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Item Synopsis Extended information
- Administration
- London (1763)
- Brother: Thomas
- EBB 1789
Mem that Ann Scard, spinster, Servant to Mr. Roare of Clapham died Intestate and possessed of Fifty pounds consolidated
£4 & held Annuities whereupon Letters of Administration Dated at Doctors Comm April 28 1763 in which she is described
(late of the Parish of St. George Hanover Square in the County of Mddx - Spinster - Deceased; were granted unto 
Thomas Scard the natural lawful Brother of the deceased who may dispose of the said £50 Ann.
On the Dorse is written: Do hereby certify (that) Ann Scard by the within (?) descriptions was (?) one and the same person (?) in my 
hand the 29th April 1763 - Wm. Darres
Click image to see Original Document
- Marriage (1782)
- London

This entry will soon 
to be transferred to the
Epilogue in the Biography of 
Ann's father Thomas Scard 
of Mere (Wiltshire Branch)
Ann Scard married Richard Humphry on the 26th June 1782 St. James Westminster, London. [LDS]
The entry has been checked against the CD copy for this venue which showed no additional annotations.
Richard died six years later buried 20th May 1788 St. Marylebone, London. 
Ann remarried:   Ann Humphry married William Owen at St. Ann, Soho, London in 1789.
She was a legatee in the Will of her brother Henry Scard.  
        Also see Elizabeth Scard (below) who also married in London in 1782.
        Both could be the daughters of Thomas Scard of Woodford & Mere,Wilts, of whom evidence is mounting that  part of  
        his family may have moved to London? Also see Will of Ann Scard, spinster of London, sister to Thomas who was 
        granted administration in 1763, possibly her paternal aunt.     
- Widow
- Melksham, Wiltshire
- 1799
- Niece: Elizabeth Ingram
Dated 24th November 1799 - Testatrix died 29th December 1800 - Probate: 10th January, 1801:Transcription:

In the name of God Amen, I Ann Scard of Melksham in the County of Wilts, Widow, do hereby make, Publish
and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say, after my debts and funeral 
expenses are fully paid and satisfied I give and bequeath all the rest, residue and remainder of my Estate, Money,
Goods, Chattels and Effects of what kind so ever in whose hand or custody they may or can be found unto my
Niece Elizabeth Cogswell and her daughter Ann and do hereby nominate and appoint my Niece Elizabeth Cogswell
sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have her unto set my hand and Seal this 
Twenty fourth day of November One thousand seven hundred and ninety nine.
Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared by the above named Ann Scard and for her last Will and Testament in the 
presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our Names as Witnesses thereto in presence said Ann Scard and in 
presence of each other.   Jane Vezey [her mark], Jas Croom [Signed]
At Sarum on the 10th day of January 1801 Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Cogswell, lawful Niece of the deceased,the Sole 
Executrix above named was duly Sworn.  Edward Moore, Surrogate.Note follows:   Effects under £100 - Testatrix died 
29th December last.
Witnesses:   James Croom was very likely the same Schoolmaster instated at Melksham in 1776 [TNA]. He appears to have married 
                      Susannah Fry 3rd January 1773 at Melksham. He died Testate at Melksham in 1817. No link to the Scard Family was 
                      found with either James or his wife Susannah. He probably drafted the Will at her instruction.                      
                      Jane Vezey nor the Vezey Family had no recorded connection to Melksham found to date prior to Jane's Witnessing 
                      Ann Scard's Will. However, a John Vezey married Jane Kingsbury in 1752 [LDS] at Box, Wilts, still recorded at Box in 
                      1797, they had issue amongst which their daughter Ann [bapt. 1759 [Box]] likely the same who died testate at Melksham
                       in 1824 being the only other Vezey recorded at Melksham. No connection to the Scard Family was found.                      
                     Elizabeth Cogswell - Niece & Grand niece Ann Cogswell; 
                     Marriage - Thomas Cogswell to Elizabeth Ingram 22nd July 1793 at Melksham [LDS member entry] by whom she had one
                      recorded daughter Ann Cogswell baptised 3rd August 1794 i.e. daughter of Thomas at Melksham [extract]
                      Several Baptisms for Elizabeth Ingram could apply. No Burial was found in NBI for Elizabeth Cogswell at Melksham.
                     There was a Will recorded at Melksham under the name Ann Cogswell, a widow, in 1824. It is not known if this is relevant.
Comments: No indication of issue, the only widow eligible for this entry to date would be Ann Thick the 2nd wife of Thomas Scard 
                     of Mere, Wiltshire. Thomas died in 1769 two years after the marriage leaving issue by his previous wife. 
- Marriage (1782)
- Ashburton, Devon
Elizabeth Scard married William Salter 25th June 1780 Ashburton, Devon [LDS]
John Salter baptised 20th March 1782, Ashburton [LDS]
Sarah Salter baptised 29th July 1784, Ashburton [LDS]
- Marriage (1782)
- London
 Elizabeth Scard "s" (spinster) married John Harvey "b" (bachelor) 29th July 1782 at St. Mary, 
 St Marylebone, London [LDS]
Also see Elizabeth Scard (below) who also married in London in 1782.
Both could be the daughters of Thomas Scard of Woodford & Mere,Wilts, of whom evidence is mounting that  part of  
his family may have moved to London? Also see Will of Ann Scard, spinster of London, sister to Thomas who was 
granted administration in 1763, possibly her paternal aunt.   
Pallot's Marriage Index [Ancestry]
(nee SCARD)
- Edinburgh, Scotland
- Born England (c.1798)
- Parents: Thomas & Elizabeth
  Corn Miller & Dealer
- Died age 58 (1856)
Elizabeth Greatrix - Burial - 1856 - Married - 58 years - District: Hariot & Warrison - - Edinburgh City, Midlothian, 
Died 25th May 1856; 
Father: Thomas Scard - Miller and Corn Dealer (deceased); Mother: Elizabeth (nee unknown)
Subsequent investigations revealed;
1841 Census: Address: No. 99 Princes Street, Edinburgh, St George, Midlothian, Scotland
         William Greatrix, age 50, Stabler, born England   [Ancestry=Greatner]
         Elizabeth Greatrix, age 40, born England.
         Elizabeth Crawford, age 25, F.S. [Female Servant?], born Ireland.
         Jane Robertson, age 16, F.S. [Female Servant?], born Midlothian, Scotland.
         William Sinclair, age 16, M.S. [Male Servant?], born Midlothian, Scotland.
1851 Census; Address: No 3 Wallace Place, Edinburgh, St Cuthberts, Midlothian, Scotland [House with several Lodgers]
         William Greatrix, age 57, Lodger, Appraiser, born England. [Ancestry=Greatrit][born c. 1794]
         Elizabeth Greatrix, age 50, Lodger, Appraiser's Wife, born England. 
         William Robertson, age 16, brother to Head, Painter Apprentice, born Forfarshire, Montrose. NOT RELATED.
As above Elizabeth died in 1856 aged 58 i.e. born c. 1798.
Parents are estimated to have been born at least before 1772.
Spouse: William Greatrix was found 1871, aged 70 at No. 39 Grassmarket Wardens Clan, Edinburgh
                Occupation: Auctioneer. Born England. [He was in a long list of inhabitants at the address]
                He does not appear in the 1881 Census.
Possible 'William Greatrex' baptism entries were mainly in Derby with small fragments elsewhere [LDS]

Thank you to David Kenny for making me aware of this entry and who sent this image by email viz
"Perhaps you have a home for this person? "
- Marriage (1835)
- London
ELIZABETH SCARD MARRIAGE - Pallot's Marriage Index [Ancestry]London ELIZABETH SCARD 1835

