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Researched, compiled and written by Judith S Adams ©2006
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Iwerne Minster, Iwerne Courtney (Shroton), Shillingstone, Fiddleford)
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The Family Legend
"That one of our ancestors was very wealthy, and that subsequently
                part of the Family's Wealth was lost in a card game."
                Submitted by a descendant of Charles Scard (son of James Scard of Henstridge)
               There is evidence to suggest the truth of this legend in every respect

Above: The Shroton Mill (at end of walkway) and Fiddleford Manor (at back). Courtesy of Wikipedia

                  James Scard                              Jane Porter 
                            [1801-1879]                                                 [1801-1880]
                                                       of Henstridge, Somerset 
                 formerly of Reading, Berkshire, born Fiddleford, Baptised at Milford Hampshire. 
Above: Artist's impression of a Post Boy in England around 1860's the occupation of James Scard
before he moved to Henstridge. Courtesty of the Collections of Edward Goodall by various artists
                                                     **   Abridged Version  **
                                                          Recent Updates in blue text
Born on his wealthy grandfather’s  Estate at Fiddleford, Dorset in 1801 and baptized 4th Nov 1804 
with  the annotation “age 3 years” at Milford, Hampshire, the son of John Scard and his wife 
Jane (nee Abraham).  Evidence suggests  that his father John was in this vicinity in relation to an 
advertisement for the lease of a Mill at Damerham near  Ringwood, Hampshire earlier that year.  
Another  Scard Family was living at Ringwood who also recorded the baptism of a  child in 1804.  
Soon after his parents returned to the primary  Scard Estate at Shroton, where his mother died 
four months later. His widowed  father remarried in 1812 near Dorchester but was recorded in 
Wiltshire in 1818  where he boasted leasing a Mill at Henstridge in 1798.  James was recorded in 
several documents  during his adolescence, once spending time in Dorchester Prison in  relation 
to a Bastardy Order for the illegitimate child of Maria Legg at  Dorchester.  The Prison Record 
notes a description of James. After his father’s death in 1825,  James worked as a ‘Post Boy’ 
delivering mail to various areas during which time  he formed at relationship with Jane Porter
of Tunworth, Hampshire whom he  married in 1830 at nearby Reading, Berkshire and where several
issue were baptized.  James was blinded around 1834 and moved to Henstridge, Somerset with his 
family where several more children were born.   James lived out his life with his wife and children, 
a blind pauper  until his death in 1879 at the age of  seventy-nine.  An Inquest was held at that time
 resulting in the Verdict “died by visitation of God”. His widow died the  following year. Their 
descendants are now scattered over the globe.  FULL BIOGRAPHY with images see panel below
                                                                                           Scard Biographies

                                                                              James Scard                     Jane Porter
                                                                                 [1801-1879]                                [1801-1880] 
                                                    of Henstridge, Somerset - formerly of Reading, Berks - born Fiddleford - baptised Milford.
                                                                                           Researched, compiled and written by Judith S Adams (great-great-granddaughter - Site author)©2006

1801-12:    Childhood & Family:  The son of John Scard and his wife Jane nee Abraham James Scard was born in 1801 at the Scard Family Estate at Fiddleford 
                 and baptised three years later at Milford, Hampshire viz;

                                           "James Scard son of John and Jane baptised 4th November 1804 with the annotation "aged 3 yrs""[4]
                                                                                                                              Hampshire Genealogical Society (Hampshire Baptisms)

                 This event was precipitated by a tumultuous period in his father's life. Disinherited in his father's Will in 1796 he moved to Henstridge, Somerset where he 
                 leased a Mill at an exorbitant rental in 1797 for twelve months. By 1798 he had returned to the Scard Family Estates in Dorset where a son John was born in
                 1799, followed by the death of his mother in early 1800.  John fared better in his mother's Will but seems to have lost the Estate at Iwerne Minster which 
                 was bequeathed to him. His siblings were the major legatees in both Wills.  It was at this point that James was born in 1801. 

                 His parent's appearance at Milford during this time appears to have been connected to an Advertisement in the Salisbury & Winchester Journal five months
                 earlier 7th May 1804 relating to the Sale of a Mill and small farm at Damerham with reference to contacting "Mr. Scarde at 'Windmills' near Ringwood"[9] .
                 British Newspapers Archive online (Subscribed Website) See full transcription details in the Biography of James's father - John Scard.

                 There was another Scard Family living at Ringwood at this time, who had a child 'Henry' who was also baptised in 1804 [See Notes after Epilogue]. There is some
                 evidence hinting that John was related to this Ringwood Family. The evidence is lengthy and weaves a web of intrigue to challenge all Scard Family Descendants.
                 See notes after Epilogue
                  Within four months of these events the family had again returned to the Scard Family Estates at Shroton where James's mother died prematurely early 1805.

                 This event prompted James's father to continue his migratory pattern with his children, firstly at Spetisbury where evidence suggests James's youngest sister 
                 Elizabeth was left in the care of with their mother's married sister Ursula Loader where she married ten years later [1815] . The reduced family continued to 
                 Fordington near Dorchester where his father married in 1809 followed three years later by his only remaining sister Harriet who married at adjacent Dorchester
                 in 1812.  It is assumed that James, by now aged eleven and his brother John, now aged thirteen were living with their father under the care of their sister 
                 Harriet during the interim. For more detail of this events see the Biography of James's Parents. 

1813-1821: James's stepmother appears to have taken ill and leaving his sons at Dorchester his father journeyed to Salisbury Hospital where she was admitted 1816.
                  The couple were recorded at Salisbury in 1818 at recorded with no children living with them at that time.  Young James also arrives at Salisbury Hospital in 
                  July 1821 discharged in August, however further documents show that the previous year young James had fathered an illegitimate child by Eliza Legg whom
                  brought about a Bastardy Order in 1820 through the Overseers of the Poor at Dorchester.  Although the document states that the sex of the infant was male
                  "lately Born in the Parish of All Saints.  However Investigations revealed the baptism of 'Eliza Legg' illegitimate child of Maria Legg on the 21st July 1820, 
                  four days before the date of the Order. 
                                                                   Access Full Document - Transcription of Bastardy Order dated 14th July 1820  [5]
                  Evidence suggests that James may have absconded to Wiltshire when and if the Order had been served. Since no extradition papers were found in Wiltshire
                  to imply James had been removed by habeas corpus it can be inferred that in the six month period between August 1820 and March 1821 James returned to 
                  Dorchester where he was 'taken up' to answer to the Charges.  James was Committed to Dorchester Prison for a period of five months from 29 March, 1821
                  and discharged 8th August after compliance to the original Order was likely agreed. 
                  James was described aged nineteen [i.e. born around 1801]; 5ft 5inches tall; black hair; haxel eyes and fair complexion, he had a mole on his right cheek.
                                                                               left page           right page (click to enlarge)
                  Maria Legg died three years later, buried at All Saints, Dorchester on the 23rd May 1823 at the recorded age of twenty-four.  No satisfactory outcome has 
                  been found for their daughter except perhaps a tenuous thread found on the 1841 Census for Eliza Legg born born c.1820, an agricultural labourer, resident 
                  at the Workhouse at St. Peters Dorchester.

