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                                              = Subsequent early generations 
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                                            NEWPORT WALES - Moses Scard [1813-1868] descendant of the Cerne Abbas Scard Family - Biography. 

                                                                          BATH, WALCOT - Joseph Scard [1799-1851], Butcher.  Lineage uncertain. Expands 3 generations                                                                                            Several Scard Families later settled in London & Kent, from lineages including Gosport, Somerset [Bath] & Southampton. There are four linked here, others may be accessed through the Main Biography IndexLONDON - William Scard [1795-1869], Tailor - of the Gosport Scard Family - Expands 3 Generations
                                                                                                                                                          READING, BERKSHIRE:  4th Generation - James Scard [1800-1879] & wife Jane nee Porter - Linegage generates from the North Dorset Scard Family - Expands 2 Generations -                 LONDON - Edward Scard [1808-1849], Surgeon - of the Eling/Southampton Scard Family - Expands 2 generationsLONDON - John Scard [1764-1838], Solicitor. Of the Eling/Southampton Scard Family - Expands 2 Generations.
                                                                           FROME - SOMERSET:  Isolated Fragment - James Scard & his wife Mary nee Cook  
                                          BRIDGEWATER - Isolated Fragment of Family Activity in the 17h Century                                     WARMINSTER - 2nd generation - Thomas Scard [the younger]  [c.1750-1812] & his wife Felicia nee Hooper - Both died Testate - Expands 2 generations 

                                                                      HENSTRIDGE SOMERSET: Second move for James Scard [1800-1879] & wife Jane nee Porter - Expands 2 Generations  MERE WILTSHIRE. THOMAS SCARD & his wife Jane nee Lawrence.  Expands 4 Generations
                                                                                CANN, SHAFTESBURY: Early Family Fragment. JOHN SCARD & his wife Mary nee Upjohn.  Implies early Family activity in this area.                 
                                                              CERNE ABBAS: 2nd Generation: WILLIAM SCARD & his wife Jane nee Lawrence.  Expands 5 generations.        CHILD OKEFORD, NTH DORSET.  WILLIAM SCARD, yeoman - Fragment showing early activity in the region. IWERNE MINSTER, Nth Dorset. Thomas Scard [c.1709-1770] Died Testate - Expands 5 generations 
                                                                               IWERNE COURTNEY [SHROTON]. 2nd Generation JAMES SCARD [c.1735-1796], Miller. Died Testate. Expands  4 generations.                                         ELING/SOUTHAMPTON - Early Progenitor - THOMAS SCARD [1737-1824] & his wife Susannah nee Bennes. Died Testate . Expands 4 Generations. 
          EXETER DEVONSHIRE: Walter Scard and his wife Rebecca nee Burford.  Early Progenitor of the Cerne Abbas Scard Family - Expands 5 generations                                                                                      RINGWOOD, HAMPSHIRE - Fragments of Family Activity in this region.

                                                               Later family activity in this region.                        POOLE, DORSET - Various early fragments showing Family Activity in this region       CHRISTCHURCH.  Early Fragments showing Family Activity in this region.                           GOSPORT & PORTSEA:  Earlier Progenitor: JAMES SCARD [c.1730-1812], Gentleman. Died Testate] & his wife Elizabeth nee Guthridge. Expands 4 Generations.PORTSEA, HAMPSHIRE - Very Early Activity in this region.
                                                                                                                            COWES, ISLE OF WIGHT - An early Fragment - some activity in this area. 
                                                                         WEST LULWORTH:  RICHARD SCARD [c.1688-1773], husbandman & his wife Hannah. Son Thomas died Testate.