THE EARLY SOMERSET SCARD FAMILY
                                                                                         Does not include  HENSTRIDGE [Separate Page]

                                                                                 Early Small Family Module found at/near Bath
Earliest Fragments: BRIDGWATER, Somerset. 

Pre 1604:     RICHARD SCARDE of Bridgwater, Somerset was born before 1604 [LDS] 
                     Richard Scard married Margaret Hutland 9th June 1628 St. Mary's Bridgwater [SRO]]
                     Issue; Mary Scarde baptised 13th September 1629 St. Mary Bridgewater, Somerset 
                                 daughter of Richard & Mary [probably Marg!] [LDS]
       1629:     MARY SCARDE buried 21st December 1629, St. Mary, Bridgwater, Somerset [NBI] 
                     [assumed daughter] 

                                                        SEE  EARLY FRAGMENTS                   
                                                              LATER UNPLACED 
                              1]    PHILIP SCARD [1794-1818] of Walcot [1 mile Bath] [died aged 24yrs - married - without surviving issue]
                                     Extended Details below.
                              2]    JAMES SCARD [1796-1819] of Lyncombe [1 mile Bath]  [died unmarried - aged 23yrs]
                                     Extended Details below.
                              3]    RICHARD SCARD [1798-1815] of Walcot [1 mile Bath] [died aged 17yrs - in minority]
                                     Extended Details below.
                              4]    JOSIAH SCARD [1799-1851] aka Joseph Scard of Bath - [married & had issue] - Descendants listed to 3 generations.
                                     Extended Details below.                              
                              5]    MARY SCARD [1805-post 1861] of Walcot [1 mile Bath]  [married - no surviving issue]
                                     Extended Details below.

                              i]    THIRZA SCARD [1813-1854] moved to London [married - no surviving issue]
                                     Extended Details below.

                         ?  ii]    ELIZABETH SCARD [born before 1815] moved to London [married 1835]
                                     Extended Details below.

                                                      Entries 4 - 5 - 6  were recorded on Census as born at Heytesbury, Wiltshire.
                                            The Wiltshire Record Office holds the baptisms for Heytesbury and have kindly replied;
                                  "There were no Baptisms listed for the name 'Scard' or near variants at Heytesbury between 1790-1810". 

                                                     They are considered to possibly be the children of RICHARD SCARD 
                                                      by his wife Sarah Stepens [aka Stephenston] married at Ringwood 1790.
                                 Heytesbury is 1 mile of Warminster, Wiltshire, where another early Scard Family was recorded,                                                                                      
                                 and the prior generation had a youngest son richard Scard born in 1764.    
                                                                             Extended details for Richard Scard - see below.

                                                                 Other 'Unplaced' Scard entries at/near Warminster;

                                             JAMES SCARD born before 1790 married Mary Cook at Frome 1812 - [6 miles of Warminster] 
                                             See extended details below 

                                                                        Other Established Scard Families at/near Warminster;

                                               Thomas Scard [the younger] [c.1750-1812] of Warminster, Wiltshire [Spouse Phoebe Hooper] [died Testate]
                                        Thomas Scard [Jnr.] [c.1792-1872] of Warminster, Wiltshire [Spouse: Sarah Hughes] - died without male issue. 
                       PHILIP SCARD [1794-1818] of Walcot;
                                            Born:         1794 - venue unknown [assumed Heytesbury, Wilts - 12 miles South]
                                            Marriage: PHILIP SCARD married Mary Wilston 25th January 1815 at Walcot [1 mile of Bath] 
                                                               St. Swithin Somerset [FHO]
                                            Issue:        ELIZA SCARD baptised 11th Feb. 1816, St. Swithin, Walcot daughter of Philip and his wife Mary. 
                                                                        Eliza Scard buried 9th April 1817 St. Swithin Walcot, recorded aged 1 year. 
                                           Buried:      PHILIP SCARD buried 27th March 1818 at Walcot St. Swithin, Walcot, recorded aged 24.
                                           Notes:        His widow remarried;
                                                               Mary Scard 'Widow' married George Pope at St. Swithins at Walcot Somerset 24th May 1820
                                                               by whom she appears to have had no surviving issue & died before 1834.
                                                               George Pope was as a podder at Lyncombe with wife Ann in 1841 Census where he recorded 3  
                                                               only three children aged 6 years, 2 years & 6mths recorded at Lyncombe, assumed by his 2nd wife, 
                                                               Ann who was then aged 35 [i.e. born 1805 - too young to be Philip's widow]

                    JAMES SCARD [1796-1819] of Lyncombe [Lyncombe is 1 mile SE of Bath];

                                         Born:            1796 - Venue unknown.  [assumed Heytesbury, Wilts - 12 miles South]
                                         Buried:         JAMES SCARD buried 10th May 1819 at St. Mark, Lyncombe, recorded aged 23  
                                                               noted 'of Timbrell's Court Lyncombe'.