Elizabeth Scard19th July 1835 St. Dunstan in the West, London [LDS]
SPOUSE - John Perren - Issue difficult to establish.
NOTE: Same Church and year as [unplaced] Thirza Scard [below] - could be sisters.
The marriage was held six years before the 1841 Census but have not been able to find Elizabeth/John 
[confidently] on this or subsequent census so far.
- A Tragic Story
- London
- 1806-1865
- Henry born c.1764
- died 18th Feb 1818  

This story will soon reduced to 
a synopsis for this page and the 
full text to be transferred to the
Epilogue in the Biography of 
Henry's father Thomas Scard 
of Mere (Wiltshire Branch)
Henry Scard married1 Ann Hydler in 1806 at St. Dunstan, Stephany, Middlesex;  BY LICENCE Groom: "b" (bachelor) 
& Bride: "s" (spinster}  Pallots Marriage Index - Ancestry. They had two daughters; 
     Felicia Scard born 9th October 1808, baptised 6th Nov. 1808 Christ Church Southwark, London
     Mary Ann Scard born 25th Sep. 1809 baptised 29th October 1809 same venue
His wife Ann was buried 10th April 1814 at Christ Church, Southwark, her abode noted "Crofs Street".
Henry Scard married2 Elizabeth Greenland 15th August 1814 at St. Margaret Westminster, Middlesex (both signed) 
Witnesses: Wm. Martin & C. Conyers. Groom: Widower; Bride: Spinster. Pallots Marriage Index - Ancestry com
Henry Scard was buried 18th Feb. 1816 also at Christ Church Southwark, London recorded aged fifty-six; abode: Crofs Street.    

                                              WILL of Henry Scard of Surrey - Proved 29th Feb 1816
This is the last Will and Testament of me Henry Scard of Crop Street Blackfriars Road in the Parish of Christ Church
in the County of Surrey Dealer in Coals being at this present time of weak in body but of sound & disposing mind.
[?] and [?]  before be God for the same.  First I resign my Soul unto the hands of Almighty God, my Creator hoping for
redemption of all my sins through the words and [?] of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and my body to be 
properly interred in a devout manner I give and  bequeath to my two daughters Felicia Scard and Mary Ann Scard the
sum of one hundred pounds each to be paid to them when they arrive at the age of twenty one years the interest thereof
to be applied in and towards their maintenance and education during their respective minorities if either of them depart
this life under the said age their legacy to go to the surviving one.  All the rest, residue & remainder of my household
good & furniture plate, linen, china cotton and funds of the Bank of England [?] my stock in [?] and all other my Estate
Effects whatsoever and wheresoever I give bequeath the same to my dear wife Elizabeth Scard to effect her own use 
and benefit and I do declare nominate constitute  & appoint my said wife Elizabeth Scard & my Sister Mrs. Ann Owen 
joint executrix's of this my last Will & Testament hereby revoking all former & other Wills by me at any time heretofore
made. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this twenty fifty day of October in the year of our Lord
1815.  Henry Scard [signed] [small seal].  Signed sealed published and declared on the said testator Henry Scard as for his
last Will & Testament  in the presence of us who in his presence at  his request and in the presence of each other have
subscribed out names as witnesses hereto the word “ann” being first struck through struck through write a per 
edit other word Elizabeth underlined  over it.  George Everford of Collingwood Street Surrey.  [?]  prerogative Officer [?]
Codicil: Codicil to my above Will it is my desire in case both my children should die under the age of twenty one years 
their legacies to go to my Wife dated this 25th day of October 1815 Henry Scard [signed in the presence of us George Greeson 
& Henry [?]. 
Probatum:Proved at London with a Codicil 29th February 1816 before the worshipful ……. Of Laws & by the oaths of Elizabeth
Scard widow the relict & Ann Owen (wife of William Owen) the sister executors to whom admin was granted being sworn to admin.
      A year after Henry's death his youngest daughter Mary Ann Scard enters the 
   Orphan Working School at the age of eight.
  The Morning Chronicle [London]  Friday 28th November 1817.  Issue 15156. 
   This was a 'free school' 
    Her sister Felica Scard appears to have been admitted to the Lambeth Asylum 
    for Orphaned Females shortly following their father's death.  Felicia was buried 
    16th Dec 1820 at St. Mary, Lambeth, residence "Asylum" recorded aged ten years. 

1841 Census: His widow Elizabeth Scard was living with her stepdaughter Mary Ann Scard: Address Dorset Street, London;
                         Sarah Grubb, Pew opener aged 52 born in County.
                         Elizabeth Scard, aged 61, Worker at illegible not born in County
                         Mary Ann Scard, aged 31, Soap Maker, not born in County.
1851 Census:  His widow Elizabeth  was living with step-daughter Mary Ann Scard. Address: 22 Tottenham Yard;
                         Elizabeth Scard, Widow, aged 71, Housekeeper, born Westborough, Wiltshire.
                         Mary Ann Scard, daughter ‘in law’ or of Housekeepers in law?, 
                         [i.e. in this era was a generic term for stepdaughter], aged 42, dressmaker, born Christ Church Blackfriars.
                         Widow Elizabeth Scard [nee unknown] died June Qtr. 1860 at the estimated age of eighty.
1861 Census:  [Henry's daughter] Address;  22 Tottenham Yard, 
                          Mary Ann Scard, Nurse, Unmarried, Housekeeper, aged 51, born Christ Church Blackfriars.
                          Jane Ryan, Widow aged 40, Assistant housekeeper, born Lambeth.
Mary Ann Scard died unmarried & without issue in the March Qtr. 1865 at the unrecorded age of fifty-six. [Reg. London]
The fate of her father's Estate is unknown.

Based on Henry's age (burial) the uncommon name 'Felicia' he is almost certainly the same Henry Scard bapt at Mere, 
Wiltshire 25th Dec 1759 the missing son of Thomas Scard of this Parish and brother to Thomas Scard of nearby 
Warminister who married Felica Hooper in 1783. In which case Henry is estimated aged fifty-seven at his death.

Also see information for his sister Ann Owen, formerly Humphry, nee Scard panel above (alphabetical). 
- [1822-1851]
- Wiltshire?

- [1804-1853]
- London

Both Convicts

Henry Scard No.1. (the younger) [1822-1851]

Henry Scard was aged 22 when he was shown indicted in the Wiltshire Quarter Session Calendars
                   "Date 31st Dec. 1844 - Prison - Type B [i.e. 'bad' meaning 'prisoner' as opposed to a  victim 'G' [Good]] 
                      Age 23 - TR 15*  [*Transported 15 years]. [FHO].  
Henry was recorded 'a Tailor'.
He departed the motherland from Spithead on the 10th January 1847 per Sir Thomas Arbuthnot and arrived at 
Port Melbourne 4th May 1847 recorded aged 25, with 338 others on the Sir Thomas Arbuthnot.

He appears to have met a elder man also Henry Scard who also traveled on the Sir Thomas Arbuthnot as a free-man 
although formerly a convict.  The elder of the two appears to have befriended the younger and both remained in 
Young Henry did not live to realise the expiration of his sentence and died three years after his arrival, buried 
on the 12th May 1851 at St. Peter's Melbourne at the recorded age of thirty-one?

Henry Scard [the elder] died eighteen months later on the 5th Jan. 1853. 

