Josiah Scard aka Joseph Scard
                                                                                           Butcher of Bath, Somerset formerly of Wiltshire
                                                                                                            Spouse: Ann Angus Millard

                     1799 Birth:   Joseph Scard was born 1799 in Heytesbury, Wiltshire [1851 Census] [3 miles of Warminster].   

                                           Joseph's Family's fragmented trail leads from his cradle near Warminster, Wiltshire to settle 12 miles North
                                           near Bath, Somerset  where Josiah and several other Scard Family members thought to be his siblings or close
                                           kin were recorded in the adjacent areas of Walcot and Lycombe [1 mile of Bath]. 
                                           See Scard Family of Somerset.                                            
                                           There is some tenuous evidence to suggest that Joseph could be the grandson of Thomas Scard, Yeoman of Mere
                                            and his 1st wife Jane nee Lawrence of Wiltshire, by one of his younger sons. This family being resident at 
                                           Warminster for two generations.                                         
                    1823: Marriage;

                                         Joseph Scard married Ann Agnes Millard on the 17th June 1823 at St. James, Bath. [FHO]
                                                                       Witnesses: James Burt & George Smith.  [Joseph is estimated aged twenty-four]

                                          A butcher by Trade, Joseph settled at Lycombe-with-Widcombe, 1 mile of Bath, Somerset
                                          where he recorded issue;

                                                           Ann Scard [assumed issue] born Oct/Nov 1828
                                                                                    Ann Scard buried 6th April 1830 St. Mark, Lycombe age recorded 18 months.  
                                                          William Scard baptised 20th February 1831 at St. Mark, Lycombe 
                                                                                    son of Josia & Ann of Claverton Street, Lycombe, father's occupation: Butcher.
                                                          Sarah Scard baptised 15th September 1833 at St.Mark, at St. Mark, Lycombe 
                                                                                    son of Josia & Ann of Claverton Street, Lycombe, father's occupation: Butcher.

                                        A change of address;

                                                          Frederick Scard  baptised 6th December 1835 at St. Mark, Lycombe 
                                                                                    son of Josia & Ann of Richmond Terrace, Lycombe, father's occupation: Butcher.
                                                                                    Died Lyncombe 1837 recorded aged 1 year [B.B.Online]. 
                                                                                    Death Reg. Sept. Qtr. 1837 [Reg. Bath]
                                                           Frederick Scard recorded died 1838 aged 2 yrs [Bath Burials online]

                                                          Josiah Scard [aka 'Joseph Scard'] born 29th August 1835 baptised 17th September 1837 at St. Mark, Lyncombe 
                                                                                    of Richmond Terrace, Lyncombe, son of Josiah & Ann, father's occupation: Butcher
                                                                                    Josiah was documented as 'Joseph Scard' during his life. [Marriage, Military, Census, Death]                                                                                     
                                                         Frederick Scard Birth Registered March Qtr. 1842 [Bath]
                                                                                     Died 1844 Lyncombe [freebdm]  Registered Sept. Qtr. 1844 [Bath]

                          1841 Census:  Not found.

                          1851 Census:  Address: 7 Kingston Bdg. Bath, Somerset; 
                                                              Josiah Scard, Head, Married, aged 52,  [could be Prosessor i.e. processor]], born Wiltshire, Hailsbury or Haitsbury 
                                                                                      [possibly means Heytesbury 3 miles SE Warminster].
                                                              Ann Scard, Wife, Married, aged 51, born Hampshire
                                                              William Scard, Son, Single, aged 20, Tanner J, born Somerset, Bath - William married by the next Census.
                                                              Sarah Scard, Daughter, Single, aged 19, Laundress, born Somerset, Bath. 
                                                                             - Sarah married Dec.Qtr. 1856 Thomas Wilkins.
                                                                               Remained at Lyncombe where she had issue.
                                                              Josiah Scard, Son, aged 14, Servant, born Somerset, Bath. Joined the Royal Navy by the next Census.
                                                              Walcot is 1 mile NE of Bath.

                                   Josiah Scard & family 1851 Census

                                                        If the birthplace is Haitsbury i.e. Heytesbury is 2 miles of Warminster where an older Scard family was firmly entrenched.
                                                        Fragments imply that Joshia was likely descended from this Family  See Wiltshire Scard Family.  

                                      Joshia Scard [the elder] died a few months later burial at Abbey Bath recorded aged 53 years [Freebdm].
                                      Registered Sept. Qtr. 1851 at Bath.  
                                      His wife Ann survived him by a further seven years buried Bathwick recorded aged 58 years [Freebdm].
                                      Her death was registered in the December Qtr. 1858 also at Bath.  

                     William Scard [1831-1871] son of Joshia 'Joseph' Scard and his wife Ann nee Millard;

                                     William married Ann [nee unknown, possibly Norton] in 1856 at Bath and had issue;
                                     See Biography 

                     Sarah Scard [1833-?] daughter of Joshia 'Joseph' Scard and his wife Ann nee Millard;

                                     Sarah married Thomas Wilkins at Bath in the December Qtr. 1856.
                                     The couple settled at Lycombe-with-Widcombe;
                                     1861 Census: Address No. 1 illegible.
                                              Thomas Wilkins, Head, aged 27, Cabinet [illegible] Porter, born Dorset, Shaftesbury
                                              Sarah Wilkins, Wife, aged 26, born Somerset, Bath.
                                              Thomas Wilkins, Son, aged 3, scholar, born Somerset, Bath.
                                              William Wilkins, Son, aged 2, born Somerset, Bath.
                                              Henry Wilkins, Son, aged 1, born Somerset, Bath.
                                     1871 Census: Address: No. 2 Hayes Court illegible;
                                              Thomas Wilkins, Head aged 40, Painter, born Dorchester, Oxford!!!
                                              Sarah Wilkins, Wife, aged 38, no occupation
                                              Thomas Wilkins, Son, aged 13, Scholar
                                              William Wilkins, Son, aged 12,
                                              Henry Wilkins, Son, aged 11, 
                                              Alfred Wilkins, Son, aged 8, 
                                              Ann Wilkins, Daughter, aged 7, 
                                              Frederick Wilkins, Son, aged 3, 
                                              Florence Wilkins, Daughter, aged 1
                                   Sarah and all children born at Somerset, Bath.
                                   1881 Census is Free online at LDS
                                   Thomas died in the December Qtr. 1889 at the recorded age of fifty-seven. 
                                   1891 Census: Address No. 1 Half Moon Court, Lyncombe, Bath; 
                                               Sarah Wilkins, Head, Widow, aged 57, laundress, employed 
                                               Ann A Wilkins, Daughter, aged 26, laundress
                                               Alfred Wilkins, Son, aged 24, Mason's labourer
                                               Emily Wilkins, Daughter, aged 16, General Servant Dom
                                               Jack Wilkins, Son, aged 14, Butcher, Employed
                                               Albert Wilkins, grandson, aged 6, Scholar
                                   All born Somerset, Bath.
                                   Two deaths were Registered at Bath for Sarah Wilkins; 
                                                Sarah Wilkins June Qtr. 1895, aged 63 [Bath] [born 1832]
                                                Sarah Wilkins March Qtr. 1898, aged 64 [Bath] [born 1834] 

                     Joseph Scard aka Joshia Scard [1835-1905] son of Joshia 'Joseph' Scard and his wife Ann nee Millard;

                                     Joseph married Elizabeth [nee unknown] and had issue; 
                                     See Biography