary Ann Scard born 3rd May 1833"   
                                                                    Ms.M.G.Scard -Kent [1978]

1837:             William's brother Thomas visits London "Came to London with his wife from Bridgewater May 19th 1837" 
Scard Brothers
1841 Census [ages rounded] 
Hart Street, St. Paul's Covent Gardens, Westminister
William Scard, aged 45, Tailor, not born in County.
Mary Scard, aged 40, not born in County.
Anthony Scard, aged 15, born in County.
Mary Ann Scard, aged 8, born in County.
Scard Brothers
1841 Census [ages rounded] 
Hash Street, Bridgewater
Thomas Scard, aged 45, Shoemaker, born in County!
Sarah Scard, aged 47, born in County
1839             Meanwhile, two years prior, at the age of twenty-one William's eldest son William Thomas Scard married Elizabeth Ryan on the 12th may 1839 
                     at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London [LDS].  See Epilogue
1843             On the 21st August 1843 William Scard [Seard] "of Hart St. London" gave a letter of good character in the Trial of Richard Seager et al 
                     at the Old Bailey, London accused of pick-pocketing. It is not known if Richard was connected to the Gosport Seager Family, cousins to 
                     William Scard.  Nonetheless the prisoner, aged twenty-two was found guilty and sentenced to ten years transportation.  
                     Further information see Link to Trial.
1844             The following year the second of William's children, at the age of nineteen [although recorded "Full age"] Anthony Harrison Scard married
                                           Catherine Dallman, the daughter of Thomas Dallman, Printer, on the 15 Sept. 1844 at St. Mary's, Lambeth, Surrey.  
                                           Witnesses: William Scard and Mary Ann Scard (Parent or both siblings of the groom)  See Epilogue

1849:            At the age of sixteen Mary Ann Scard married Charles Ellson 22nd April, 1849 at the venue of her parent's wedding
                                                 at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London.     

1851:            Evidence that his brother Thomas returns to London found in the next census 
                                           (a death was recorded for Sarah Scard "of Napier Street" 13th Oct 1848 first thought to be the wife of Thomas Scard in the 
                                            previous Census at Somerset however the individual was aged 80 years (23 years older than Thomas)
Scard Brothers
1851 Census
22 Marshall Street, St. James, Westminister
William Scard, aged 55, Tailor, not born in County.
Mary Scard, aged 53, born Westmorland
Scard Brothers
1851 Census Curriers? Row - St. Ann Black friars Parish, Middlesex
Thomas Scard, Head, Married, aged 57yrs, Shoemaker, 
                            born Portsmouth Hampshire.
Catherine Scard, Wife, Married, aged 55yrs,
                            born Westminster St. Pauls
1853           William's brother Thomas Scard died in London 1853 estimated agedf fifty-eight. [Registered Dec. Qtr. 1853 London].
                                                Catherine his widow disappears from the census after this date.

1861           William's spouse Mary Scard [nee Barnes] died just prior to the census in 1861 at the estimated age of sixty-three. 
                                                [Registered West London June Qtr. 1861]
                                                Mary was survived by her spouse William of forty-four years marriage, her two sons; William Thomas aged 43yrs;
                                                Anthony Harrison aged 35yrs and her daughter Mary Ann Ellson [nee Scard] aged 28yrs and several grandchildren. 
1861 [Census]       Address:  26 King Street, St. James, Westminster;
                                                William Scard, [living alone], a widower, aged 66, 'Tailor' born Portsmouth, noted Deaf.

1869 [Death]                          The aging and deaf William Scard [snr.] appears to have entered the St. James Workhouse, Westminster
                                                His Death was Registered in the June Qtr. 1869 recorded aged 74yrs [Civil Index].
                                                William was buried at the Victoria Park Cemetery, Hackney, London on the 16th April 1869 
                                                His burial records him aged 74years.
                                                Burials at Victoria Park; 
                                                1867: William Scard, infant son of William Thomas Scard  & his wife Harriet [nee Litchfield] - (Grandson of William snr)
                                                1869: William Scard aged 74yrs (William senior himself)
                                                1874:  Emma Scard, aged 3 [Birth Registered December Qtr. 1871, Shoreditch] 
                                                           the daughter of William Thomas Scard [the younger] & his wife Harriet [nee Litchfield]
                                                           [the child in eutro at the time of William's grandfather's death]. - (Granddaughter of William snr)
William Thomas Scard [1818-1873] Son of William Scard & his wife Mary Ann Barnes;
                               See Biography of William Thomas Scard
Emma Scard [1823-1826]   Daughter of William Scard & his wife Mary Ann Barnes;