Neither appear to have married or had issue in Australia.
Henry Scard No.2. (the elder) [1804-1853]

Henry Scard was indicted  at the Old Bailey London 14th January 1824 for stealing 4lbs of Mutton valued 2s. at Brick Lane, 
St. Lukes, London at the age of seventeen. Immediately following his release Henry, was again charged in the June Sessions
at the same venue for which he received sentence of Transportation for Life.  Part 1:  Part 2. 
Henry Scard departed Sheerness/Falmouth either 7th November/16th December 1824 per 'Lady East' He arrived Hobart, 
Van Diemen's Land [Tasmania] 9th April 1825. [208 Convicts aboard] 
Six years later Henry was given a Ticket-of-Leave on the 17th September 1830 (the liberty of working where and for whom 
he wished) for good behaviour.
Five years later he was recorded in the Hobart Town Courier: 3rd July 1835 when deprived of his Ticket-of-leave on the charge 
of Gross demarcation. This was the result of a long drawn out Court Hearing where Henry Scard was accused of giving false 
evidence involving the theft of one heifer and news articles lingered over the next three years. Reading the articles poor Henry 
was undoubtedly innocent of the theft itself,  but a victim of circumstances.
Overview: Mr. Bryan was a well respected land owner and the employer of Henry Scard among four others who lived in a Hut 
provided on the property. During the Trial Henry Scard gave evidence; Some of the evidence presented by Henry Scard; 
'Another  witness was called, viz, H. Scard, a ticket-of-leave man of good character, and this man swore that – I remember  last 
Thursday;  I went out with Jackson and brought a beast from Cluan paddock, and took it to Glenore; it was branded WB: we 
delivered it to Mr. Winter as Mr. W.Bryan’s property; went into Glenore  paddock and drew off  a yearling bull for  killing, 
it had no brand, and was brought to Cluan as R.B’s property, we drove  it to the paddock at Cluan and put it into the yare and 
branded it; we drove it  with some cattle, the property of R.Bryan, and then killed it.  By charles  Lonsdale, J.P. – Who told you 
it was R. Bryan’s property? Scard.- No  person told me it was his property . I was ordered by R. Bryan to drive a head  of cattle
to Glenore, and to bring another back to Cluan; I did not know what  head of cattle I was to drive back, but drove the one the 
prisoner Jackson fixed upon, I drove it straight from Glenore to Cluan stock yard. There is a multitude of reference to Henry 
and his Testimony at the Trial and although it is clear that Henry did not fix to steal the bull, he was implied a perjurer;
One of several articles involving the case: "The fate of the unfortunate prisoner “Scard” will long be remembered at Westbury; 
and will  operate as a warning and example to convicts not to speak the truth. In my presence, the Magistrate endeavored by 
threat to make “Scard” falsify himself, and failing in this design, he deprived him, with your sanction, of his ticket-of leave, 
and sentenced him to work in a road gang.
Three years later Henry's Ticket-of-leave was re-instated, published on the 18th May 1838. Four years later Henry was granted 
a Pardon, published by the Hobart Town Courier on the 27th May, 1842. He sailed to Melbourne per Sir Thomas Arbuthnot
where he met another younger Henry Scard who was a convict aboard this ship.  Henry befriended him and the two remained
in Melbourne. Nine years later Henry Scard died in Melbourne, Victoria on the 5th Jan. 1853, buried on the 7th Jan. 1853 at 
St. James Melbourne at the recorded age of 48 years, noted 'Labourer'. He was predeceased by his younger ward Henry Scard 
seventeen years his junior of Wiltshire who died three years years prior.  See left panel
- born 1864
- Wandsworth, Surrey
- Accident (1881)

Henry Scard was aged 17 [born c.1864] when he was recorded in the Illustrated Police News: Saturday 1st January 1881
[Issue 881] involved in an accident involving a plate glass window which he broke through when riding his horse recklessly. 
He survived the incident but may have had been scarred during the event. If you have such a Henry in your family born 
around this time please contact so a home can be found for young Henry within these pages. See Newspaper Article in 
right panel.
Click on image to enlarge
- Death of infant son (1874)
- Landport, Hanpshire
Death of Frederick Scard (aged 3) Hampshire Telegraph & Sussex Chronicle etc. (Portsmouth, England), 
Saturday 3rd January 1874. Issue 4318.  This article has been place here due to it's sensitive nature.  
He was the son of Henry James Scard [the elder] & his wife Maria nee Sutton.  Transcription Submitted by David Kenny, 
a Gosport Scard descendant, with special request that it should be displayed in memory of little Frederick.
The Borough Coroner (W. H.  Garrington, Esq.,) held an inquest at the “Constitution Tavern,”  Herford-street, Landport, 
on Wednesday evening, on the body of Frederick Scard,  aged 3½ years. – Maria Scard, wife of Henry James Scard, a shipwright 
in H.M.’s  dockyard, living at No. 88, Hertford-street, Church-street, Landport, stated  that the deceased was her son. 
On Saturday morning, the 20th ult., her husband got up, lit the fire in the sitting-room, and left home at ten minutes past seven 
to go to his work according to his usual custom.  Soon after  her husband left home, she heard the deceased scream out, and on 
going  downstairs, from whence the cries proceeded, she found the deceased standing in the passage at the foot of the stairs. 
His night gown and undershirt were on fire. She took up a piece of carpet and threw it over him, and rolled him on the floor, 
by those means extinguished the flames. The deceased gave her no account as to how the accident happened, but his brother, 
a child two years older, told her that after their father had gone to work they went down stairs, and the deceased stood inside 
the fender to warm himself, when his clothes took fire. Witness was in bed at the time, and had not heard the children go down  
stairs. She screamed when she saw what had happened, and Mrs. Millward, a next door neighbour, came in directly. 
They examined the child, and found extensive burns on various parts of the body, including the face, neck, arms, abdomen, and thighs.
Mr. Gilmore, surgeon, of Commercial road, was sent for, and as he was from home, Mr. Barnes, another neighbour, conveyed the 
deceased to the Royal Portsmouth, Portsea, and Gosport Hospital, where he was  seen by the house-surgeon, who dressed the injuries,
after which the deceased was taken home. The house-surgeon wished to detain the deceased in the institution, but witness preferred 
his being taken home. Mr. Gilmour attended soon afterwards, and continued to attend to him up to the time of his death, which took 
place at a quarter-past five o’clock on Monday morning last. Mr. Robert Gilmour deposed to having examined the deceased, and 
described the nature of the burns, which, he said, extended from neck to the thighs. The deceased was in a state of collapse when 
he first saw him, but afterwards rallied a little. The wounds did not heal, mortification set in, and the deceased died from the effects 
of the  burns. The jury, after a brief  consultation, returned a verdict of  'Accidental death from burning.'
Any Queries: Contact:David kenny viaWebmaster:  Please address emails: Re: Scard Family Gosport -to David kenny

- Various Names (1822-1866)
- Newfoundland
- Grand Bank
- Upper Burgeo
- Channel
All information can be found at the Newfoundland Website
A summary of these entries can be found on at this site on an appended page
John Scard born pre 1800.
Charles Scard born pre 1820
Thomas Scard born pre 1820
Richard Scard born 1821
+ Issue + Except from Memoirs of Mr. Joseph Smallwho knew the family (1915) 

South Africa
- 1881-1968
Submitted by David Kenny
David mentions that the entries for 'J.J. Scard' could possibly be for the name 'James Jasper Scard'.
J.J.Scard - Papers 1881  - instated as Police Officer. 
J.J. Scard - Papers 1881  - removed as Police Officer - Asking about his Medal.
Johanna Catherine Elizabeth Scard - Estate  Papers - 1918
James Charles Scard - Estate Papers - 1924

Alice Gertrude Scard, nee Dyason - Estate Papers - 1968 (Spelling as per record)
Further investigations revealed the following in lieu of documents from David (2009);
The Link to these Records can be found at