1822-1839: During the following years James followed the rather 'glamorous' occupation of 'Post Boy' (see image top panel) in which it is assumed carried some degree of
                 basic literacy skills at this latter period of the profession (See further information for 'Post Boy' after Epilogue). Following the death of his father at Stalbridge, Dorset 
                 in 1825 James, by then aged twenty-six appears within the next two years to have formed a relationship with Jane Porter, of Tunworth, Nth Hampshire 
                 (8m S of Reading, Berkshire) resulting in a pregnancy conceived around Christmas 1829.  Four months later James Scard married Jane Porter 25th April 1830 at 
                 Reading Berkshire. They settled at Reading for some years, close to Jane’s sister Elizabeth Davis who was living with her husband James, a printer and 
                 their young family.  Jane Porter was baptised at Tunworth 1801[6] the daughter of John Porter [1762-1804] and his wife Ann (nee Field) [6]. Tunworth is a very 
                 small Hamlet. not unlike Fiddleford where James was born. Jane's Lineage extends several generations. See the Porter Family of Tunworth, Hampshire.

                 During this time James was to hear of the deaths of several of his family; 
                 His father John Scard died  buried at Stalbridge on the 13th November 1825 at the recorded age of sixty five.
                 His brother was buried at nearby Milbourne on the 29th April 1830, his age recorded as 34 years.
                 His sister Harriet Vincent (nee Scard) was buried Dewlish on the 27th July 1830, recorded aged 42 years.

                 James had only one sibling remaining, his sister Elizabeth Masterman (nee Scard) who had settled at Spetisbury with her husband William. 

1839-44     The couple had eight children in all, six sons of whom the eldest James (1830); John (1833) and Henry (1836) with their two sisters Elizabeth aka 
                 Betsey (1831) and Harriet (1836) were baptised at St. Giles, Reading, Berkshire and the remaining four children born at Henstridge. 
                              James Scard bapt 17th Dec 1830 St. Giles Reading, Berkshire [6] - see Epilogue
                              Elizabeth bapt 27th Nov 1831 [Chard]  St. Giles, Reading, Berkshire [6]  - see Epilogue
                              John Scard bapt 21st July 1833 St. Giles, Reading, Berkshire [6] - see Epilogue
                              Henry Scard baptised 13th Sept 1835 St. Giles Reading, Berkshire [6]  - see Epilogue
                              Harriet Scard bapt 30th Oct 1836 St. Giles Reading, Berkshire [6]  - see Epilogue
                              Charles Scard bapt 5th May 1839 St. Nicholas Henstridge [6] - see Epilogue
                              George Scard bapt 6th March 1842 St. Nicholas Henstridge [by inference - see census] - see Epilogue
                              Alfred Scard bapt 1st Sept 1844 St Nicholas Henstridge [by inference - see census]  - see Epilogue

                  It appears that James was blinded around 1834 and it is very likely that the move from Reading to Henstridge between 1836-1839 was very likely prompted 
                  by the Overseers of the Poor at Reading since James was relatively new to the Parish (six years) and the normal process is that a long term dependants are 
                  the responsibility of the Parish from whence they originated. Since during the 1841 and 1851 Census clearly implies that James believed he was born at 
                  Henstridge, Somerset, likely misled by his father's tales of the Henstridge Mill rental in 1798.  Nonetheless it would appear that James and his family were
                  moved probably to the relief of the Overseers of the Poor of the long term burden to the Parish of Reading.    

1839-1847:  From Reading, Berkshire the family made the journey 69 miles WSW, very likely by coach, arriving at Henstridge settling in High Street, five houses
                  down from the corner of Stillwell Lane. There were fifty-four houses in the street, the other end of which at the Village Church Farm which lay on
                  this corner. Still in High Street (per Census) back two doors from the Church sat a small School Room where 30 year-old bachelor John Balster, took on 
                  students. There is later documented evidence to support their eldest son James could both read and write and that these literary skills very likely also 
                  extended to his siblings.  
                      Excerpts from the History of Henstridge"; 
                      "Education -    There was a school room at Henstridge by 1813.  By 1833 120 children attended in a new room east of the vicarage house
                                            solely supported by the Vicar. By 1846 there were two day schools operating in the township with 109 children attending, 
                                            both supported entirely  by the vicar.  A National School bus was built in 1872. [8] British History Online
                   The first documented evidence of the family at Henstridge was the baptism of their sixth child Charles at St. Nicholas 5th May 1839 and then two years
                   later during the 1841 Census where it is revealed that James is convinced he was born at Henstridge;
                     Address:  Henstridge, Somerset
  James Scard, aged 40, [occupation] Blind Pauper - Born in county (i.e. Somerset) 
  Jane Scard, aged 40 - not born in [this] County
  James Scard, aged 10 - not born in [this] County
  Elizabeth Scard, aged 9 - not born in [this] County
  John Scard, aged 8 - not born in [this] County
  Henry Scard, aged 6 - not born in [this] County
  Harriot Scard, aged 4 - not born in [this] County
  Charles Scard, aged 2- Born in county (i.e. Somerset)

1848-49:       Deaths of James's only daughters:  On the 16th February 1848 Elizabeth aka Betty was buried at St. Nicholas, Henstridge 'recorded' age 16years" 
                    Twenty months later her sister Harriet died, buried at the same venue 18th November 1849 'recorded' age 13 years"
                    At this time a Death Certificate by the attending doctor was mandatory. The registered copy has not been ordered at this point in time. At Harriet's
                    death her siblings would have been aged; James 19, John 17, Henry 15, Charles 11 and Alfred nine. 

Two years later: 1851 Census (30th June): Address:  Henstridge, Somerset where James still believes his birthplace to be Henstridge.

  James Scard, Head, Married, aged 50, [occupation] Formerly Post Boy, [Born] Somerset, Henstridge, [impairment] Blind
  James Scard, Wife, Married, aged 50, [Born] Hants, Tunworth
  Henry Scard, Son, aged 16, [occupation] Baker, [Born] Berkshire, Reading
  Charles Scard, Son, aged 11, [Born] Somerset, Henstridge
  George Scard, Son, aged 9, [Born] Somerset, Henstridge
  Alfred Scard, Son, aged 6, [Born] Somerset, Henstridge
                           In this Census two children are unaccounted at home;
                                 -  Son John now aged eighteen was working as a Servant at 'West Mill', Stalbridge, Dorset with Robert Moore, a Miller 
                                     and Farmer and his family.  
                                 -  Son James was working as a Labourer on a farm at Titchfield, Hampshire a small village about 6m of Southampton,
                                    and 50 m West of Henstridge.  James was recorded aged 17yrs, born Reading, Berkshire. The property was run by 
                                    Richard Woodridge who farmed some 950 acres, employing 52 labourers. 