                    RICHARD SCARD [1798-1815] of Walcot;

                                         Born:            1798 - venue unknown.  [assumed Heytesbury, Wilts - 12 miles South]
                                         Buried:        RICHARD SCARD  buried 17th May 1815 at Walcot, recorded aged 17
                                                               St. Swithin Somerset [FHO] 

                    JOSIAH SCARD [1799-1851] aka Joseph Scard;

                                         Born:             1799 [1851 Census]
                                         Place:            Heytesbury [adjacent Warminster, Wiltshire] 
                                         Occupation:  Butcher.
                                         Married:      Josiah married under the name Joseph Scard to Ann Agnes Millard on the 17th June 1823
                                                                at St. James, Bath [FHO] Witnesses: James Burt & George Smith.  [Joseph is estimated aged twenty-four]  
                                         Issue;             Ann [died young] William [had issue], Sarah [had issue], Fredrick [died in infancy], 
                                                                Josiah [aka Joseph] [had issue] & Frederick [died young].
                                         Death:            Registered Sept. Qtr. 1851 at Bath.
                                                                 [See Links to the Biographies of Josiah and his Family at the beginning of the page]
                                                                 Ann Scard baptised 1st March 1829 St. Swithin, Walcot  daughter of Joseph & Anne 
                                                                 Father's occupation: Butcher.  Residence: Beaufort Place, Walcot.
                                                                 Ann Scard buried St. Mark, Lyncombe & Widcombe 6th April 1830 recorded aged 18 months
                                                                 Residence: Claverton Street. 
                                                                 Frederick Scard buried Widcombe Church, Bath, 11th August 1837 recorded aged 1 year 9 months
                                                                 Parish Entry Notes: Buried at Widcombe.

                                                             The Biography of: Josiah Scard [aka Joseph Scard] [1799-1851] of Lyncombe [Bath] Somerset. 
                                                             The Biography of: William Scard [1831-1871] of Bath, Somerset.     
                                                             The Biography of: Joseph Scard [1835-1905] of Nottingham, 
                                                                                                                                           formerly of Islington, Middlesex & Bath, Somerset. 
                       MARY SCARD [1805-post 1861] of Walcot;

                                        Born:               1805 [1851 Census]
                                        Place:               Heytesbury, Wiltshire [1861 Census]. 
                                        Married:          Mary Scard married Thomas Baker 4th April 1825 at Walcot St. Swithin Somerset [FHO] 
                                                                  by whom she had issue
                                        1851 Census    records her at. Nettleton, Wiltshire, born at Salisbury, with spouse & a daughter Ellen, aged nine.
                                        1861 Census    records her still at Nettleton, Wiltshire, age 56 years, born at born 'Yatesbury', Wiltshire 
                                                                  there is no such place - considered very likely a phonetic error giving by informant for Hatesbury, Wiltshire.
                                                                  with spouse & granddaughter Ellen aged 4.  
                                        NOTES:          Could not find on subsequent census.
                                        COMMENTS: Joshia would have been aged 6 yrs at Mary's birth.

                                                                                     LATER BIRTH AT HEYTESBURY; 
                     THIRZA SCARD [1813-1854];

                                        Born:                 1813 - Heytesbury, Wiltshire [1851 Census]
                                        Married:           THIRZA SCARD [Spinster] to Francis Joseph Rowley [bachelor] 18th January 1835 
                                                                   at St. Dunstan West, London by whom she had no surviving issue.
                                                                   [Pallot's Marriage Index=Scard]      [LDS=Bride 'Leard' - error] 
                                                                   The entry on Pallot's is clearly SCARD. 
                                         1851 Census:
                                                                                     This is not a good scan, the original image is clearly Wilts, Heytesbury [click to enlarge]. 

                       Possible sister of Thirza Scard;
                       ELIZABETH SCARD married at the same venue i.e; 
                                                                    Elizabeth Scard married John Perren 19th July 1835 St. Dunstan in the West, London
                                                                    [Pallots Marriage Index] [LDS] .

                              CANDIDATE FOR PATERNITY OF ENTRIES [1 - 6]:- RICHARD SCARD
Youngest son of Thomas Scard [the elder] & his wife Jane nee Lawrence.
Baptised 1764. 
Possible Marriage [making him 26yrs at his marriage]; 

Richard Scard married Sarah Stephens  [aka Sarah Stephenson] 
on the 15th April 1790 at Ringwood, Hampshire [LDS].