Various Parts of the Globe
- 1881-1933
There were many voyages taken by Scard Family members to various parts of the Globe from  before 1881, 
to and from England, returning to England mainly via Southampton. The migratory pattern included all 
Family Lineages to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, North Pacific Islands,  USA, etc. where they settled 
permanently.  These exceed the set parameters of this site a few examples are displayed extracted from  
Mr. Scard - depart Durban, South Africa arrived Southampton, Hants - Cabin - 11th May 1894.
Edward Scard- depart Durban South Africa [born 12th March 1894] arrived Southampton, Hants - 3rd June 1955.
                          [3 voyages for Edward also listed as Edward Henry Scard ]  Sth Africa to Southampton arriving in 
                          1932, 1946 & 1955 above. Traveled with Gertrude Scard on each occasion [his wife].
                          Further investigations revealed Edward to have been born in Gosport, Hampshire on the above 
                          date recorded on the 1901 Census at Alverstoke the son of George Scard & his wife Jane.
                                                           Census: Address: No. 8 Melivile? Road, Alverstoke;
                                                           George Scard, Head, aged 34, Foreman [R.N. Ord] born Portsmouth, Hants.
                                                           Jane Scard, wife, aged 36, born Strood, Kent.
                                                           George Scard, son, aged 12, born Gosport, Hants. 
                                                           William Scard, son, aged 9, born Gosport, Hants. 
                                                           Edward Scard, son, aged 7, born Gosport, Hants. 
                                                           Albert E Scard, son, aged 4, born Gosport, Hants. 
                           He is very likely the son of George Scard by his wife Jane nee Antel. Continued right panel
Frederick Isenbart Scard - depart Puerto Columbia arrived Southampton - 17th March 1898. 
                                               Link leads to the Biography of his father John Scard, Solicitor of London.  
Albert Scard -                       depart New York arrived Southampton, Hants - 18th December 1908 
Mr. Scard -                            born c.1892 - depart Australia arrived London - 28th Dec. 1920. 
A.V. Scard -                           born c.1893 from Beira, Mozambique arrived in London, 4th Nov. 1926
                                                - address in UK: - 66 Parkham Road Gosport - 
Edward Henry Scard -          born c.1897 - depart Sth Africa arrived Southampton, Hants 14th March 1932. 
                                                - address in UK: 66 Parkham Road Gosport, Hants- 2nd Class occupation: Civil Servant 
                                                  also traveling with Edward was; Gertrude Gladys aged 35; Mary [middle name illegible] aged 10. 
Leonard Scard                       born c. 1907 - depart Mombosa Kenya arrived Southampton, Hants - 22nd August 1932
Arthur Scard                         born c. 1873 - depart New York arrived Plymouth - 28th Nov. 1933.
There were many more
- Blandford, Dorset
- Bastardy Order
- 1765
- EEB 1745
Bastardy Order - Date: 15th July 1765.
Overseers of the Poor - Forum at the Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Blandford Dorset. 
Illegitimate child of Jane Scard by Jonathan Crofts, late a soldier  belonging to the Earl of Waldegraves Regiment of Dragoons.
Document has not been retrieved.    
- Christchurch, Hampshire
- Marriage (1728)

This Section is Currently 
Under Revised Research
Updates relating to earlier 
lineage for the Scard family 
will be advised soon.  
James Skard married Mary Holvey on the 26th Dec 1728 Christchurch, Hampshire and settled at adjacent Holdenhurst.  
He was buried at the same venue10th Sept 1775. H is widow survived him five years and was buried on the 20th April 1780 
also at Christchurch, Hampshire [HBI]. They were survived by their two surviving sons 

                  James baptised 29th August 1730 at Holdenhurst son of James 'Card' - Buried 2 March 1731 at Holdenhurst [HBI]
                  James  baptised 30th June 1735 at Holdenhurst, Hampshire son of James 'Card'.
                  Thomas baptised 23rd September 1737 at Holdenhurst son of James 'Card'.'
                  John buried 9th August 1747 'son of James' at Christchurch
                  The above baptisms were uncovered and kindly submitted by Barry & Terry Key from the HFHS.

Duty was paid on the indentures of his sons;
                   5th Dec 1748: Master: John North, Christchurch, Cooper:  Apprentice: James son of James Scard 
                   Monday 27th Dec 1749  Master: Benjm North, Christchurch, Southton, Saddler:  Appr: Thomas son of James Scard

Aged twenty-three James Scard (the younger) married Elizabeth Guthridge also Christchurch on the 6th Dec 1758.
The couple moved to Gosport where they had issue.  James died Testate in 1811.
 Biography of James Scard [1735-1811] appended page.

Their younger son Thomas had continued his trade as a saddler, owning a shop at Southampton where at the age of  
twenty-five he married Susannah Benness and had several issue.  He died Testate in 1824 at the recorded age of 
eighty-seven.  See Biography of Thomas Scard [1737-1838] appended page.

Continued right panel.

Holvey Burials at Christchurch & Holdenhurst [1 mile] Bishop's Transcripts - some burials were repeated. [HBI];
                    Edward Holvey 2nd March 1681 buried at Holdenhurst
                    John Holvey 20th May 1688 - Christchurch
                    Nicholas Holvey 5th Nov. 1689 - Christchurch
                    John Holve son of John 24th May 1691 - Christchurch
                    Mary Holve [widow] 29th Sept. 1696 - Christchurch
                    [Widow] Holve 11th Jan 1706 - Christchurch
                    Richard Holve son of Richard 15th Oct. 1708 - Christchurch
                    Rogear Holfey 29th Nov. 1721 - Christchurch 
                    Robert Holffey 5th Jan. 1722 - Christchurch
                    [Widow] Holvey 1st Jan 1724 - Christchurch [also recorded at Holdenhurst in HBI]
                    [Widow] Holvey 1st Jan 1724 - Holdenhurst [also recorded at Christchurch in HBI]
                    [Widow] Holvey 9th May 1724 - Christchurch
                    Avess Holvey wife of John 2nd March 1730 - Christchurch [also recorded at Holdenhurst in HBI]
                    Avis Holvey 2nd March 1730 - Holdenhurst [also recorded at Christchurch in HBI]
                    Elizabeth Holvey 12th Feb 1725 - Christchurch
                    John Holvey son of Nicholas 19th Oct. 1729  - Christchurch [also recorded at Holdenhurst in HBI]
                    John Holvey 19th Oct. 1729 - Holdenhurst [also recorded at Christchurch in HBI]
                    Mary Holvey [widow] 23rd April 1728 - Christchurch
                    Nicholas Holvey son of John 2nd March 1730 - Christchurch
                    John Holvey 28th Oct. 1731 - Christchurch
                    John Holvey 8th May 1733 - Christchurch
                    Mary Holvey [widow] 23rd April 1728  - Christchurch  [also recorded as Holdenhurst in HBI]
Some documents are held at Hampshire Record Office URL:;
Will, Inventory & Bond of John Holvey [Holvie] of Holdenhurst 1662 - Relevance unknown. 
Will for Hugh Holvey [Holve], husbandman of Wick, Christchurch 1699 [Hampshire Record Office] - Relevance unknown.
- Greenwich Hospital
- 1782
- born 1735
James Scard - Dated 1782Records  of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies.
Register of candidates for admission to Greenwich Hospital.
Note:  The men applied from all areas and Counties in England. 
One excerpt: `The relief and support of seamen serving on board the shipps or vessells belonging to the Navy Royal
                          who by reason of Age, Wounds or other disabilities shall be incapable of further service at sea and 
                          being unable to maintain themselves.
It was considered that this was very likely James Scard of Gosport [1735-1812]  who's son was also a pensioner at the 
Naval Dockyards, Portsea.
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- Frome, Somerset
- Spouse: Mary Cook
- Occupation: Shearer  
- Marriage By Licence
- 1812
- EBB 1789
James Scard married Mary Cook by Licence on the 18th May 1812 at John the Baptist, Frome, Somerset 
Witnesses: Jeremiah Gray, Hannah Weaver.
Hannah Weaver also witnessed the marriage of Sarah Cook [assumed sister of Mary Cook]
to William Denning 22nd February 1808 [also by Licence] at the same venue]
The Licences in both the 'Cook' sisters may imply the Cook Family has a degree of affluence - see right panel.
[Triple Baptism] 
Sophia Scard baptised 25th Dec. 1816 daughter of James and Mary, abode Spring Gardens, 
                      St. John the Baptist, Frome Somerset, Father's occupation: Shearer.  
John Scard baptised 25th Dec. 1816 son of James and Mary, abode Spring Gardens,
                     St. John the Baptist, Frome Somerset, Father's occupation: Shearer.  
William Scard baptised 25th Dec. 1816 son of James and Mary, abode Spring Gardens,
                     St. John the Baptist, Frome Somerset, Father's occupation: Shearer.
A further investigation of the Parish Records revealed baptisms almost certainly those of 
of both sisters Mary (born 1797) and Sarah (born 1790) both baptised at Frome on the same
day with their other siblings the children of William & Sarah Cook similar to the bulk 
baptisms seen in Mary's marriage to James Scard.
            Sarah Cook daughter of William and Sarah - noted aged 14 yrs (born 1790).
            Ann Cook daughter of William & Sarah - noted aged 10 yrs (born 1794).
            Mary Cook daughter of William & Sarah - noted aged 7 yrs (born 1797). 
            Martha Cook daughter of William & Sarah - noted aged 5 yrs (born 1799). 