                    NOTE:    By contrast James's elder sister Elizabeth Masterman (nee Scard) now aged sixty-two and still living at Spetisbury with her family 
                                  records her birthplace as Fiddleford 

The revelation: The appearance of their eldest son young James' in Hampshire, was six miles from where James's first Cousin Eliza Brownsea [nee Scard] 
                      had lived for many years. Eliza was the daughter James's paternal uncle who had inherited the Family Mill at Shroton in 1800. Whilst Eliza
                      sister Carolyn had remained at the Mill with her husband Charles Burt, Eliza had moved to Hampshire where her sons were recorded in 
                      this census adopting the family trade of milling and baking. Although young James appears to have been learning the skills of  farming at 
                      this time, six years later he was also recorded as a Miller and Baker and it is possible that he was living with his cousin Eliza and her sons
                      before, during and after this time learning the trade with his cousins until his migration to Australia in 1857. It is here that young James
                      very likely passed on the information homeward that his father had indeed been born at Fiddleford. 

1857:             Son Charles now aged eighteen was indicted for stealing several articles from his brother John who was seven years older. It would be likely 
                     that John was unaware of his brother's guilt at the time but events running their course under police action the following indictment was 
                     made. Wells Journal 17th Jan 1857: "Charles scard, 18 and Benjamin Beaton, 20, labourers, were indicted for stealing a box containing 
                     wearing apparel and gold and silver to  the amount of 4 pounds, the property of John Scard at Henstridge on the 24th  December.  
                     Mr. Thring prosecuted. It was  admitted by Beaton that Charles Scard had given him some of the money taken  from the box, and Charles 
                     Scard took a policeman to a hedge, where he had hid  his brother’s (the prosecutor’s) purse, which then contained above 3 pounds in gold 
                     and silver. The prisoners were both found guilty. Charles Scard was sentenced to six months and Beaton to four months hard labour [9] . 
                     Source: Original Newspaper Clipping can be found at UK Newspapers Archive online
                    The same year their eldest son James immigrates to Sydney, Australia.  The Shipping records for the 'Beejapore'  state that James was the
                     son of "James and Jane Scard residing at Henstridge, Somerset", that his religion was CofE, that he could read and write and that he paid 
                     10/- (subsidized) for the voyage. It also records that James is to meet his uncle John Low who was already in the Colony. The week James 
                     arrived he place an advertisement in the Sydney Papers for his uncle.  
              immigration record1856        click on image to enlarge
                          images courtesy of, NSW State Records and National Library Australia
                    The following year James married Mary Candy of Wilton, Wiltshire in Sydney,  Mary had immigrated on the same ship 'Beejapore'  with 
                    her brother George. The identity of James's uncle is being investigated.  Further information see Epilogue.

Meanwhile   Sons John and Charles both married and were living at Henstridge - see expanded details in Epilogue.  
1861 Census:  (7th April) Address:  Henstridge, Somerset when James reveals for the first time his birth at Fiddleford. 

  James Scard, Head, Married, aged 60, [occupation] none, [Born] Dorset, Fiddleford, [impairment] Blind
  Jane Scard, Wife, Married, aged 60, [occupation] laundress, [Born] Hants, Tunworth
  George Scard, Son, aged 19, [occupation] Agricultural Labourer, [Born] Somerset, Henstridge
  Alfred Scard, son, aged 16, [occupation] Agricultural Labourer, [Born] Somerset, Henstridge
           Living in the same house or next door was James and Jane's son and his young family; 
           Charles Scard, Head, Married,aged 22,  [occupation] Agricultural Labourer,  [Born] Somerset, Henstridge
                                    Fanny Scard, Head, Married,aged 22,  [occupation] Glover,  [Born] Dorset, Stalbridge
                                    George Scard, Son, aged 8 months, [Born] Somerset, Henstridge
                            It is assumed that Fanny was working and Jane (grandmother) was helping looking after their small son.

                    NOTE:    Now the two siblings are in accord:   James and his sister Elizabeth Masterman (nee Scard) now aged seventy-two 
                                  and still living at Spetisbury with her family also records her birthplace as Fiddleford.  

          NOTE:    James's elder sister Elizabeth Masterman living at Spetisbury with her family also records her birthplace as Fiddleford 

1871 Census:   (2nd April) Address:  Henstridge, Somerset

    James Scard, Head, Married, aged 70, [occupation] none, [Born] Dorset, Fiddleford, [impairment] Blind 34 years
    Jane Scard, Wife, Married, aged 70, [occupation] seamstress, [Born] Hants, Tunworth
    George Scard, Son, aged 29, [occupation] Agricultural Labourer, [Born] Somerset, Henstridge
    John Meatyard, Lodger, aged 20, [occupation] Agricultural Labourer, [Born] Somerset, Henstridge
            Son Charles was living a few doors away with his young family - See Epilogue

                    NOTE:    James Elizabeth Masterman (nee Scard) now recorded aged eighty and still living at Spetisbury also continues to 
                                   record her birthplace as Fiddleford.  Elizabeth died the following year - Further reading: see Epilogue in her father's biography. 

1879:      James Scard dies - The Inquest:   James died at his home in High Street, Henstridge, buried at St. Nicholas Church of that Parish
               on the 16th July 1879 at the recorded age of seventy-nine following a post mortem held the previous day, published in the Western Gazette
               "Sudden Death – An inquest was held at the Bird-in-hand Inn on Wednesday on the body of James Scard aged 79.  Deceased retired to bed 
                                          on Sunday night, apparently in good health and early on Monday morning was discovered by his wife to be dead.  No evidence
                                          could be adduced to show the cause of death. The jury returned a verdict of “Death by the  visitation of God.”              .
               His widow Jane Scard (nee Porter)  of forty-nine years marriage survived him a further nine months, buried at St. Nicholas Henstridge 
               on the 20th April 1880  recorded aged 79 years.
                  Trivia:  Considering that there is no apparent hereditary cause of Blindness in the Scard Lineage we might dare guess this affliction might have been the
                               result of an accident.  James worked closely with horses in his occupation of 'Post Boy',   By co-incidence James eldest son James had immigrated 
                               to Sydney, Australia in 1858 and the following incident was published in the local papers 16th Oct 1861. "Accidents:  On Wednesday last, as a man 
                               named Scard (proved to be the son of James Scard of Henstridge) in the employ of Mr. Muir of Dobie Street (Grafton) was trying to force a horse to drink at 
                               the river. The animal began to kick and plunge and in striking out, struck Scard on the left eye, inflicting a frightful wound.  The head of the 
                               suffer having been dressed by Dr. Little, the patient is now a fair way in recovery." [7] The parallel is tenuous, but perhaps food for thought. 
                   Trivia:  A rare family photograph Jame's eldest son James (the younger) who migrated to Australia shows he smoked a pipe.  It is possible that his father
                               also enjoyed the habit.

