Joseph Scard 
                                                                                                          [aka Josiah Scard [the younger]]
                                                                    Railway Guard of Nottingham, formerly of Islington, Middlesex and Bath, Somerset
                                                                                                       Spouse: Elizabeth [nee unknown]

                      Birth:    Joseph Scard was born on the 29th August 1835, baptised Josiah Scard 17th September 1837 the son of Joseph Scard 
                                    [aka Joshia Scard], then a Butcher of Richmond Terrace Lycombe, Somerset [1 mile SE of Bath] and his wife Ann Agnes 
                                    nee Millard.
                     Family:  His parents were first resident at Claverton Street, Lycombe [Bath] later moving to Richmond Terrace where Joseph was 
                                    born. Joseph had four siblings;  William, Sarah and also two brothers; Frederick, both of whom died in early childhood. 

                     1851 Census:  Address: No. 7 Kingston Bldg Bath,
                                                   Josiah Scard, Head, Married, aged 52,  Professor, born Wiltshire, Hailsbury or Haitsbury 
                                                                           [possibly means Heytesbury or Salisbury, more likely the former. Heytesbury is 3 miles SE Warminster]
                                                   Ann Scard, Wife, Married, aged 51, born Hampshire
                                                   William Scard, Son, Single, aged 20, Tanner J, born Somerset, Bath - William married by the next Census.
                                                   Sarah Scard, Daughter, Single, aged 19, Laundress, born Somerset, Bath.
                                                   Josiah Scard, Son, aged 14, Servant, born Somerset, Bath.

                    1854:    At the age of nineteen, Joseph enlisted in the Royal Navy on the 8th August 1854 when he was recorded as; 
                                           Height: 5' 8", Complexion: Fair, Hair: Dark Brown, Eyes: Gray, With no physical marks. Condition: Excellent. 
                                           He was given the status of Second Class 'Ord.', Enlisting for a period of 10 years. He signed with his Mark.
                                           Joseph Served on several vessels i.e. HMS 'Nile & 'HMS Crocodile' 

                    1856:    During his enlistment his elder brother William Scard married Ann [Norton?] June Qtr. 1856. [Reg. Bath]

                                 A few months later his sister Sarah married Thomas Wilkins, recorded in the Dec.Qtr. 1856 also registered at Bath. 

                    1861:    Joseph was recorded in England on Royal Navy Vessel 'Nile' during the 1861 Census;
                                                        'Joseph Scard, aged 24, A.B. Seaman, born Somerset, Bath.'
                    1864:    He was discharged on the 19th March 1864 with an excellent Record of Service.
                                 Another site indicates that during his Service he may have served in the Crimean war and awarded the Baltic star/medal.

                    1864:   Joseph returned to his native Bath where a few months later he married Elizabeth [nee unknown] in the Dec. Qtr. 1864 
                                [Registered Bath]

                                 Joseph and his family settled at Bristol for several years, later moving to Islington, London around 1868 and later settling
                                 at Nottingham around 1877 where he had issue;

                                                            Mary Louise Scard born 1866, Bristol, Somerset.   [Birth Registered March Qtr. 1866 Bedminster near Bristol]
                                                                   Last recorded in the 1891 Census, aged 25 yrs, working as a Servant at Bridgford, Notts..
                                                            Kate Maud Scard born 1868 Bristol, Somerset. [Birth Registered December Qtr. 1871 - Islington]
                                                                  Kate died Dec Qtr. 1871 [Islington] recorded aged 1yr.   
                                                                  Died at the same time as her sister Kate Maude aged 4yrs.
                                           The family moved to London by 1870 where further issue was born;  
                                                            Alice Scard born London, Middlesex - Twin?  [Birth Registered March Qtr. 1870 - Islington]
                                                                   Alice died Dec Qtr 1871 [Islington] recorded aged 4yrs.   
                                                                   Died at the same time as her sister Alice aged 1 yr.
                                                            Annie Elizabeth Scard born 1874 Middlesex, Islington.
                                                                   Annie Elizabeth Scard married 1895 [Basford, Nottingham] Joseph Smith or Edwin Taylor.
                                           They then moved to Redford and later settled at Carlton, Nottingham;  
                                                            Joseph Alfred Scard born 1877 Nottingham, Redford. 
                                                                    Joseph Alfred Scard married 1908 Basford.
                                                            Sarah Ann Scard born June Qtr. 1879 East Retford
                                                                    Sarah Ann died March Qtr. 1881 Basford recorded aged 1 yr.
                                                            Frederick Charles Scard born March Qtr. 1881. [Carlton] Reg. Nottingham. 
                                                                    Frederick Charles Scard married 1918 Basford. 
                                                            Amy Florence Scard  born June Qtr. 1884 Basford  - outcome unknown - Possible Birth. 
                                                                    Elizabeth was aged 40yrs at this birth - however another child was born three years later
                                                                     i.e. Joseph Edward Scard at same venue - Elizabeth & Joseph already had a son Joseph Alfred!
                                                                           May imply a first cousin was visiting Basford at this time. See panel below Epilogue.