                              Emma was born 2nd May 1823, baptised 12th  June 1825 at St. James Westminster, London [LDS] [Ancestry = Seard]
                              Emma Scard was buried the 27th May 1826 at St. Johns The Avangelist Westminster recorded "of Willow Street" "aged 3 years"
Anthony Harrison Scard [c.1826-1887] Son of William Scard & his wife Mary Ann Barnes;

                               See Biography of Anthony Harrison Scard
Mary Ann Scard Daughter of William Scard & his wife Mary Ann Barnes;

                              Mary Ann was "born 3rd May 1833",  baptised 26th June 1833 at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London [LDS]
                  1849    At the age of sixteen Mary Ann Scard married Charles Ellson 22nd April, 1849 at St. Martin in the Fields, London. [FreeBDM]
                                         Known issue;    
                                         1850    Temperance Scard Ellson [1850-1907] was born 30th September 1850, at 4 Broad Street, Westminster,  [LDS]
                                                                            baptised 27th October, 1850 at St. James, Westminster [Reg. Dec.1850 St. James]
                                         1852    Charles Davis Ellson [1852-1890] Born 1852  [Reg. Dec. 1852 St.James]
                                         1854    Mary Ann Johanna Ellson [1854-1855] born 18th May 1854 
                                                                            baptised 11th June 1854 at St. James Westminster. [LDS]
                                                                            Mary died 1855 estimated aged 18 months [Reg. Sept. Qtr. 1855 St.James]
                  1851 Census: Address: next door to 16 Church Lane, Giles in the Field, Pinsbury;  
                                                                             Charles Ellson, Head, Married, aged 24, Light Porter at Publishers, born Essex, High Ongar. 
                                                                             Mary Ann Ellson, Wife, Married, aged 17, Waistcoat maker, born Middlesex, St. Paul, Covent Gardens
                                                                             Temperance Scard Ellson, Daughter, aged 6 months, born Middlesex, St. James. 
                              1956                Charles Ellson died prematurely in 1856 estimated aged. [Reg. March Qtr. 1856-St.James]
                                                      Mary Ann's mother [nee Barnes] was living at this time but died early1861

                              1861 Census: No. 8 Dufour's Place, St. James, Westminster, London
                                                                              Mary Ann Ellson, Head, Widow, aged 27, Needlewoman, born Middlesex, Covent Garden
                                                                              Temperance Ellson, Daughter, aged 10, born Westminster
                                                                              Charles Ellson, Son, aged 8, born Westminster.

                              Several options were found for Mary Ann's outcome:  
                              Several tenuous threads were found in a death recorded in the March Qtr. 1868 for Mary Ann Elson aged 36 [b.1832] 
                              [Registered Hackney, Middlesex] and a possible marriage to Joseph Perry in 1866 found with several children in the 
                              1871 census recorded aged 37yrs [b.1834] followed by a subsequent burial under that name and age,  of which none have
                               been confidently accepted here.  

                              Temperance:   1871 Census:  Temperance Scard, Servant aged 20yrs Draper's assistant for Richard Nutman, born St.James, Middlesex
                                                        1877                 Temperance Scard Ellson (now aged 25yrs) married William Henry Felix Brown a wholesale warehouseman 
                                                                                  & Commercial Traveler at St John Deptford, Kent 27th Oct 1877 
                                                                                 Witnesses: Chas Davies Elson (her brother) and Ellen Wentworth
                                                                                 The union brought no children.  
                                                        1909                 Temperance died without issue in 1906 recorded aged 55yrs. [Reg. June Qtr. 1906 Lambeth]

                              Charles:           1871 Census:  Charles Davis Ellson was recorded in the 1871 Census, aged 18, a draper's assistant in London for John Hall. 
                                                        1881                 Charles was recorded [Ellison] in the 1881 Census working as a draper's assistant in London for James Harris.
                                                        1890                 Charles Davies Ellison died in the June Qtr 1890 recorded aged 37yrs [Registered Croydon]
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