William Cook had married Sarah Davis 28th May 1787 at Frome. Witnesses were T. Jones 
& John Deacon [witnessed many marriages likely the Parish Clerk] 
Relevant Tithe; 
Keyford Place, Frome 1813: House & Garden; owner Charles BISHOP, occupier William Cook 
See dwellings Keyford Place.
- Poole 
- 1816
- EBB 1790
Joseph Lance vs James Scard at Poole (1816)
Law-suit relating to unpaid money for work done. See full transcription on appended page
- Naval Record (1861) Left P
- Born 1816 (Gosport)

- Naval Record (1819) Right P
- Born 1819 (Gosport)
- Died 1875 (Milit. Hosp.Kent)

Probably the same person
JAMES SCARD born 9th December 1816, Gosport

Service -Royal Navy Original page number: 385
James Scard Rating; Age on entry: [Not Given]; 
Dates served: 19 May 1861-13 March -1871; 
Date and Type of Application: Whitehall 20 July 1861 
Born: 9 December 1816, Gosport, Hants.  
Date range: 1860 - 1861. [National Archives, Kew]

Parents: Unidentified
See access to possible Biography Right Panel
His son James in missing person advertisement (below) in 1888
JAMES SCARD born August 1819, Gosport   
Service: Royal Navy  Entry:   9646,
Rank -  Bosn. Mate, Service-RN, Unit-HMS Pelorus, Number 9, Date-1860.  [UK Milita Lists]  Ref-ADM171/16. 
Awarded the New Zealand Medal 1845-1847. 
Married and had issue. 
Died 1st July 1875 at Pembroke Military Hospital, Kent
See Story of his of his life, marriage, children: Appended Page
May have been the son of James Scard [the 3rd] of Gosport.
- Dorset (1820) 
James Scard recorded in Bastardy Order at Dorchester in 1820 for infant born to Maria Legg. 
Document transcription on appended page
- Dorset (1826) 
James Scard recorded at Blandford Dorset: Poor House - Vestry Meeting [1826] 
Document transcription on appended page
- Missing Person (1888)
Missing Person Advertisement:  Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper (London, England), 7th January 1888
Heading:  "Long Lost Relatives"
                  "JAMES SEARD left England in 1868 for the Cape of Good Hope, proceeding to the Diamond fields about 1780.
                  When last heard of in 1874 he was a licensed diamond buyer at Kimberley, and then thought of returning to
                  England.  His mother and brother are anxious for news."
A retraction for the misspelled name was published the following week in the same newspaper 15th January 1888
Heading:  "Long Lost Relatives" 
       Last week's inquiry for JAMES SEARD should have been printed JAMES SCARD, whose mother and sister 
                   are making the inquiry. 
These advertisements were free of charge and charitably published by this newspaper.

James appears to be the son of James Scard & his wife Nancy (born 1853)

- Witness Only
- London (1898)
Witness at Inquest - Lambeth, Surrey. 
Reynold’s Newspaper (London England) - Date: Sunday  February 13 1898 - Issue 2479. 
General News: Re death of Thomas Wilcock Wakem who was found poisoned at Rowton House, Bond-Street,  Vauxhall.
            "…… James Scard superintendent of Rowton House said deceased came to lodge there on 
               Thursday night and occupied a cubicle." 
A verdict of suicide whilst temporarily insane was returned.
- Cann near Shaftesbury
- Spouse: Mary Upjohn
- EBB 1685
John Scard married Mary Upjohn by Banns on the 6th July 1708 at St. James Shaftesbury.
They had several issue. See appended page. 