Child 1:                                              James Scard [the younger] [1830-1872]

    Baptised 17th December 1830 St. Giles Reading, Berkshire the eldest son of James Scard and his wife Jane nee Porter
    James immigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1857 per  'Beejapore'. He married Mary Candy, daughter of Isaac Candy and 
    his wife Elizabeth nee Gerrish of Wilton, Wiltshire who immigrated on the same ship 'Beejapore' with her brother George.  
    The couple married five months after arrival and settled on the NSW North Coast at Grafton where they had four children;
        Harriet Scard born 1858, Grafton, NSW, Australia – died in infancy
        William James Scard born 1859, Grafton, NSW, Australia - married twice & had issue by both spouses. 
        Alfred Henry Scard born 1862, Grafton, NSW, Australia - married & had issue.
        Geraldine Scard aka Theresa born 1862, Grafton, NSW, Australia 
                              - a young nurse, died after contracting Typhoid Fever "in the performance of her duties" aged 20yrs - unmarried. 
    Evidence suggests that Mary was brought up in a family of shopkeepers in which occupation she was later a success.  
    The couple appear mismatched.  James deserted his wife and three young surviving children around 1869.  Although Family 
                                   Legend implies he left Australia to work with horses owned by the East India Company, evidence suggests that he remarried
                                   in Sydney and moving further west had two further children before his premature death at the age of forty-two.
                                   See full story: Biography of James Scard [1830-1872?] of NSW, formerly of Henstridge, Somerset 
 Image: James Scard [1830-1872?]  - Click on image to enlarge 
Child 2:  (Deceased)                                       Elizabeth Scard (aka Betty & 'Betsey') [1832-1848]

                  Elizabeth was baptised 27th Nov 1831 daughter of James & Jane Chard! at St. Giles, Reading, Berkshire.
                  She is considered to have been the namesake of James's sister Elizabeth Masterman [nee Scard] [1788-1872]  who James appears to have stayed 
                  at Spetisbury during his early adult years. James's paternal grandmother was also 'Elizabeth' (nee Brookes), The family called her 'Betsey'.

                  Elizabeth died in adolescence, buried at Henstridge on the 16th February 1848  'recorded' age 16years" [Free Reg UK online]
                  Her only sister Harriet died twenty months later, buried at the same venue aged 13 years.
                  The cause of their death is unknown. 
                  At her death her siblings would have been aged; James 17, John 15, Henry 13, Harriet 11, Charles 9 and Alfred seven. 
 Child 3:                                          John Scard [1833-1915]

                           John Scard was born in 1832 and baptised the following year at St. Giles Church at Reading, Berkshire on the 21st July 1833 the second son of 
                    James Scard and his wife Jane nee Porter considered the namesake of his paternal grandfather [1763-1825] and James's elder brother 
                    John Scard [1798-1830].

 When he was aged twenty-four, John was robbed of several articles of  clothing .  The culprit was his brother Charles and another young man
  see full details in timeline above in main biography.   Both were convicted at Somerset Assizes, receiving Sentence of six and four months 
  respectively published in the Bristol Mercury on Saturday 17th January 1857 [Gale Newspaper Collection].
  Left: Click on image to enlarge
                   The following year John Scard married Ellen Mullett 30th Dec 1858 at St. Nicholas, Henstridge. 
                   Recorded:  Groom's age 25, father James Scard; Bride aged 23, father James Mullett. 
                   The couple settled at Henstridge for a further fifteen years before they eventually moved to 23m NNW where John worked as a Quarryman.
                   Ellen Scard (nee Mullett)  died in the December Qtr. 1910 at the recorded age of 75 years.  [Registered at Basingstoke]
                   John Scard died in the December Qtr. 1915 at the recorded age of 83 years. [Registered at Basingstoke]

                   1861 Census:   Residence: Village Street, Henstridge [same street as his parents and brother Charles] 
                                             John Scard, Head, Married, aged 28, Agricultural Labourer, born Reading, Berkshire. 
                                             Ellen Scard, Wife, Married, aged 25, Glover, born Henstridge.
                                             Henry Scard, Son, aged 1 year, born Henstridge
                                             Sarah Mullett, Visitor, aged 23, Glover, born Henstridge. 
                                                                   - Sarah was very likely Ellen's sister or kin

                      1861:  Birth:  Kate Scard [1]- Baptised 8th Sept. 1861, Henstridge, Somerset.  Death -  Sept. Qtr. 1863 [Registered Wincanton] 