             Sarah 'Stephens' was actually 'Sarah Stephenson' born 15th Sept. 1759, 
             baptised 13th Jan. 1760 at Great or upper Meeting or Upper Chapel Meeting House
             Presbyterian, Ringwood Hampshire, the daughter of Joseph Stephenson and 
             his wife Susanna.                                               
             The Stephenson family recorded issue at Poole, Dorset within three years of Sarah's birth;
                      Sarah 'Stephens' was actually 'Sarah Stephenson' born 15th Sept. 1759. 
                      George Stephenson born 7th Jan 1763 bapt. 18th Jan 1763 Old Meeting, Hill Street, 
                                    Presbyterian Poole son of Joseph and his wife Susanna -  Died young.
                      George Stephenson born 12th Jan 1771 bapt. Old Meeting Hill Street, Presbyterian, 
                                    Poole, Dorset son of Joseph and his wife Susan.
                      Elizabeth Stephenson born 31st May 1768 bapt. 13th June 1768 Old Meeting Hill 
                                    Street, Presbyterian, Poole, Dorset son of Joseph and his wife Susan.
Further substantiated: 
                William Scard Stephenson was recorded born Ringwood, [assumed Hampshire]
                 c. 1793.  
                William became a mariner and married at Jarrow, having no known issue.
                      He is assumed to be Sarah's nephew by her brother George.

                 It is not uncommon for a family marrying into a family of reasonable stance, for the siblings 
                 to assume the Surname of their sibling's spouse into their own prodgeny.  
                 This would further enhance the hypothesis that Richard was indeed the brother of 
                 Thomas Scard, a wealthy Miller of Warminster adjacent Heytesbury. 
           William Scard baptised 4th Feb 1791 Ringwood son of Richard & Sarah.
        *  Henry Scard baptised 19th January 1804, Ringwood son of Richard.
            NOTE: The gap between baptisms is 14 years. 
            This GAP would imply other children born to the couple. 

Hypothetical births: 1790 Marriage; 
         1791 William Scard baptised 4th Feb 1791 son of Richard & Sarah, at Ringwood [near Sarah's family] 
         1794 Philip Scard presumed at Heytesbury [near Richard's elder brother]
         1796 James Scard presumed born at Heytesbury [near Richard's elder brother] 
         1798 Richard Scard presumed born at Heytesbury [near Richard's elder brother] 
         1799 Josiah [aka Joseph] born at Heytesbury [near Richard's elder brother] ;
         Returned to Ringwood for a brief period 1804 probably to visit Sarah's family;
         Henry Scard 19th January 1804, son of Richard at Ringwood [near Sarah's family]   
         Returned to Haitesbury  RICHARD MAY HAVE REMARRIED. 
         1804 Eliza Scard born at Heytesbury [near Richard's elder brother]  
         1805 Mary Scard born at Heytesbury [near Richard's elder brother] 
Child bearing span = 22 years.
         Sarah was aged 31 years at marriage
         Sarah  would have been aged 48 years at the birth of Henry at Ringwood in 1804 
         and 49 years at the birth of Mary in 1805.        
         [The Researcher of this page, conceived & delivered a beautiful & perfect 'natural' child at the age of 47yrs without 
          chemical intervention and was capable of a subsequent birth], so Sarah's age at births do not phase the writer.
Thirza and a possible Eliza were possibly born of his son William or unrecorded issue of his assumed son 

Possible that Richard moved to London assumedly with his younger son and two ganddaughters Thirza 
and Eliza,  where in 1824 a Henry Scard [said to be 17yrs!] was indicted for a minor crime in London, 
sentenced to 3 months confinement. 
A second conviction also in London a few months later saw young Henry transported to Australia 'for life' 
[much information has been found for Henry]
Henry Scard was buried on the 7th Jan. 1853 at St. James Melbourne 'recorded' aged 48 years [born 1804], 
noted 'Labourer'.   Extended information for Henry Scard [1804-1853] See Unplaced Section. 