                     1871 Census; Address: 59 Havelock Street, Islington, London;
                                                            Joseph Scard, Head, Married, aged 33, Railway Porter, born Bath, Somerset. 
                                                            Elizabeth Scard, Wife, Married, aged 27, born Bath, Somerset. 
                                                            Mary L Scard, Daughter, aged 5, born Bristol, Somerset.
                                                            Kate Maud Scard, Daughter, aged 3, born Bristol, Somerset. 
                                                            Alice Scard, Daughter, aged 1yrs, born London, Middlesex.  [Birth Registered March Qtr. 1870 - Islington]
                                                                                  [Death Registered Dec, Qtr. 1871 recorded aged 1 year - Islington] 

                    1871:    Joseph's brother William died prematurely at the age of forty at Wells, Bath in the Dec. Qtr. 1871, leaving a widow and 
                                 a young family.

                    1877:    By 1877 Joseph had settled Carlton, Nottingham, where he remained until is death.

                    1881Census:  Address: Curzon Street, Carlton; 
                                                             Joseph Scard, Head, aged 43, Railway Guard, born Somerset, Bath.
                                                             Elizabeth Scard, Wife, aged 36, born Somerset, Bath.
                                                             Mary L. Scard, Daughter, aged 14, Cotton Factory Hand, born Somerset, Bristol.
                                                             Annie E. Scard, Daughter, aged 7, Scholar, born Middlesex, Islington. 
                                                             Joseph A. Scard, Son, aged 4, born Nottingham, Redford. [aka George Alfred Scard]
                                                             Frederick Charles Scard, Son, aged 1 week, born Nottingham, Carlton.

                    1891 Census: Could not find main family.
                                           Mary Louisa Scard, aged 25yrs born Bristol, working as a servant at West Bridgford, Nottingham.
                    1901 Census: Could not find main family.
                                           George Alfred Scard aged 23 born East Retford, Railway Engine Stoker, with his wife Esther, living at Carlton.

                    1905 Death:    Joseph Scard died in the June Qtr. 1905 at the recorded age of sixty-five.  [Registered Nottingham].
                    1905 Death:    His wife Elizabeth died in the same June Qtr 1905 at the recorded age of sixty. [Registered Basford].

UNPLACED [Infants] considered of this Family Branch:
Amy Florence Scard
BIRTH - CIVIL INDEX - June Qtr. 1884 [Basford] 
Joseph Edward Scard;
BIRTH CIVIL INDEX: June Qtr. 1887 Basford
DEATH CIVIL INDEX: Dec. Qtr. 1887 Basford
Joseph already had a son named Joseph 'Alfred' Scard!
Henry Levi Scard;
BIRTH CIVIL INDEX - March Qtr. 1896 [Basford]
DEATH CIVIL INDEX - Sept. Qtr. 1898 [Wakefield] 
recorded aged 2 yrs.  
Possibities for Paternity - 1st Cousins;
Josiah James Norton Scard b. 1857 - aged 30yrs. 
William Thomas Scard b. 1860 - aged 27 yrs.
May have been visiting Joseph at Basford at this time.