                      1871 Census:  Address: No. 109 South Mead Lane at Henstridge
                                           John Scard, Head, Married, aged 38, an Agricultural Labourer, born at Reading Berkshire.
                                           Ellen Scard, Wife, Married, aged 36, Glover, born Henstridge.
                                           Henry Scard, Son, aged 11, born Henstridge, Agricultural Labourer, born Henstridge
                                                         - Henry Scard [1858-1931] married Elizabeth Cook at Marlbro, Wiltshire, Sept. Qtr. 1883. 
                                                         - Although not found in 1891 Census with his assumed spouse, a Henry Scard was found, aged 27yrs, 'single' 
                                                           general Labourer, a boarder with the 'Robins' Family was found at Hathersage, Derby and appears to be our Henry.
                                                         - No issue has been found to date from the assumed spouse. 
                                                         - Henry then seems to have married Lucy [nee unknown] who was born in Derby and had a child 'John Thomas C. Scard' 
                                                            born at Hathersley in 1893. 
                                                         - Following the trail in the Census and Civil Indexes;  Henry and Lucy then appear to have moved to Nottingham where 
                                                            they recorded a son Henry Levi T. Scard  in the March Qtr. 1896 [Reg. Basford]  
                                                            Note: Joseph Scard of the Somerset Branch was also living at Basford at this time with his family and who also worked as 
                                                            a Railway Official [all births recorded at Basford], a little older than Henry. 
                                                         - Henry & Lucy then made their way to Swinton, Yorkshire where they recorded the death of their son Henry Levi T Scard
                                                            in the Sept. Qtr. 1898 [Reg. Wakefield] recorded aged 2 yrs. 
                                                         - By 1901 he was recorded living at 33 Carlisle Street, Swinton, Yorks, age 41,  a Railway [illegible], Employed, born 
                                                           Henstridge, Somerset with his wife 'Lucy', aged 28, [born Fil...?, Bedford] and children; 
                                                               John T C Scard, aged 7, born Hathersage, Derby. - John Thomas C Scard June Qtr. 1893 [Reg.Bakewell 
                                                               Ellen J C Scard aged 2yrs, born Lofthouse Winterfield, Yorkshire - Ellen Judith L Scard Sept. Qtr. 1898 [Reg.Wakefield]] 
                                                         - Henry's spouse Lucy died Sept. Qtr. 1930 Mt.Harbro, Northampton, aged 67 [b.1853]. 
                                                         - Henry John Scard appears to have returned to Derby died at Bakewell, Derby June Qtr. 1931 "aged 71 yrs" [i.e. born 1859]
                                               Jane Scard, Daughter, aged 7, Scholar, born Henstridge.
                                                         - Jane was next recorded on the 1881 Census at Bristol Somerset, aged 17yrs working for the Bix Family. 
                                                         - Jane married Frank Ernest Maggs Amesbury Wilts Dec. Qtr. 1888. 
                                                         - She was recorded in the 1891 Census with Spouse Frank [Carter - Horse] [b.DursfordWilts] and her nephew Alfred E Scard *  
                                                            aged 1 yr [born  1890] Hastings Sussex and John Curtis, age 35, lodger, labourer, born Durnsford? Wilts. 
                                                                        * paternity/maternity for this infant is not known. 
                                                         - 1901 Census his wife and children are recorded at Wiltshire recorded as Sister-in-law, Married, at the home of Frank Saunders
                                                            & his wife Kate* and children Beatusa 14, Lizzie 12, Lily 8 & a baby 1 mth. 
                                                                        * Kate Saunders may have been Jane's sister, however this 'Kate' was recorded born in Wilts
                                                         .  Jane recorded no issue but appears to have reared her Nephew, Alfred E Scard from infancy; 
                                                         - Jane's spouse Frank records himself in the 1901 Census with 'Son' Alfred E Maggs aged 11 yrs born Hastings, Sussex. 
                                               Kate Scard, Daughter, aged 4, Scholar, born Henstridge.
                                                         - Last recorded on 1881 Census aged 14 - May have married Frank Saunders see entry for Jane [above]. 
                                               Charles Scard, Son, aged 2, born Henstridge. [see next census]
                                               Bessie Scard, Daughter, aged under one month. 
                                                         - No further information, possibly died in infancy.

                      1881 Census: Address: Living at Greenditch, Chilcompton Somerset
                                              John Scard, Head, Married, aged 48, Labourer, born Reading, Berkshire
                                              Ellen Scard, Wife, Married, aged 45, born Henstridge
                                              Kate Scard, Daughter, aged 14, born Henstridge
                                                          - May have married Frank Saunders see entry for her sister Jane in previous Census [above]. 
                                              Charles Scard, Son, aged 12, born Henstridge
                                                          - Charles moved with the family to Wiltshire where he was recorded, unmarried, a lodger at No. 19 Farnsby St., Swinton, 
                                                             aged 21, working as postman.
                                              Sarah Scard, Daughter, aged 9, born Henstridge
                                                          - Sarah moved with her parents and siblings to Wiltshire within the following decade, where she was found living in 
                                                             Wiltshire at Osbourne recorded aged 20, a boarder, domestic servant, with the Sloper Family. 
                                                             Living next door was her father John and mother Ellen and Sarah's Siblings. 
                                                          - Sarah married Frederick John Hibbard in June Qtr. 1891. [Reg Marlborough [Wilts]]
                                                          - Sarah died between 1899-1901. Frederick J. Hibbard was recorded in 1901 as a Widower, a Postman, with 
                                                             his mother-in-law Ellen Scard and sister-in-law Ellen Scard [the younger] living in his house. 
                                                          - Issue as at 1901 Census; 
                                                                       Arthur Hibbard 1893 Swindon Wilts
                                                                       Percival F Hibbard 1894 Swindon Wilts
                                                                       Evalyne E Hibbard 1896 Swindon Wilts
                                                                       Albert E Hibbard 1899 Swindon Wilts
                                                             Note: and a daughter who did not survive i.e. Sarah Ann Hibbard died June Qtr. 1897 [Marlb] "aged 1 yr."
                                                Arthur Scard, aged 7, born Farrington Gurney, Somerset. [on next census]
                                                Frederick Scard, Son, aged 5, born Farrington Gurney, Somerset. [on next census]
                                                Ellen Scard, Daughter, aged 2, Chilcompton. [on next census]

                         1891 Census: John and his family then moved to Osborne Wiltshire.  
                                               Address: Woolmore Crossing at Osborne in Wiltshire where John appears to be working on the Rail.
                                               John Scard, Head, Married, aged 58, Platelayer on Line, Employed, born Reading, Berkshire. 
                                               Ellen Scard, Wife, Married, aged 55, Born Henstridge. 
                                               Arthur J Scard, Son, Single, aged 17, Errand Boy, born Farrington Gurney.
                                                         - Arthur 'James' Scard baptised 29th September 1873, St. John the Baptist, Farrington Gurney son of 
                                                           John & Ellen, of Farrington Gurney, Father's Occupation: Quarryman. - St. Mich[aelmas] & All Angels. 
                                                           [Free Reg Online]. 
                                                         - Arthur married and immigrated to USA. or Canada
                                              Frederick W Scard, Son, aged 15, Plough Boy, born Farrington Gurney.
                                                        - Frederick William Scard married Eveline Nellie Stonehouse Dec. Qtr. 1900 [Reg. Barrow S. Leicestershire].
                                                        - They were recorded in the 1901 Census at Barrow St. Quorndon; William a Grocer, self employed and Eveline 
                                                           aged 23 born Overseal, Leicester. No issue was recorded at that time. 
                                              Ellen Scard, Daughter, aged 12, born Chilcompton, Somerset.
                                                        - Ellen was next found in 1901 Census at No. 4 Beatrice Lane, Swindon, Wiltshire aged 22yrs a storekeeper? 
                                                          domestic,  living with her mother Ellen Scard aged 67, at the home of Frederick J Hibbard, aged 32, her 
                                                          brother-in-law, spouse of her recently deceased sister Sarah.  
                                                          Frederick records them as 'sister-in-law' and 'mother-in-law' respectively. 
                                                          Ellen with her mother appear to be caring for her deceased sister's children. 
                                                          No further information.  

                        1901 Census: John Scard found boarding at Castle St., Lugershall, Wilts, recorded aged 69, married, general labourer at the 
                                 home of Esther Palmer, widow, aged 69, born Wilts and others; Hannah Smith, daughter [of Esther] aged 26 single, born 
                                 Lugershall and William Choules, aged 48, widower, ag. lab. born Lidcombe, Wilts.
                                 John's wife Ellen Scard was found in the 1901 Census with their youngest daughter Ellen, staying with her son-in-law 
                                 Frederick John Hibbard caring for his young children after the death of his wife, Ellen's daughter Sarah Hibbard [nee Scard] 
                                 who had recently died prematurely.