This would agree with Thirza and perhaps Eliza's appearance in London 1835-1837, 
                     Prior SCARD Fragments at Ringwood and Sopely;
Mary Scard buried 30th May 1720 'wife of John' at Sopley, Hampshire [Skarde]
 [6 miles south of Ringwood] 
Judith Scard married Thomas Dale 22nd December 1727, Ringwood
Mary Scard buried on the 25th August 1754 at Sopley
The questions arise;  
What was Richard's interest in Ringwood?
Could the above Mary 'wife of John' be Thomas Scard Senior's grandparents
or kin, and the latter 'Mary' his sister?
i.e. Thomas' first born son & daughter: 'Mary' & 'John' !
James Scard Born before 1790
Based on age & status, James was not the same buried at Walcot in 1819 at the age of 23 years

Marriage: James Scard married Mary Cook 18th May 1812, Frome, Somerset - by Licence. 
                   Witnesses: Jeremiah Gray, Hannah Weaver.
Issue;  [FreeReg]
           Sophia Scard bapt. 25th Dec. 1816 St. John the Baptist, 
            son of James & Mary, abode Spring Gardens, Frome, Father's occupation: Shearer.  
           John Scard bapt. 25th Dec. 1816 St. John the Baptist, son of James & Mary, 
                                          abode Spring Gardens, Frome, Father's occupation: Shearer.  
           William Scard bapt. 25th Dec. 1816 St. John the Baptist, son of James & Mary, 
           abode Spring Gardens, Frome, Father's occupation: Shearer.
Frome is: 12 miles S. of Bath, Somerset & 7 miles W of Warminster, Wiltshire.
If James was the son of Thomas Scard & his wife Jane Lawrence he would have been aged 
fifty-nine at his marriage. [Bapt. Mere 1753]. 
James, Mary and/or their children were not found in the 1841 or subsequent Census.
                                                                             ALSO SEARCHED 
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Cheddon Fitzpaine, 1559-1812.  Chedzoy, 1558-1812. Combe St Nicholas, 1678-1812. Corfe, 1687-1812.  
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Curry Rivel,  1642-1812. Dodington, 1538-1805. Drayton, 1577-1812. Durleigh, 1683-1807. East Pennard, 1608-1812. 
East Quantoxhead, 1654-1812. Enmore, 1653-1812. Fiddington, 1706-1812.  Fivehead, 1656-1812. Goathurst, 1539-1812. 
Halse, 1559-1812. Heathfield,  1700-1756. High Ham, 1569-1812. Hill Farrance, 1701-1812. Hinton St George, 1632-1837. 
Holford,  1558-1812. Huish Episcopi, 1698-1812. Ile Abbotts, 1562-1837. Ile Brewers,  1705-1812. Ilminster, 1662-1812. 
Ilton, 1642-1811. Kilmington, 1582-1837.  Kilton, 1683-1812. Kilve, 1632-1812. Kingsbury Episcopi, 1557-1812. 
Kingsdon,  1540-1812. Kittisford, 1695-1812. Langford Budville, 1607-1812. Langport,  1728-1812. Lilstock, 1661-1812. 
Limington, 1695-1812. Long Load, 1749-1808.  Long Sutton, 1559-1812. Lopen, 1723-1812. Martock, 1559-1812. 
Midsomer Norton,  1701-1837. Milverton, 1538-1812. Muchelney, 1703-1812. Nether Stowey,  1645-1812. 
North Curry, 1539-1812. Northover, 1531-1812. Norton Fitzwarren,  1565-1812. Nynehead, 1670-1812. 
Orchard Portman, 1538-1812. Otterford,  1558-1812. Otterhampton, 1656-1749. Overstowey, 1558-1812. 
Pitminster,  1542-1812. Pitney, 1623-1812. Podymore Milton, 1744-1811. Puckington, 1695-1812. Ruishton, 1679-1812. 
Runnington, 1586-1812. Sampford Arundel,  1698-1812. Shepton Beauchamp, 1558-1812. Somerton, 1697-1812. 
Spaxton, 1558-1812.  Staple Fizpaine & Bickenhall, 1682-1812. Stockland Gaunts, 1538-1807.  
Stocklinch Magdalen, 1712-1776. Stocklinch Ottersay, 1558-1812. Stogursey,  1595-1812. Stoke St Mary, 1679-1812. 
Stringston, 1634-1812. Swell, 1559-1837.  Swell, 1713-1754. Taunton St James, 1610-1837. 
Taunton St Mary Magdalene (Part 1) 1558-1728. Taunton St Mary’s (concluded) 1728-1812. Thorne Faulcon, 1720-1812. 
Thorne St  Margaret, 1721-1812. Thurlbear, 1700-1812. Thurloxton, 1559-1812. Trull,  1671-1744. Wellington, 1683-1812.
West Bagborough, 1565-1812. West Buckland, 1538-1812. West Hatch, 1604-1812. West Monkton, 1710-1812. 
Weston super Mare, 1682-1837.  Whitelackington, 1695-1837. Whitestaunton, 1606-1811. Wraxali, 1562-1812. 
Yeovilton, 1655-1802.