Scard Family      
                                                Richard Scard
                                                                                               of West Lulworth, South Dorset.
                                                                                              Spouse: Hannah [nee unknown]
                                 Richard Scard was probably born around 1688 [his age is estimated on the age of his wife Hannah i.e. 80yrs at burial 1768]. 

                                 Due to the name Scard being extremely rare in the area during this era, Extensive Research is being done at the present
                                 time to analyze the earliest Parallel Scard Families in this region in the hope of finding a common progenitor.
                                 Richard was recorded as a Husbandman at West Lulworth [Will of his son 1740] , a Coastal Village at Lulworth Cove.  
                                 Photos of West Lulworth see:
                                 It is believed that although he was not confidently literate, that he owned a Seal and may have used an initial in various
                                                                                              Mark & Seal of Richard Scard of Lulworth
                                                                                          in the Obligation of his son Thomas in 1740.
                                                                    Graphology finding:   Limited example although displays a firm & confident hand
                                                                                                       in contrast to the other signatures displayed on the document. 

                                  Richard Scard married Hannah [nee unknown], the event estimated at any near point after 1709. 

                                         Known Issue; 
                          Thomas Scard - estimated born between 1710-1730 -  Enlisted in Royal Navy 
                                                                                                                                        - Died Testate - considered unmarried & without issue 1740. 
                                                   [age is estimated based from earliest point of marriage of parents to age at enlistment in RN around 18yrs]

                                                   John Scard - estimated born between 1710-1728 - Died in adolescence.
                                                   [age is estimated based from earliest possible point of parent's marriage to his mother's age of maximum 40 years.] 

                                                   Mary Scard baptised 25th November 1722, West Lulworth * - married & had issue - died prematurely at age 26yrs. 
                                                   * Source:,g/pafg59.htm#1303

                                                ? Hannah Scard born between 1710-1728.

                                 Based on evidence presented in the Obligation of his son in 1740, the family was familiar with one William Tottel,
                                 a victualler of Blandford Forum 16.5 miles NNE.  Unfortunately there has been no information found relating to 
                                 William Tottel or his relationship to Richard's son Thomas nor the Scard Family to date. 

                     Next recorded item; 

                     1736:   Death of kin or double entry for their son;
                                 On the 14th March 1736 a burial was recorded for John Skard 'son of Richard & Hannah' at Holy Trinity, 
                                 West Lulworth [FHO].
                                 As the entry clearly gives the parent's names the child is considered very likely to have been under the age of twenty-one.
                                 As Hannah is estimated to have been aged forty-eight at this time their son would have been born possibly before 
                                 1728 making him an adolescent at time of death.

                     Twelve months later;
                      1737:   A second Burial recorded for a John Scard a year later at Holy Trinity on the day of the anniversary of the previous
                                 on the 4th March 1737.  In this instance there were no parents recorded. 
                                This would appear to be an adult, possibly brother or father of Richard or it could be a duplication of the previous entry 
                                 with error in year.   
                    Three years later; 

                     1740:   Prior to this time Richard & Hannah's son Thomas had enlisted in the Royal Navy, assigned to HMS Faulklands. 
                                 The Ship was originally built in mainly escorting Merchant Ships to
                                 Young Thomas died prematurely while in service and his Obligation* was published on the 4th November 1740
                                 and Administration was granted on the same day.

                                                              'Part' Will of Thomas Scard, Mariner  of  HMS Falklands formerly of West Lulworth
                                                                                                                  Proved 1740 

                                                                          Will of Thomas Scard of West Lulworth Dorsetclick to enlarge
                                                The Fourth Day of November 1740 on which day Richard Scard mentioned in the Obligation
                                                 hereunto annexed came before me and was sworn well and faithfully to administer all and
                                                 singular the goods chattels and credits of his natural and lawful son Thomas Scard, Mariner, 
                                                 Deceased mentioned also in the Condition of the said Obligation, to make a true and perfect
                                                 Inventory thereof and exhibit the same unto the Registry of Archdeaconry, Dorset, and to pass
                                                 an account thereon when thereunto lawfully required. 
                                                 Sworn the day and year above written before me Thomas Collers, Surrogate.                                                                            

                                          The Estate was valued at twenty-three pounds.                                 
                                           * Obligation was an Oral Will usually made just prior to death. 
                                              Note: The Musters for the HMS Faulklands for the period 1740 & prior are available at the National Archives at Kew.
                                                     However they are not indexed for the personal names.  The documents have not been pursued.

                                          Based on Richard's estimated age, he would have been aged fifty-two at his son's death.
                                          This would imply that Thomas was born anywhere between 1710 - 1733. 

                     Six months later; 

                     1741:  Richard & Hannah's daughter Mary marries; 

                                The marriage of their daughter Mary was recorded at Winfrith Newburgh [3 miles ESE of West Lulworth] 
                                 on the 19th May 1741. [LDS = Mary Skare]
                                The parish entry records; 
                                       The groom Thomas Goodchild of West Lulworth, The Bride: Mary Scard of West Lulworth [FHO,OPC - LDS=SKARE]
                                Richard & Hannah would have been aged around fifty-three at this time. 

                                              Mary's spouse Thomas Goodchild may have been married previously; 
                                                      John Goodchild baptised West Lulworth on the 1st March 1741 
                                              six weeks before his marriage to Mary Scard.  This child may have been born several months prior. 

                                              Thomas Goodchild and Mary settled at Kimmeridge where they had issue;

                                                     Mary Goodchild born 23rd January 1742 
                                                                                  baptised 13th February 1742 at Kimmeridge.
                                                     Ann Goodchild born 12th April 1748
                                                                                  baptised 16th May 1748 at Kimmeridge.
                      1748: Married Daughter Mary Goodchild dies at the estimated age of twenty-six;

                                              Mary Goodchild [nee Scard] was buried a month after the baptism of her youngest child at Kimmeridge 
                                              on the 21st May 1748. 
                                              Her presumed infant daughter died seven months later, buried at Kimmeridge 24th December 1748.
                                              Thomas Goodchild remarried the following year.

                     Fourteen years later; 

                                              Another site gives a burial of a Hannah Scard at Kimmeridge on the 22nd January 1762. It can only be assumed
                                              if the information is correct that this is possibly and unrecorded daughter of Richard and Hannah.  

                      Six years later;        
                                Hannah Scard appears to have died in West Lulworth on the 26th March 1768, her age recorded 80yrs 
                                [FHO=Scard with age details from taken from Parish Register. - DOPC = Seard with no age details]. 
                                [Her birth year is calculated as 1688]

                     Five years later;

                                A burial for a Richard Scard appears at the same venue16 Apr 1773 West Lulworth [FHO-OPC] 
                                No age was recorded.  Based on his estimated birth year [taken approximately from his spouse Hannah's birth year], 
                                if same Richard,  would have been aged around 85yrs [b. 1688].