To reiterate - Parents: 
                   Ellen Scard (nee Mullett)  died in the December Qtr. 1910 at the recorded age of 75 years.  [Registered at Basingstoke]
                   John Scard died in the December Qtr. 1915 at the recorded age of 83 years. [Registered at Basingstoke]
Child 4:                                           Henry Scard [1835-1878]

                       Henry Scard was baptised 13th September 1835 at St. Giles Reading, Berkshire the third son of James Scard and Jane nee Porter.
                       At the age of thirty, Henry married Harriet Hatcher 8th June 1865 at St. Nicholas Henstridge. 
                       Groom age not given, father James Scard; Bride age not given, father Frederick Thatcher. 
                       The couple had only one son George Scard born in 1868. 
                       The 1871 Census finds the family living at Henstridge.  
                                        Henry Scard, Head, Married, aged 30, Groom, born Somerset Henstridge!!
                                        Harriet Scard, Wife, Married, aged 27, born Somerset Henstridge.
                                        George Scard, Son, aged 3, born Henstridge.
                       Within seven years it appears that Henry's health deteriorated when he was brought to court by his younger brother Alfred (a baker) for bread
                       although the latter appears remorseful. 
                       County Court: Western Gazette 15th  March 1878
                                Alfred Scard, baker, Henstridge and  Henry Scard, same place, pensioner. The parties are brothers and the claim was  brought for £1.1s.6d, 
                                for bread. Defendant’s wife pleased bad circumstances and  plaintiff said he did not wish to be hard upon his brother. Ruling: 1s. 6d per month.  

                        It appears that Henry sought help at The SalisburyHospital, Wiltshire 27 miles ENE of Henstridge where he died soon after.  His death was Registered 
                        at Alderbury, Wilts recorded "age 43yrs" and buried at St. Nicholas, Henstridge 9th October 1878.  
                        His widow Harriet was found three years later on the 1881 Census at the Wincanton Union Workhouse when her status given as widow, occupation 
                        a glover aged forty, with her son George was aged twelve years recorded as a scholar.
                        The year prior their son George is believed to be the same recorded in several newspaper items at Henstridge; 
                        Henry's widow Harriet died two years later buried on the 3rd September 1881 at Henstridge.  
                        Her son George would have been then 14 years old at the time of her death. George does not appear in the England Census in subsequent years. 
No further information was found for their young son George at the present time. 
Child 5: (Deceased)                       Harriet Scard [1836-1849]
                      Harriet was bapt 30th Oct 1836 St. Giles Reading, Berkshire.  
                                       Harriet was probably the namesake of her father's elder sister Harriet Vincent [nee Scard] [1786-1830]
                     Harriet died twenty months after her only sister Elizabeth who was three years older. 
                     Harried was buried at St. Nicholas, Henstridge with her sister the Parish Record Entry;
                                                     "Harriet Scard buried 18th November 1849 age 13 years" [Free Reg UK online]
                     It is not known what caused Harriet or her sixteen year old sister's death. 
                     At the time of Harriet's death her siblings would have been aged; James 19, John 17, Henry 15, Charles 11 and Alfred nine.

Child 6:                                       Charles Scard [1839-1923] 

                      Charles Scard was born 5th May 1839, baptised 19th May 1839  St. Nicholas Henstridge 
                                         - the fourth son of James Scard and his wife Jane Porter;
        Charles Scard married Fanny Curtis native of Stalbridge, Dorset on the 26th Jan 1860 at St. Nicholas Henstridge

                      1861 Census:    Address: High Street, Henstridge, living next door or same house as parents James and Jane at High Street, Henstridge. 
                                           Charles Scard, Head, aged 22, Agricultural Labourer, born Henstridge.
                                           Fanny Scard, Wife, aged 24, Glover, born Stalbridge, Dorset. 
                                           George Scard, Son, aged 8 months, born Henstridge
                       1871 Census:  Address: High Street, Henstridge, living two doors from parents James and Jane at High Street, Henstridge. 
                                           Charles Scard, Head, aged 32, Agricultural Labourer, born Henstridge
                                           Fanny Scard, Wife, aged 34, Glover, born Stalbridge, Dorset. 
                                           George Scard, Son, aged 10, born Henstridge
                                                                         - George later immigrated to USA
                                           Albert Scard, Son, aged 8, born Henstridge 
                                                                         -  Albert married Maria Candler, immigrated to USA 
                                                                         - had four sons: Frank c.1888; Walter c.1889; George c.1891; James c.1895 
                                                                         - kindly submitted per Colin Scard (UK).
                                                                         - USA 1900 Census at Huron, Ohio revealed: Albert age 47, Maria age 45 
                                                                           and children: Walter; Geroge, James, Fannie & Laura. 
                                                                        - USA 1910 Census at Huron, Ohio: Albert, Maria and children: Walter, 
                                                                          James & Fannie.No further information 
                                        Frederick Scard, aged 7, born Henstridge
                                                                        - Frederick married Ann Lewis and had eight children, [He moved to Wales]. 
                                                                        - Issue: Laura Betsey Scard 1885 Pontypridd - married June Qtr. 1908 Pontypridd
                                                                                     Mary Jane Scard 1886 Pontypridd married June Qtr. 1907 Pontypridd
                                                                                    Annie Maud Scard 1888 Pontypridd - married Sept. Qtr. 1911 Pontypridd.
                                                                                    Fanny Scard [1890-1931] Pontypridd - married March Qtr. 1911 Pontypridd. 
                                                                                    Willie Charles Scard 1892 Sept. Qtr. 1892 [Reg. Pontypridd] - aged 8 on 1901 Census.   
                                                                                    Ernest Scard b.1895 [Reg. Pontypridd] - died March Qtr. 1995 recorded age 0.
                                                                                    Bertie Scard 1896 [Reg. Pontypridd] - died June Qtr. 1897 recorded age 1
                                                                                    Percy George Scard 1896  [Reg. Pontypridd]- no further information.
                                                                                    Frederick Scard 1897 [Reg. Pontypridd] - died Sept. Qtr. 1897 recorded age 0.
                                                                                    Augustus Scard c.1900. [Reg. Pontypridd] - possibly married Ethel M. Weston 
                                                                                                                           - Dec. Qtr. 1933 [Reg. Alton [Hants]].
                                                                                    George William Scard 1809 [Reg. Pontypridd] - died Sept. Qtr. 1809 age 0.
                                                                          - 1891 Census: Living at 5 Glen Terrace Frederick Scard, age 36, Coal Miner, employed, born 
                                                                                    Henstridge; Ann Scard, aged 26, born Ynyshire Wales; Laura B. Scard, age 6; Mary J. Scard, 
                                                                                    age 5;Ann Maud Scard, age 2; Fanny Scard, aged 6 mths. Also Walter Scard, brother, 
                                                                                    unmarried, Coal Miner, employed, born Henstridge and Arthur brother, unmarried, employed, 
                                                                                    born Henstridge. All children were born in Ynyshire Wales
                                                                           - 1901 Census:  Living at 11 LLanwonnns Rd, Ynyshir Wales: Frederick Scard, age 37, Fireman at 
                                                                                    Colliery [below ground?] Ann Scard, wife, age 36,  born Ynyshir Glam. Wales. Fanny Scard, 
                                                                                    daughter, age 10; Annie Maud Scard, daughter, age 12; Willie C. Scard, daughter, age 8; 
                                                                                    Augustus Scard, son, age 1.  All children born Ynyshir Glam. Wales.
                                                                          - Frederick's spouse Ann Scard died March Qtr. 1910 [Pontypridd] aged 44 yrs.
                                                                                     - A tenuous thread for Frederick Scard died at Linton [Cambridge] Dec. Qtr. 1928 "aged 68" [b. 1864]?
                                         John Scard, Son, aged 5 - see next census
                                         Henry Scard, Son, aged 3 - see next census
                                         Walter J. Scard, Son, aged 1 yr - see next census
                                         William Scard, Son, aged 8, Scholar, born Henstridge - see next census
                                         Arthur Scard, Son, aged 5, Scholar, born Henstridge - see next census
                                         Bessie Scard, Daughter, aged 2yrs, born Henstridge - see next census
                                         Alfred F Scard, Son, aged 7 months, born Henstridge - see next census

