Scard Family      
                                                                                                        John Scard
                                                                                                  of Cann/Shaftesbury North Dorset
                                                                                                             Spouse: Mary Upjohn  

                               John Scard is estimated born c.1670  [estimated on the baptism date of his wife Mary Upjohn]. 

                                                Mary Upjohn is assumed to be the same, baptised at Shaftesbury in 1775 the daughter of Thomas Upjohn and                                                  
                                                                         and his wife Elizabeth nee Chubb.  The Upjohn Family were well entrenched in Dorset for many
                                                                         prior generations. 
                                                                        Thomas Upjohn and Elizabeth Chubb were married at St. James, Shaftesbury on the 9th February 1661. 
                                                                        and had the following issue; 
                                                                                  Edward Upjohn baptised 19th April 1665
                                                                                  John Upjohn baptised 9th January 1667 - buried 9th November 1711 [age 44yrs]. 
                                                                                  Elizabeth Upjohn baptised 14th July 1670
                                                                                  Nathaniel Upjohn baptised 19th February 1672
                                                                                  Mary Upjohn baptised 10th October 1775
                                                                                  Richard Upjohn baptised 30th May 1678
                                                                                  Rebecca Upjohn baptised 19th April 1781
                                                                                  [This gives a childbearing span of sixteen years]  
                                                                       Mary's father was buried at Cann on the 5th September, 1703 probably aged around sixty-three. 
                                                                       No burial details were found for his wife Elizabeth at Cann. 

                     1708:             John Scard married Mary Upjohn by Banns [FHO] on the 6th July 1708 at St. James Shaftesbury.  
                                           Note: The same venue as that of Mary's assumed parents. John may have been married previously. 
                                           Mary would have been aged thirty-four at her marriage and it is estimated that John Scard would have been around
                                           the same age or older.

                     1709                                Thomas Scard baptized 1st July 1709 at St. James Shaftesbury. 
                     1711                                 Mary Scard baptised 2nd April 1711 also at the same venue. 
                     1714                                 Ann Scard baptised 27th July 1714 [FHO] also at St. James.     
                                           A change of venue to the Holy Trinity Church at nearby Shaftesbury; 
                     1715                                 Elizabeth Scard baptized 8th August 1715 ['Elizabeth daughter of John Scard of Cann' G971] .      

                     1715             On the same day as the Baptism of her infant daughter Elizabeth, Mary Scard was recorded buried at the same venue, 
                                          i.e. Mary Scard, 'wife of John of Cann' buried 8th August 1715 [OPC].  
                                          Mary is estimated to have been aged around forty and it is assumed that she may have died during or following 

                    1716             Five months later the Holy Trinity at Shaftesbury also recorded the burial  of  'John Scard of Cann' on the 
                                          5th January 1716 [opc].  

                                          It would seem that John Scard had enough time to put his affairs in order in the interim after his wife's death and during   
                                          this time It is highly probable that he would have ensured the care of his surviving children before he died, with either his 
                                          kin the Scard Family or members of the Upjohn Family. 

                                          Their children’s ages at the death of their father  'John of Cann' in 1716 [assuming they all survived] were; 
                                          Thomas 7yrs, Mary 5yrs, Ann 2yrs and Elizabeth 5 months. 

                                          There are hints of a North Dorset Family synonymous with these names, particularly 'Ann' which was uncommon
                                          throughout all Scard Families during this era. 


                    Possible outcome for;
                    Child 1: Thomas Scard [the younger];
                                           Their eldest child Thomas Scard may have been the same Thomas Scard [c.1709-1770] of nearby Iwerne Minster.  
                                           Thomas died testate and if same he is estimated to have died at around the age of sixty-one.  
                                           His first born grandson was named 'John' [2nd marriage] and his first granddaughter 'Ann' [1st marriage] 
                                           by his son James Scard [c.1732-1796 [Testate]].  
                                           These names do not appear in the Lineage of either of his wives. 

                    Possible outcome;
                    for Child 2: Mary Scard [the younger];

                                          1]  A Mary Scard [at the moment unidentified] who was buried at nearby Child Okeford on the 13th April 1762 [FHO]
                                                      If the same, Mary would have been aged fifty-one. 
                                                      Thomas Scard [c.1709-1770] afore mentioned at Iwerne Minster  was living in this area at that time, 
                                                      this could be either his sister or wife.  He was certainly a widower by 1769.

                                          2]  A Mary Merchant was witness to the Will of Thomas Scard of Iwerne Minster in 1770.
                                               No Scard marriage to 'Merchant' has been found to date. 
                                          3]  Another alternative was considered in the Marriage of Mary Scard to Joseph Maidment in 1743.
                                               However another Scard Family with daughter 'Mary' was living at East Stour i.e. Walter Scard and wife Rebecca
                                               and this entry has now been reconsidered an unlikely outcome for the daughter of John of Cann. 

                                                 Mary Scard married Joseph Maidment  by banns on the 11th November 1743 at East Stour, North Dorset. 
                                                         Joseph Maidment was a widower with a young family.
                                                         Mary and Joseph settled at nearby Motcombe where Joseph and his family had been established for many 
                                                         decades. Mary Maidment [nee Scard] and Joseph  Maidment had three recorded children;  
                                                                      Thomas Maidment - buried 14th September 1746[opc];   
                                                                       John Maidment - baptized 24th May 1747[opc];
                                                                       Ann Maidment - baptized 5th March 1751 [opc].  
                                                        All three children's names were synonymous with the above Mary's family in the names of her two siblings 
                                                        and her father John.  This is often consistent with a male's second marriage. 
                                                        These names are not prevalent in the Maidment Family.
                                                        Mary Maidment [nee Scard] died at Motcombe buried on the 2nd May 1757. Mary would have been 40yrs old 
                                                        at her last birth and 46yrs old at her death.  Her children’s ages at her death were; John 10yrs, Ann 6 yrs.
Possible outcome; Child 3: Ann Scard; There is no other 'Ann Scard' in the early records except for the one mentioned above. However the son of the proposed 'Thomas' [the younger] had a son James who named his first born 'Ann' at nearby Iwerne Minster in 1753. Possible outcome; Child 4: Elizabeth Scard; 1] A marriage on the 22nd June 1756 at Sherborne, between Betty Scard and Henry Sherman a soldier in the Grenadier Company both recorded as 'of the Parish' .  Bondsman was Joseph Bowman, Corporeal of the same Company [FHO].  Elizabeth would have been age forty one at this time. Considered unrealistic. 2] An adult burial of Elizabeth Scard who was buried on the 18th Sept. 1785 at Iwerne Courtney. This was very near the home of James Scard, the son of Thomas [c.1709-1770] of Iwerne Minster and the Church he was known to patronize. St. Mary's Shroton otherwise called Iwerne Courtney is considered the Family Burial Ground for the Scard Family of North Dorset. If the same, Elizabeth would have been aged seventy at this time. Elizabeth was not mentioned in the Will of Thomas Scard [1770] and would likely rule out this item as an unmarried sister.