This Entry will be updated with new information very soon. 
- Of Ospringe, Kent
- Faversham, Kent
- Marriage 1779
Canterbury Marriage Licences.Vol 31: Folio 190.
John Scard of Ospringe married Sarah Sharp of Faversham, a minor, with consent of 
her father John S Sharp at Faversham, Kent, 12th March 1779. [Ancestry] by whom he had Issue: 
Sarah Ann Scard baptised 8th April 1781 Faversham, Kent daughter of John & Sarah [LDS=Seard]
Sarah Scard baptised 18th November 1787, Ospringe, Kent daughter of John & Sarah [LDS=Seard]
James Scard baptised 23rd January 1791 son of John & Sarah Dartford, Kent. [LDS=Seard]
Continued in right panel
Their son i.e. James Seard [Scard] appears to have married Mary unknown and had at least one child;
Issue: Mary Seard [Scard] born 5th April 1829, baptised 18th April 1829 Scots Church Woolwich Kent [LDS=Seard]
            Mary Seard [Scard] was recorded in the 1841 Census at the home of aged 29, Family Servant.
The Sharp Family were documented in Faversham - See National Archives Kew
Also The for John Sharp, a Maltser at Faversham 1600's.
- Compton Dundon, Somerset
- Isolated Infant burial (1784)
John Scard buried 14th September 1784, 'Infant' Compton Dundon, St. Andrew, Somerset [FHO]  
- Wareham, Dorset
- Daughter bapt 1770
Sally baptised on the 7th January 1770 - Holy Trinity, Wareham - daughter of Mr. John Scard 
& his wife Mary. John held status in the community i.e. 'Mr.' usually reserved for a 'Gentlemen'. 
The original entry is difficult to read. 
- London
- Re-marriage (1805)
Margaret Scard [Widow] to James Read [Bachelor] 11th August 1805 - St. Geo. Middlesex.
Assumed Margaret was born well before 1780.
Nothing on the 1841 or subsequent census.
- Pallot's Marriage Index. [Ancestry]
- Sopely, Hampshire
- Burials: 1720 & 1754
Mary Scard was buried 30th May 1720 'wife of John' at Sopley, Hampshire
Mary Scard buried on the 25th August 1754 at Sopley, Hampshire.
See new research on an appended page
- Fawley, Hampshire
- Marriage (1785)
MARRIAGE Mary Scard to Thomas Olding on the 10th Jan. 1785 Fawley, Hampshire - no issue found to date. 
No Burials at Fawley for 'Olding' - Nil. [HBI]  Some Deed articles for Thomas Olding at Hampshire Record Office. 
- London 
- Will (1750)
- Spouse: Mary
- Daughter: Elizabeth
Peter Skard married Mary Poynter 29th June 1714 St. Edmund the King & Martyr Lombard St. London [LDS=Seard]
They had only one daughter Mary Skard born between 1715-1729,  documented as their only child, who married 
Edmund Gilbert 6th March 1749 at Saint Katherine Coleman, London [LDS] Her spouse, Edmund Gilbert's Will 
was dated the same time at PPC London as Mary's father Peter Skard.
                                                                               WILL OF PETER SKARD - Proved 18th July 1851
In the Name of God Amen I Peter Skard of the Parish of St. James Dukes Place London Piece Maker and Haberdasher 
being weak in Body  but of Perfect Mind and Memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in the manner
and form  following. Imprimis I bequeath my Soul to God and I will and devise that my Body be Decently Interred in such 
manner as my Executrix hereinafter named  shall think proper and as for and concerning my Estate both real and personal 
of what kind and nature soever my Will and Mind is that my Debts and funeral Expenses shall in the first place be paid and 
satisfied also I give and bequeath my dear and loving wife Mary all my Estate both Stock in Credit, Household Goods, Money 
and out  standing [?] of what kind soever but my Will is that if my said Wife shall at any time hereafter [?] marry then and 
in such case she shall immediately pay or cause to  be paid to and for the use of my Daughter Mary Gilbert the sum of one 
hundred pounds out of the residue of my said Estate so bequeathed to my said  Wife and I do hereby constitute and appoint 
my said Wife sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament and so hereby revoke and make void all former Wills by me 
made in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this ninth day of January in the year of Our Lord One 
thousand seven hundred and fifty – the Mark of Peter Skard [-]  Signed Sealed Published and Delivered by the said testator 
Peter Skard [?] the ninth day of January in the Year of our Lord one thousand  seven hundred and fifty in the presence of us, 
who at his request hath subscribed our names as Witnesses hereof George Knight, Hannah Bolbyor & Rd [Richard] Walter.
This Will  was proved at London the eighteenth day of July in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty one
before the Worshipful Robert Chapman Doctor of Laws Surrogate of the right Worshipful John  Bettesworth also Doctor of 
Laws Master [?] or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oath of Mary Skard, 
Widow, the Relict of the deceased and sole Executrix named in  the said Will to whom Administration was granted of all and 
singular the Goods, Chattels and Credits of the Deceased being first duly sworn to  administer.
                                                               WILL OF MARY SKARD [widow] - Proved 5th April 1862
In the Name  of God Amen, I Mary Skard of ? shoemaker, now in the parish of St. James Dukes Place in the City of London
do hereby bequeath unto the Reverend Mr. Savidge the sum on ten pounds and also a Gold Ring, Item: unto my goddaughter 
Miss Mary Johnson the sum of five  pounds. Item: unto Miss Sharp a gold Ring. Item: to Mrs. Coalbath Junior a Gold  Ring, 
Item: to Mrs. Johnson a Gold ring, Item to Mr. Geo Larkson a Gold Ring, Item to the Reverend Mr. Porter a Gold Ring, Item, 
to my Main Servant Rachael Ablestock the goods belonging to the two pair of stairs Room forward known by the name of 
Mrs. Oslands Room that is to say a feather bed, Bolster and  blankets with the bedstead and furniture thereunto belonging 
with a stove  Table, Chest of Drawers and Claps the whole withas has usually been accustomed  to be in the aforesaid Room 
unto the aforesaid Rachael Blestock the sum of three pounds three shillings for ?.  And  I do hereby require and demand of 
my daughter Mrs. Gilbert to pay the  abovementioned Legacies in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this
[blank]  day of [blank] in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty two and in the Second year of the
Reign of his Majesty King George the third, Kind of Great Britain and soforth Mary Skard [signed] Signed in the presence 
of us Ann Richards [signed] Elizabeth Ord [signed] Eliza Allcock [signed].
On the fifth Day of April in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Sixty Two Administration  (with the 
Will Annexed) of the Good, Chattels and Credits of Mary Skard late of the Parish of St. James Dukes Place London Widow 
deceased was granted to Mary Gilbert, Widow the natural and lawful daughter and only child of the said deceased (for that 
no Executor or residuary Legatee is named in the said Will, having been first sworn Duly to Administer.
Signature on Will

WILL OF EDMUND GILBERT - Spouse of Mary Skard [the younger] - Proved 15th Sept 1757

I Edmund Gilbert of Pancrias Lane London, Norwich Factor, being of sound and disposing mind Memory and 
understanding do make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following, that is to say, First 
and Principally I commend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God trusting through the ? and ? of  Jesus Christ 
to obtain ? pardon and ? of all my sins and internal happenings in the World to ?. My Body I commit to the Earth 
to be decently interred at the  discretion of my Executrix hereinafter named. And as ? such Temporal Estates it 
hath pleased God to bless me with – I  give and dispose thereof as followeth.   First I Will that all my just debts and 
funeral expenses be paid and  satisfied. I give and bequeath unto to my loving wife Mary the sum of one thousand 
pounds. Item: I  give to my Cousin Mary Pemble the sum of fifty pounds.  Item: I give unto Joseph Cullinim, 
Porter to our Family for many years the sum of five guineas. Item: I give unto Elizabeth  Bradbowen, Servant to 
my wife the sum of twenty pounds.  And as to for and remaining all the Rest and  Residue of my Estate whatsoever 
and wheresoever whether real or personal of  what nature kind and quality soever, the same now is or shall or may 
be at the time of my decease I give devise and bequeath unto my said loving wife and my sister Christian Gilbert 
Equally to be divided between them, share and share alike. And I do hereby nominate and appoint my said loving 
wife Sole Executrix  of this my Last Will and hereby Revoke all former Wills made by me at any time made and do 
Declare this only to be my Last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have to this Last Will and Testament 
containing one sheet of paper  set my hand and affixed my Seal this eighth day of  February in the year of Our
Lord One Thousand seven hundred and fifty.  Edmund Gilbert [Signed]. Signed  Sealed Published and Declared 
by the said Edmund Gilbert as and for his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us, who at his request and in 
his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses.  Tho [Thomas] Beach 
[signed] George Fisher [signed].
I further Will to my beloved Wife Mary the sum of two thousand pounds over and as above the thousand pounds 
left to her above. And to my mother-in-law Mary Skard the sum of two hundred pounds. And I do hereby declare 
this to be Part of my ### Last Will and Testament including ten pounds to be paid as soon as convenient 
to Hannah Bowyer so Dated this day  being (the 22nd December 1752) – the word part being first ?. 
Edmund Gilbert [Signed] Witness Alex Gordon [signed] Hannah Bowyer [signed]. 
This Will was proved at London with a Codicil the fifteenth day of September In the year of Our Lord One Thousand 
Seven hundred and fifty seven, before the Worshipful & Honorable  Sir George [?] Knight also Doctor of Laws, ? , 
keeper or Commissionary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oath of Mary  Gilbert, 
widow, the relict of the deceased and sole executrix named in the said  Will to whom Administration was Granted of 
all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased having been first duly sworn to Administer.
Richard Scard
- Bridgewater, Somerset
- 1628
- EBB 1604
Richard Scard married Margaret Hutland 9th June 1628 St. Mary's Bridgwater [Somerset Marriage pre 1754 [SRO]]
[LDS=Scarde]. They had one child baptised at the same venue who did not survive infancy; 
Mary Scarde baptised 13th September 1629 St. Mary Bridgewater, Somerset  daughter of Richard & Mary!! [LDS] 
Mary Scarde buried 21st December 1629, St. Mary, Bridgwater, Somerset [NBI]
The family disappears from this parish at this point however the name Richard is subsequently supported in the 
Child Okeford area 36 miles ESE 
- West Lulworth
- 1740
- Yeoman
- EBB 1688
Richard Scard married Hannah [nee unknown] & settled in West Lulworth. They had several issue.
He was granted administration for the Estate of his son deceased Thomas in 1740 who died in Service. See separate page. 
- Portsea, Hampshire
- EBB 1740
John Scard baptised 25th May 1764 son of Richard and Sarah - All Saints, Portsea, Hampshire.         
There were no further entries found for Richard, Sarah or their son John at the present time.
- Ringwood, Hampshire
- Events from 1783-1804
- EBB 1760
Richard appears to have had a brother William Scard who was involved in an incidend at Ringwood in 1783 (see entry below).
Richard Scard Sarah Stevens aka Stevenson on the 15th April 1790 at Ringwood by whom he had issue;
William Scard baptised 4th February 1791 at Ringwood. Henry Scard baptised 19th January 1804 at Ringwood - Young Henry Is probably the same Henry Scard [born 1804] and died in Australia in 1853 (see above).
Spouse: Sarah Stephens was born Sarah Stephenson 15th Sept. 1759, baptised 13th Jan. 1760 at Great Upper Chapel 
                Meeting house Presbyterian, Ringwood Hampshire the daughter of Joseph Stephenson and his wife Susanna.
                The Stephenson family moved to Poole, Dorset within three years of Sarah's birth where three siblings were born;
                       George Stephenson born 7th Jan bapt. 18th Jan 1763 Old Meeting Hill Street, Presbyterian Poole - Died young.
                       George Stephenson born 12th Jan 1771 at the same venue.
                       Elizabeth Stephenson born 31st May 1768 bapt. 13th June 1768 at the same venue.
- Newton, Hampshire
- Occupation: Baker
- Burial 1826 (age 50yrs)
Piggot's Trade Directory 1825 - Portsea [Portsmouth], Hampshire: Richard Scard - Baker - Newtown.

