Scard Family           
                                                                                   William Thomas Scard
                                                                                                            Coachman, of London
                                                                                         Spouse 1:  Harriet Litchfield Hilton [1844-1880]
                                                                                         Spouse 2:  Ann Shed [c.1847-post 1901]

                     1819 Birth;    William Thomas Scard was born 20th July 1840, baptised 6th Sept. 1840  St. Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury, London
                                            the eldest son of  William Thomas Scard by his wife Elizabeth nee Ryan.  

        Family:          William's parents were married 12th May 1839  St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London. 
                                            William had six siblings;  
                                                     George Charles Scard born 22nd January 1843 Windmill Lane, Tottenham Court Road,
                                                                                 baptised 23rd Feb 1851St. Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury, London.
                                                                                 Married & had issue. 
                                                     Elizabeth Scard Birth Registered Sept. Qtr. 1845.  Born Strand, London 
                                                                                 Died unmarried & without issue aged 78, Greenwich, London.
                                                     Hannah Scard [1848-1919] born 14th May 1848,  baptised 23rd Feb. 1851 St. Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury, London.
                                                                                 Never married Died June Qtr. 1919 aged 70yrs. Godstone. [Surrey].
                                                     Harry Scard [1850-1918] born 2nd October 1850, baptised 23rd Feb. 1851 at St. Thomas  Charterhouse, Finsbury, London.
                                                                                 Married & had issue.
                                                     Prudence Emma Scard [1853-1858], born 6th October 1853, 
                                                                                 baptised 30th Oct. 1853 St. Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury, London.
                                                                                 Died 1858 aged five years. [Death Registered London Dec. Qtr. 1858]
                                                     Ellen Scard [1857-post 1881] Birth registered Sept. Qtr. 1856 London City.
                                                     Mary Scard [1859-1865?] Birth registered Dec. Qtr. 1858 London City.
                                                                                Mary may have died March Qtr. 1865 as Mary Ann Scard [Registered London City]

        1841 Census:  Address: Windmill Street, St. Pancras, London. 
                                                             William Scard, aged 20, Tailor,  born in County [Middlesex] – Note ages rounded in this census – aged 20-25yrs. 
                                                             Elizabeth Scard, aged 20, born in  County. 
                                                             William Scard, aged 10 months. Born in County. 

                     1851 Census:    The family has not been found at the present time. 

                     1859-60:            A newspaper clipping was found for a William Scard in London relating to what appears to be a boyish prank 
                                               resulting  in a visit to the Old Bailey London in 1859.
                                               It is not known if this is relevant. 
                                               See Unplaced Scard Newspaper Articles & Miscellaneous. 

        1861 Census: Address - No. 11, 12 & 13 Gresham Street;  sharing with 25 others male & female single.  
                                             William Scard, Porter, Unmarried, age 18, Occupation [..illegible Confer? ] Warehouse, born London, St.Giles.
                                             [Appearing above was Samuel Lodgewick, Head,  Married, age 33, Warehouseman [born London]  with wife & family 
                                              + servant at No. 10 Gresham Street, who may have been his employer.]

                     1866:  Marriage 1:  
                                             William Thomas Scard married Harriet L Hilton Registered in the March Qtr. 1866 at Lambeth [Surrey/London]

                                                        Harriet Litchfield Hilton [1844-1880] was born at Westmingster, London in 1844 the daughter of Charles Hilton, 
                                                        a Tailor and his wife Eliza.
                                                        Harriet had seven known siblings and her family appears to have been resident in London since at least 1827.
                                                                               1851 Census: Address 10 Flouley? Place, Lambeth, Surrey.
                                                                               Charles Hilton, Head, Married, aged 47, Town ..ler [possibly Traveler?] born Chathan, Kent.
                                                                               Eliza Hilton, Wife, Married aged 46, Domestic Duties, born Andover, Hants. 
                                                                               Eliza Lichfield Hilton, Daughter, aged 11, Scholar, born  Westminster, St. John
                                                                               Mary Ann Hilton, Daughter, aged 9 Scholar, born Westminster, St. John
                                                                               Harriet Ld Hilton, Daughter, aged 7, Scholar, born Westminster, St. John
                                                                               Henry Ld Hilton, Son, aged 5, born Westminster, St. John
                                                                               1841 Census: Address: Regent Street, Westminster, Middlesex, St.John the Evangelist.  
                                                                               Charles Hilton, aged 35, Tailor, not born in County.
                                                                               Eliza Hilton, aged 35, not born in County.
                                                                               Charles Hilton, aged 14, born in County. 
                                                                               William Hilton, aged 10, born in County
                                                                               John Hilton, aged 8, born in County
                                                                               George Hilton, aged 3, born in County
                                                                               Eliza Hilton, aged 1, born in County
                                                                               John Davis, aged 18, Apprentice Tailor, born in County.