                             1872:  A son Samuel Scard recorded born March Qtr 1872 whom did not survive infancy -  Buried at Henstridge 5th Jan 1872 recorded aged 0.

                              1881 Census    The family was still living at High Street, Henstridge. 
                                         Charles was not recorded at home.
                                          Fanny Scard, Head, Married, aged 44, Glover [Leather], born Stalbridge, Dorset.
                                          John Scard, Son, aged 16, cattle driver, born Henstridge
                                                                           - John later  moved to Alberta in Canada - no further information found
                                         Henry Scard, Son, aged 13, agricultural labourer, born Henstridge
                                                                           - Henry married Rose Tulk and had one child; Albert Charles Scard c.1905. [They lived at Wincanton]
                                                                           - 1901 Census were living at Henstridge: Henry Scard, age 32, Cattle Dealer, Employed, born Henstridge.
                                                                              Rose Scard, wife, age 30, born Stalbridge. 
                                                                              Mary J. Scard [ 'son?] aged 5 months, born Henstridge.
                                                                             Colin mentions Albert Charles who was born subsequently. No further information
                                         Walter James Scard, Son, aged 11, Scholar, born Henstridge 
                                                                          - Walter was next found in 1891 with his brother Arthur visiting their married  brother Frederick
                                                                             and his family in Pontypridd, Wales - Walter was recorded on the 1910 Census living with his parents. 
                                         William Scard, Son, aged 8, Scholar, born Henstridge - see next census
                                         Arthur Scard, Son, aged 5, Scholar, born Henstridge
                                                                         - Arthur was next found in 1891 with his brother Walter visiting their married  brother Frederick 
                                                                            and his family in Pontypridd, Wales 
                                                                         - Arthur married1) Mabel Kate Crocker Sept. Qtr. 1897 [Reg. Sturminster] with no issue. 
                                                                         - Mabel Kate died Sept. Qtr. 1907 recorded aged 28 yrs. 
                                                                         - He married 2 Phoebe Ellen Crocker (possibly Mabel's sister Dec. Qtr. 1911 [Reg. Wareham] and had issue.
                                                                         - Issue recorded at Free BDM Civil Index are consistent with Collin's submitted entries: 
                                                                         - Charles Scard c.1910; - Howard Scard c.1911; - Mildred Scard c.1913; - Margaret Scard c.1914; 
                                                                         - Daisy Scard c.1918; - Arthur Scard c.1920; - Laura Bessie Scard c.1922; - Lillian Scard c.1924. 
                                                                         - All the above children's' births were registered at Wincanton. No further information
                                      Bessie Scard, Daughter, aged 2yrs, born Henstridge - see next census
                                      Alfred F Scard, Son, aged 7 months, born Henstridge - see next census

                             1891 Census: Address: High Street, Henstridge;
                                      Charles Scard, Head, Married, aged 55, farming labourer, born Henstridge 
                                      Fanny Scard, Wife, Married, aged 54, born Stalbridge, Dorset.
                                      William Scard, Son, aged 16, a drover [cattle], born Henstridge
                                                                      - William married Kate Brown at Henstridge June Qtr 1892 
                                                                      - 1901 Census: at High Street with his parents and paternal uncle George Scard and his wife Sarah. 
                                                                      - William Scard, aged 28, cattle drover, born Henstridge; Kate Scard, Wife, aged 28 born Stalbridge, Dorset
                                                                         William Scard, son, aged 7, born Henstridge Sept. 1893; 
                                                                         Walter Scard, son, aged 5, born Henstridge (Walter charles Dec. Qtr 1895) 
                                                                         Olive B Scard, daughter, aged 3, born Henstridge (Olive Bessie born June Qtr. 1898 Wincanton) 
                                                                         Louisa Scard, daughter, aged 8 months, born Henstridge. Emily Louisa born Sept. Qtr. 1900
                                                                     -  Colin Scard reports they subsequently had at least two more children; 
                                                                         Jack Scard c.1901 Cissy Scard c. 1903.
                                                                     -  William Scard died in the June Qtr. 1913 [Reg. Wincanton] recorded aged 40 yrs.  
                                      Bessey Scard, Daughter, aged 12yrs, born Henstridge,  noted challenged from birth
                                                                    - Young Bessie Scard died six years later at Henstridge early 1897 at the recorded age of 18yrs.
                                                                       Her parents placed her Death Notice in the Western Gazette 12th Feb 1897 
                                                                       Scard - "Feb 2 at High Street, Henstridge Bessie, only daughter of Charles and Fanny Scard, aged 18"
                                      Frank Scard, Son, aged 9, a scholar, born Henstridge
                                                                    - Frank Scard aka Clifford Frank Scard was baptised 16th Oct. 1880, at Henstridge. 
                                                                    - He married in the Dec. Qtr. 1908. [Reg. Wincanton]  
                                                                    - He died at Henstridge Sept. Qtr 1922 est aged forty-two.
                                     1901 Census:  Address: High Street, Henstridge;
                                          Charles Scard, Head, aged 62, Labourer.
                                          Fanny Scard, Wife, aged 64
                                          Walter Scard, Son, Unmarried, aged 31, Labourer (Walter James Scard)
                                                                  - Very likely the same Walter Scard died probably at Henstridge in the Sept Qtr 1952 
                                                                     registered at Wincanton recorded aged eighty-two (i.e. born 1870)
To reiterate: 
                       Fanny Scard [nee Curtis] died in 1915 at the recorded age of seventy-eight. [Registered at Wincanton]
                       Charles Scard died eight years later early 1923 recorded age eighty-three. [Registered at Wincanton]
Child 7:                                       George Scard [1842-1923] 