Burial: Richard Scard buried 26th May 1826, 'aged 50 yrs' - All Saints, Portsea.  [i.e. born 1776]
Almost certainly the same person. Richard is a rare name in the Scard Family and virtually non-existent in Hampshire.
Sarah Scard
- Blandford, Dorset
- 1749 (Marriage)
- EBB 1727
Sarah Scard married  married John Harvey on the 28th Oct. 1749  Blandford St. Mary’s Dorset. 
Possible daughter of William born 1722 at Stourpaine. see below 
Scard Barnard
- Hampshire/London
- Born 1828
Scard Barnard was baptised 3rd Jan. 1828 the son of George & Betsey Ann, at Broughton, Hants. His father was born in 1790 
His mother was born in 1792 Maiden Name Unknown
1841 Census:  Latimore Street, Romsey, Hampshire;
                       George Barnard, aged 51, Schoolmaster, Born in County.
                       Betsey Barnard, aged 49, Born in County.
                       Sophia Barnard, aged 15, Born in County.
                       Scard Barnard, aged 13, Born in County.
1851 Census: 24 Guildford Place, Clerkenwell, London;
                       George Barnard, aged 61, Retired Schoolmaster, born Hampshire. 
                       Betsey Barnard, aged 59, born Hampshire.
                       Sophia Barnard, aged 21, born Hampshire. 
Married:       Scard Barnard married Elizabeth [possibly nee Vaughan] in 1849 
1851 Census: Address: 2A Eliza Place, Clerkenwell, London [Ancestry=Bernard]
                       Scard Barnard, aged 23, Tobacconist, born Hampshire, Broughton.
                       Elizabeth Barnard, Wife, aged 24, born illegible Middlesex.
                       Ellen Barnard, Daughter, aged 10 months, born Clerkenwell.
In 1871 Scard Barnard was living at Islington, London, a Commercial Clerk with his wife and 5 children i.e. & two servants. 
In 1890 Scard Barnard was mentioned in a Trial held at the Old Bailey, London 15th December 1890, where it is revealed he 
had several brothers. i.e. Frank Stewart Barnard [a successful stockbroker][London], Donald Barnard [brother] and 
Alexander Donald  Barnard, of Dunedin, New Zealand. During the Trial a witness believed that at that time Scard Barnard
was at Brighton [Sussex].
Scard Barnard died in the June Qtr. 1892 at the recorded age of 62 [Reg. Kingston] - Scard Lineage is Unplaced.
Sutton Waldron Entries