                              William & Harriet appear to have settled at Shoreditch, London after their marriage where they recorded 
                              the following issue;
                                                  William Scard born 1867 [Registered June Qtr 1867 Shoreditch] - died June Qtr. 1867 [Registered Shoreditch]
                                                  Buried VictoriaPark Cem. 1867.
                                                  Charles Henry Scard born 1868 [Reg. March Qtr 1868 Shoreditch] - died June Qtr. 1869 recorded aged 1 year  [Reg. Shoreditch] 
                                                  Harriet Scard born 1869 [Registered Sept. Qtr. 1869 Shoreditch] - spinster aged 32 in 1901.
                                                  Emma Scard born 1871 [Registered Dec. Qtr. 1871 Shoreditch] - died December Qtr. 1874 recorded aged 3yrs [Reg. Shoreditch]
                                                  Buried VictoriaPark Cem. of 6 Earl St. Finsbury, 31st October, 1869 recorded aged 3.
                                                  William A Scard born 1872 [Census] last recorded 1881 Census aged 9yrs.
                                                  * Note:  The two former baptisms attributed to William & Harriet based on their daughter Harriet known to be born 
                                                                at Shoreditch, that the time frame fits into their marriage & that Harriet's father was named 'Charles'
                                                                Two other baptisms at Shorditch could apply, both infants having died before the next census 
                                                                 but as William's 1st Cousin Anthony Scard was also recording issue during this time, the first two entries above
                                                                were felt the only entries which could be placed with any degree of certainty.

                    1869                William's aging and deaf William Scard [snr.] died in the St. James Workhouse, Westminster. 
                                            His Death was Registered in the June Qtr. 1869 at the recorded age of 73 yrs [Civil Index].
                                            He was buried at the VictoriaPk Cemetery, Hackney, London on the 16th April 1869
                                            His burial records him aged 74years. 
                                            He lies in the same graveyard as William & Harriet's above named children William [jnr - an infant] & later Emma [aged 3].

                     1871 Census Address: 9 Earl Street, St.Leonard, Moorfields, Hackney, London; [Ancestry=Scara]
                                             William Thomas Scard, Head, aged 30, Coachman, born Westminister [St.James]
                                             Harriet L. Scard, Wife, aged 26, born Westminster
                                             Harriet Scard, Daughter, age 1, born Shoreditch.
                                             Meanwhile William's parent's or brother Harry could not be found in the prior Census 1851 & 1861. 
                                             However by 1871 they were found at No. 19 Philip’s Lane, St. Alphage, [Cripplegate within] London; 
                                                            William Scard, Head, Married, aged  52, Tailor, born Middlesex, City of London.  [born 1819]
                                                            Elizabeth Scard, Wife, Married,  aged 55, born Middlesex, St.Martins in the Field. 
                                                            Harry Scard, Son, Unmarried, aged  20, Stationer’s Clerk, born Middlesex, City of London. 

                    1878:  Father's death;

                                             William's father, William Scard [the elder] lived a further seven years and was recorded died in London 
                                             His death was registered in the Dec. Qtr. 1878 at the recorded age of 60 years.   [Registered: Greater London] 
                    1878                 William's brother Harry Scard [1850-1918] - Married Mary Ann E Manning in 1878 by whom he had issue.
                                             [See Epilogue] 

                    1880  Wife Harriet dies; 
                                            Harriet Scard died under the name Harriet Litchfield Scard in the Sept. Qtr. 1880 recorded aged 36 years. 
                                            [Registered Kensington]

                    1881 Census:  Address - 4 C Arch Eastbourne  Mews 
                                                             William ‘I or J’ Scard, Head, Widower, age 40, Coachman,  born London.
                                                             Harriet Scard, Daughter, age 11, Scholar, born Finsbury. [Born 1870]
                                                             William A Scard, Son, age 9, Scholar, born Finsbury.  [born 1872]

                     1882:Marriage 2; 
                                    William Thomas Scard married Ann Shed March Qtr. 1882 [Registered St. George Hanover Square, London]      

                                              Issue:   Bolena Eliza H. Scard born 1883 [Registration not found]
                                                           Thomas Shed Scard born 1885 [Registered Dec. Qtr. 1885 Paddington]
                                                           Arthur Harold Scard born 1887 [Registered Sept. Qtr. 1887 Paddington]
                                                           See Epilogue for more information. 