                        George Scard was baptised on the 6th March 1842 St. Nicholas Henstridge 
                        the fifth son of James Scard and his wife Jane [nee Porter]
                        Although his brothers married early George had remained with his parents during the twilight years of their lives. 
                        After the deaths of both his parents within a year prior, George was found on the 1881 Census a boarder in the home of 
                        Ann Hobbs a seventy-three year old widow, in Vale Street Henstridge where he was employed a domestic servant and gardener.                        
                        Seven years later at the age of forty-six George Scard married Sarah Clark in the March Qtr 1888 
                                          - there was no issue born to the couple.
                       In the 1891 census they were living at Vale Street, Henstridge: George Scard, Head, Married, aged 67, Gardener, Employed, 
                                             born Henstridge and Sarah Scard, Wife, Married, aged 55!, born Henstridge.
                       In the 1901 census we find George and Sarah living at High Street, Henstridge with or next door to his brother Charles.
                       George died in the March Qtr. 1923 at the recorded age of 81yrs. [Recorded at Wincanton]
                       His widow Sarah of thirty-five years marriage died in the same Qtr. 1923 at the recorded age of 85 [Recorded at Wincanton]
                       George is assumed to have died without issue.
Child 8:                                                                  Alfred Scard: [1844-1923]

                       Alfred Scard was baptised 1st September 1844 S at Nicholas at Henstridgethe sixth son and youngest child of James Scard and his wife Jane [nee Porter]
                       At the age of twenty-four he married Peninah Charity Hann on the 2nd September 1868, noted: Groom aged 24, father James Scard; Bridge aged 24, 
                       father James Hann. Initially the couple remained at Henstridge where 
                       in the 1871 Census Alfred and his bride were recorded at Trowbridge where Alfred was working as a 'newsman'.
                                             The couple appear to have returned to Henstridge where Alfred continued his trade as a Baker. 
                       On the 15th March 1878 Alfred brought action in the County Court against his brother Henry, a pensioner who had an infant son and it seems
                                             in ill health. The account was for £1.1s.6d.  Alfred stated he did not want to be hard on his brother who was ordered to pay 1s.6d. per month.
                                             Henry died seven months later. 
                       The 1881 Census reveals they had moved to Yenston 1.4 miles from Henstridge viz:               
                                             Alfred Scard, Head, Married, Aged 36, a master baker [bread] born Henstridge;                    
                                             Peninah Scard, Wife, Married, aged 36; 
                                             Henry S. Flour, Servant, Single, aged 21, journeyman a traveler/baker.
                       By the 1891 Census they had moved to Winterbourne St. Martin [Martinstown] 19 miles NNE  of Henstridge when they appear to have fostered Peninah's
                                             Alfred Scard, Head, Married, aged 46
                                             Peninah Scard, Wife, married, aged 46, 
                                             Lewin Atkins, nephew, aged 9, Scholar,  born in Compton Pauncefoot [6.6 miles from Henstridge].                 
                                             Lewin was the son of Thomas & Adelaide Atkins [nee Hann] the nephew of Alfred's wife Peninah [nee Hann] and his birth was registered 
                                             at Wincanton Somerset in March Qtr. 1883. 
                      In the 1901 Census the couple were living at 94 'Rowe',  St. Martin, Dorchester, Dorset with their young ward. 
                                             Alfred Scard, Head, Married, aged 57, Farmer, Self Employed, born Henstridge.
                                             Peninah Scard, Wife, Married, aged 58, born East Stour, Dorset.
                                             Lewin Atkins, Nephew, Single, aged 19, Father's Nephew, Worker, born Compton Pauncefoot.
                      During the course of their forty-six year marriage the couple recorded no issue. Alfred was recorded in several newspaper articles over this period 
                      relating to his business as master baker and also the sale of properties and finally he was extolled for his outstanding citizenship before retirement. 
                      Alfred and Peninah remained at Dorchester where Alfred Scard died in the June Qtr. 1914 at the recorded age of seventy. His widow Peninah of forty-six 
                      years marriage died three years later in the Sept. Qtr. 1917 aged seventy-four. Henry & Peninah died without issue. Their ward Lewin Atkins married at 
                      Shepton Mallet, Somerset in 1903. 
Extra Notes

Extra Notes - Fiddleford

                   Fiddleford: The tiny hamlet had only six houses all of which are assumed to have had a quantity of land. 
                   Population:  Extracted from Census 1851-1881 -  Persons born at Fiddleford between 1793-1811; 
                The Dawson Family [2 sons, 1 unmarried daughter b.1793, b.1799, b.1803].   The Fish Family       [1 son: b.1795]. 
                                The Goodfellow Family [2 sons: b.1796, b.1806].                                          The Light Family      [2 sons: b.1811, b.1815].  
                                The Osmand Family      [2 sons: b.1792, b.1794].                                        *The Scard Family     [1 daughter b.1788, 1 son, b.1801]
       * Elizabeth [Betty] Masterson [nee Scard]               -          recorded born Fiddleford in 1788 [1851, 1861, 1871 Census] 
       * James Scard                                                        -          recorded born Fiddleford in 1801 [1861, 1871 Census] 
                              By the 1891 Census there were seven houses recorded at Fiddleford and the Hamlet boasted a population of 31 individuals
                                                                                                       Further Reading:
                                                                                        Extra Notes - Scard Family at Ringwood
                                                        The Ringwood Scard Family Page is currently under construction - check updates page
                                                     Some preliminay research information will be posted on the Updates Page at this site soon.                                                                    
                                                        Extra Notes - Post Boy 
The reference ‘boy’ was an archaic term used from the mid 17th Century when boys were used for mail deliveries, chosen for their light frame 
allowing less toll on the horses sometimes over grueling distances, in hazardous weather often to distant counties. The cost of this courier service
was prohibitive to common folk and was mainly used by the influential and wealthy. In the mid 18th Century Mail Coaches were introduced and by the 
end of 1775 coaches were common throughout England. However 'Post Boys' on horseback were still used for urgent local deliveries. With costs reduced 
the British Government later introduced the 'two penny’ mail and this more economical system of communication was now available to all. Gradually 
grown men took over the occupation although the term Post ‘Boy’ persisted. Thirty-one entries were found in the Dorset OPC for this occupation all of
which were married men. Whilst many retained their horses for short journeys, those single young men drawn to the occupation who chose the 
‘open road’ were also known to double up as Postillion traveling up front on the Mail Coach alongside the driver sometimes caring for the horses at
various rest points en route. At this later date it is generally accepted that the prerequisite for the occupation would have been at least the ability to 

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