John Skard buried 19th November 1708, St. Bartholomew, Sutton Waldron [Skard] 
Thomas Scard buried 2nd February 1720, St. Bartholomew, Sutton Waldron 
Mary Scarde buried 29th January 1723, St. Bartholomew, Sutton Waldron. 
Mary Schard? married Joseph Dibben 18th April 1720, Sutton Waldron
This section has now been move to an appended page with other more recent research in this region - ACCESS
Thomas Scharde alias Gater
- Shaftesbury, Dorset
- 1560
- EBB 1538 
Possible variation lived at Shaftesbury with remnants of the family later found at Child Okeford. He Filed a 
lengthy legal suit against his brother William in 1560 regarding possession of the family mansion. 
More information with original document with professional transcription is displayed on a another page.
- Aishold, Somerset (1680)
- Possible Transcription error 
Citation[FHO=Seard] Unlikely: Thomas Scard buried 29th October 1680, Aisholt, Somerset 
Parish Record reads Thomas Trotte alias Beard or Seard same date & venue.  
(Proximity: Aisholt is 7 miles SW of Bridgewater) TRANSCRIPTION ERROR FOR BEARD
- London
- Insolvent
- 1825
London Times 1825: List of Insolvents;  
          'Scard,  Thomas, late of No. 1, Half Nichol-Street, Bethnal-Green,  Middlesex, Baker.'
He may be the same Thomas Scard who married Mary Welling 1823 - St. Andrew, Holborn.
Pallot's Marriage Index;   [Ancestry]
Thomas SCARD Scato
- Odiham, Hampshire
- Baptism (1834)
Thomas SCARD Scato, baptised 20th June 1834, Odiham, Hampshire son of John SCATO & and his wife Mary Ann' 
'of Odiham' Father noted as: 'Commander R.N.;
- London
- Marriage (1835)
- Thirza born c.1799 -Wiltshire
Thirza Scard [Spinster] Married  Francis Joseph Rowley [bachelor] 1835 - St. Dunstan West. 
Married 18th January 1835, St. Dunstan in the West, London [LDS=Bride 'Leard']
NOTE:  Same Year and Venue as [Unplaced] Elizabeth Scard [above] - could be sisters.
1841 Census: Address: 49 John Street, Christ Church, Surrey;
         Francis Rowley, age 25, Brass Founder - Not born in County.
         Thirza Rowley, age 25 - Not born in County.
         Sarah Rowley, age 70, 'Independent' - Not born in County.
Issue: Thirza Rowley born Dec. Qtr. 1848 Reg. Lambeth, Surrey.
                     - Thirza Rowley died Dec. Qtr. 1849 Reg. Lambeth, Surrey. [Estimated aged one year]
1851 Census: Address: 17 St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, London [Ancestry=Dowley]
         Francis J Rowley, Head, aged 39, Brass Finisher, born Middlesex, Clerkenwell
         Thirza Rowley, Wife, aged 38, born Wiltshire, Haytesbury. [i.e. born c.1813]
Death: Thirza Rowley was buried 17th August 1854 Pancras St. James, Camden, London recorded aged 43yrs
Spouse Re-Marriage: Francis Joseph Rowley to Sarah Ann Bunce 16th Aug. 1856 Pentonville, London [Reg. Clerkenwell]
Several Scard births were recorded around Haytesbury during the early part of 1800 [-10+ years] who appear
to have settled at Bath, Somerset may be relevant.  See 'Somerset' Scard Family Entries
Pallot's Marriage Index. [Ancestry]
- Dorset
- EBB 1290 
Found on the 1325 Lay Subsidy Roll at Pamphill with remnants of this reasonably wealthy family 1525-1569 
12 miles NW at Child Okeford. Much has been written about this item on a separate page.
- Shaftesbury, Dorset (1560)
- EBB 1538
see brother Thomas  
- Child Okeford, Dorset
- Son's Indentures (1703)
1703 - Scard, Richard, son of William, Child Okeford, Yeoman, to Robert Barrett, 8th April 1703, Masons’ Company.
1718 - Barrett, Henry, son of Robert, citizen and Mason [deceased], to Robert Scard, 22nd August 1718, Masons’ Company. 
Extended research for this and other families at Child Okeford See Appended page
- Stourpaine
- 1722
- EBB 1700
William Scard married Mary [nee unknown] by whom he had issue; 
Sarah  daughter of  William & Mary Scard baptised 21st June 1722 - Stourpaine, Dorset  [FHO]
Sarah could have married John Harvey at Blandford, Dorset 1747. see above 
- Sherborne
- 1754 (Marriage)
- 1755 (Death)
- Spouse: Betty Light
- EBB 1733
William Scard married Betty Light by Licence 4th Nov 1754  Sherborne, Dorset. 
Marriage Licence: Groom: William Scard, otp [of the parish], Bride: Betty Light, otp 
Witnesses:  Richard Stone & John Reeves.
William died two months later buried at Sherborne on the 28th Feb 1755.
There were no children of this brief union. His widow remarried the following year; 
Marriage Licence: Date: 22nd June 1756 - Sherborne
Groom: Henry Sherman a soldier in the Grenadier Company o.t.p. [signed with his mark X] - Bride: Betty Scard o.t.p. 
Bondsman: Joseph Bowman, Corporeal of the same Company.
Witnesses: James Hunter & Stephen Bland.
Witnesses:  John Reeves was recorded a victualler in a document dated 15th April 1758 [National Archives Kew - held at DRO] = 1 Doc.
Document 2: John Reeves of Sherborne. - Marriage settlement between John Reeves and Mrs Sarah Cooke of Sherborne, 1781. Very likely the marriage of his son i.e. Also Will of Sarah Reeves of Sherborne, 1787. Will of John Reeves 1798 - in 1 Bundle. No connection has been found for John Reeves Snr. and the Scard Family.
Richard Stone was recorded at Sherborne as a scriviner i.e. a professional drafter of contracts or other legal documents very likely paid to draw up the Marriage Licence.
- Kinson & Poole, Dorset
- 1758
- Spouse: Honour
- EBB 1736 
William Scard married Honor [nee unknown] before 1757 and initally settled at Kinson, Dorset where 
they recorded two children; 
        Mary daughter of William Scard & Honour, baptised 1st January 1758 at Kinson [DOPC].
        Honor daughter of William Scard & Honour baptised 7th December 1760 at Kinson [DOPC].
Moved to St. James, Poole 5 miles SW  
         Sarah daughter of William Scard & Honour, baptised 22nd May 1763 St. James, Poole [FHO&Ancestry].
         John son of William Scard & Honour, baptised 8th Feb. 1767 St. James, Poole [FHO&Ancestry] 
         Elizabeth daughter of William Scard & Honour,  baptised 28th Oct. 1770 St. James, Poole [FHO&Ancestry]
Baptism span - 12 years. 

Burials:   William SCARD buried 17th Aug 1766 at Kinson. [DOPC] 
                  John SCARD buried 3rd Sept. 1768 at Kinson [DOPC] 
                  Betty SCARD buried 17th March 1772 at Kinson [DOPC]
Marriage:  Honour SCARD 'of Parkston' married Edward (Benjamin?) Sanders (Landers?) a mariner'  21st May, 1787 at Kinson, 
                    Witnesses: Margaret Eves and Joseph Mingo.
                    Parkstone is 1mile SE of Poole [St. James] & Kinson is 3.6 miles NNE of Parkstone] 
Witnesses:  Joseph Mingo witnessed many marriages during this period at Kinson, he is assumed the Parish Clerk.
                     Joseph Mingo had married Honour Burt [widow] 18th May 1788 his witnesses were; William Steel & Joseph Seymour . 
                      Margaret Eves was married to William Short 10th November 1788 at Kinson
                      the witnesses to Margaret's marriage were: Mary Eves and Joseph Mingo.
Baptisms:   Mary Scard Lander baptised 22nd June 1788 at Kinson, daughter of Benjamin and his wife Honour.                          
Honour's mother would not be of child-bearing age if remarried.
There were no further 'Scard'  events at Kinson found to date, however there was one event recorded at Poole, Dorset some
thirty years later: Joseph Lance vs James Scard at Poole (1816) - Document.
Kinson is 5 miles SW of Poole between Christchurch 6 miles ESE with Ringwood 7.9  miles NE
- Ringwood, Hampshire
- Incident (1783)
William Skeard (Scard) was recorded in 1783 involved in an armed rescue attempt of Goods at Ringwood - see right panel.
He appears to have had a brother Richard Scard who married Mary Stevens at Ringwood around this time.
1783 - NEWS: William Skeard of Ringwood, Hampshire:  London Gazette 25th Feb 1783, Issue 12417
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- Gosport, Hampshire
- Daughter Bapt (1823)
Victoire Scard baptised March 1797 Holy Trinity, Gosport, Hampshire daughter of William [LDS]
- East Cowes, Isle of Wight
- 1823
Hampshire Telegraph & Sussex Chronicle etc. (Portsmouth, England),  DATE: Monday July 28, 1823 - Issue 1242.
Transcription: Custom-House, London,  22nd July 1823;
Whereas it has been represented to the Commissioners of his Majesty’s Customs,that William Scard & John Slade, two Mariners 
employed for the prevention of Smuggling, at East Cinces, in the Isle of Wight, were, on the night of the 18th Instant, between eleven 
& twelve o’clock, near Sir George Leeds’s in the said Island, violently obstructed,  assaulted; and ill-treated in the execution of their duty, 
by several persons unknown, armed with sticks and other offensive weapons. The said Commissioners in order to bring to justice the said 
offenders are hereby pleased to offer a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS to any  Person or Persons who shall discover, or cause to 
be discovered, any one or more  of the said Offenders, so that he or they may be dealt with according to Law;  to be paid by the Collector 
of his Majesty’s Customs at the Port of Cowes, upon conviction. By Order of the Commissioners, D.Curling, pro Secretary.'
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- Old Baily, London 1860
- Born 1844
William Scard appears at the Old Bailey, London: Theft: Age 15 yrs.
180. WILLIAM  SCARD (15) , Stealing 216 yards of lustre, value 11 L of John Davis Welch, in  his dwelling-house; 
to which he PLEADED GUILTY.
Judgment  Respited
WILLIAM SCARD, Theft theft from a specified place, 30th January 1860. Sentence:  Confined 6 months.  Stolen 30th January 1860
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