                     1891 Census: Address: 19 Dorchester? Place, Paddington, London;
                                             William T. Scard, Head, Married, age 50, Coachman/Groom, born London, St.James. 
                                              Ann Scard, Wife, Married, age 44, born London, The Strand. 
                                              Harriet Scard, Daughter, Single, age [blotched], Clerk G.P.O., born London, Shoreditch.
                                              Robina E.H. Scard, Daughter, age 8, born Paddington
                                              Thomas Scard, Son, age 5, born Paddington
                                              Arthur H. Scard, Son, age 3, born Paddington. 

                     1899: William's Death; 
                                              William Thomas Scard died March Qtr. 1899 aged 58 years. [Reg. Hendon [Middlesex]]]


                        Ann Scard [nee Shed] : 2nd Wife of William Thomas Scard; 

                        1901 Census:  Address: No. 36 Marquess Road, Islington;  
                                                  Ann Scard, Head, Widow, aged 55, 2nd Class Clerk Assistant, Gen. Dept. GPO, born London, St. Martins in the Field. 
                                                  Harriette Scard, Daughter, single, aged 31, 2nd Class Clerk Assistant, Gen. Dept. GPO, born London, Shoreditch.
                                                  Bolena Scard, Daughter, single, aged 18, Telephone Operator, Born Paddington. 
                                                  Thomas Scard, son, aged 15, Cabinet maker apprentice, born Paddington.
                                                  Arthur Scard, son, aged 13, Chemist's errand boy, born Paddington
                                                  Margaret Dixon, visitor, single, aged 18, Telephone Operator, GPO, born London, Holborn.

                     Harriet Scard [1869-?] Daughter of William Thomas Scard & his 1st wife Harriet Litchfield Scard [nee Hilton];

                                          Harriet was last recorded unmarried in 1901 Census aged 32yrs.  Nothing further is known at the present time.  

                     William A Scard [1872-?] Son of William Thomas Scard & his 1st wife Harriet Litchfield Scard [nee Hilton];
                                         Outcome unknown.

                     Bolena Eliza H. Scard [b.1883] daughter of William Thomas Scard & his 2nd wife Ann Shed;
                                         married Frank Partridge in the September Qtr. 1908 by whom she had issue. 

                     Thomas Shed Scard [born 1885] Son of William Thomas Scard by his 2nd wife Ann nee Shed; 

                                         Married Daisy Florence Cask in the December Qtr. 1909 [Registered Islington] by whom he had issue.

                     Arthur Harold Scard [b.1889] Son of William Thomas Scard & his 2nd wife Ann Shed.

                                        Married Winifred Elizabeth Woodhan in the Sept. Qtr. 1911 [Registered Farnham [Hampshire]] by whom he had issue.

                     Harry Scard: [1850-1918] Brother of William Thomas Scard;

                                                                 Harry Scard married Mary Ann E Manning [1855-1901]
                                                                 [Marriage Registered Dec. Qtr. 1878]
                                          Known issue; 
                                                                  Harry E Scard born 1880
                                                                  Arthur G Scard born 1883
                                                                  Frederick C Scard born 1887
                                                                  Joseph I Scard born 1889 

                                          1881 Census:  Harry Scard, age 30, 7 Elcom Street, Paddington, London, a Commercial Clerk, born St.Faith's City.
                                                                  Mary A. E. Scard, aged 26, born London. 
                                                                  Harry E. Scard, age 1, born Paddington.

                                          1891 Census: Not found at the present time.  

                                          1901 Death of Mary Ann E. Scard [nee Manning]; 
                                                                  Mary Ann E. died March Qtr. 1901 aged 46 yrs. [Registered Paddington]
                                                                  Mary was survived by her spouse Harry Scard of twenty-three years marriage and her four children; 
                                                                  Harry E, aged 21yrs; Arthur G. aged 18yrs; Frederick C, aged 14yrs and Joseph I, aged 12 years.  
                                          1901 Census:  Address:3 Presland Street, Paddington; 
                                                                  Harry Scard, Widower, aged 50, Cerk, Worker, born London City.
                                                                  Harry E. Scard, son, single, aged 21, Builder's Labourer, Worker, born London, Paddington [b.1880]
                                                                  Arthur G Scard, son single, aged 18, Bottle washer cellar, Worker, born Middlesex, Millesden? [b.1883]
                                                                  Frederick C Scard, aged 14, born London Newsington? [b.1887]
                                                                  Joseph I Scard, aged 12, born Middlesex, Millerden? [b.1889]

                                          1918 Death of Harry Scard; 
                                                                  Harry Scard died at Paddington in 1918 at the recorded age of sixty-seven.  [Registered June Qtr. 1918]