William Scard 
                                                                      Tanner of Bath, Somerset
                                                                                                      Spouse: Anna Maria Thatcher

                    Birth:      William Scard was baptised on the baptised 20th February 1831 at St. Mark, Lycombe, Somerset, the son of 
                                    Josiah Scard 'aka' Joseph Scard, then a Butcher of Richmond Terrace Lycombe, Somerset [1 mile SE of Bath] 
                                    and his wife Ann Agnes nee Millard.  
                                    William had four siblings;  Joseph, Sarah & two brothers Frederick, the latter, both of whom died in early childhood.

                     1851:      By the 1851 Census William and his parents had moved to No. 7 Kingston Bldg Bath,
                                                   Josiah Scard, Head, Married, aged 52, Looks like Processor?, born Wiltshire, Hailsbury or Haitsbury 
                                                                           [possibly means Heytesbury or Salisbury, more likely the former. Heytesbury is 3 miles SE Warminster]
                                                   Ann Scard, Wife, Married, aged 51, born Hampshire
                                                   William Scard, Son, Single, aged 20, Tanner J, born Somerset, Bath - William married by the next Census.
                                                   Sarah Scard, Daughter, Single, aged 19, Laundress, born Somerset, Bath.
                                                   Josiah Scard, Son, aged 14, Servant, born Somerset, Bath.

                    1854:    His brother Joseph enlisted in the Royal Navy on the 8th August 1854 at the age of nineteen. 
                    1856:    His sister Sarah married Thomas Wilkins at St.Thomas a Beckett, Widcombe
                                 Registered in the Dec.Qtr. 1856. [Reg Bath] See Epilogue

                    1856:    Marriage; 
                                 A few months prior, at the age of twenty-five William Scard married Anna Maria Thatcher at Widcombe, 
                                 Registered June Qtr. 1856. [Bath].

                                            Anna Maria Thatcher was born at Bath in 1834, the daughter of Philip Thatcher by his wife 
                                            Eliza [nee Norton or Merden]
                                            Anna's  parents [bachelor/spinster] were married at St. Mark Lyncombe Christmas Day 25th December 1828 
                                            See witnesses and other details at FreeReg online.
                                            Anna Maria had three siblings George [b. 1830], Thomas [b. 1839] & Elizabeth [b. 1842]. 
                                            Her father was recorded in the 1851 Census aged 50, at Lycombe Bath occupation Quarryman noted 'Deaf'
                                            Her mother was recorded in the same Census aged 49, a Laundress as was Anna Maria.
                                            Her eldest brother was recorded as a Mason's apprentice, the younger children Thomas & Elizabeth were Scholars.
                                            Philip Thatcher was born at Lycombe Bath, baptised 4th August 1800 son of Samuel Thatcher & his wife Ann
                                            [nee Bricker].   

                                 William & Anna Maria remained at Bath were they recorded the following children;
                                           Josiah James Norton Scard registered June 1857
                                           Frances Emily Scard registered March 1859.
                                           William Thomas Scard registered December 1860
                                           Ann Eliza Scard registered June 1863 
                                           Elizabeth Shadwick Scard registered Sept. 1865
                                           Frederick Scard Registered March 1870 

                    1861 Census: address: Bath, Somerset;
                                          William Scard, Head, Married, aged 29, Tanner, born Bath, Somerset.
                                          Ann Scard, Wife, Married, aged 26, Laundress, born Bath, Somerset.
                                          Josiah Scard, Son, aged 4, Scholar, born Bath, Somerset.
                                          William Scard, Son, aged 3? months, born Bath Somerset.
                                          Sarah A Dagger, Servant, aged 11, general servant, born Bath Somerset.
                    1864:    His brother Joseph was discharged from Service on the 19th March 1864 with an excellent Record of Service 
                                 marrying Elizabeth Stevens at Windcombe a few months later, remaining at Bath then moving to Islington, 
                                 London where with his young family was working as a Railway Clerk. 

                    1871 Census: Address: 22 Beechen Cliff, Bath;
.                                                        This Census Entry was considered sensitive and some information has been omitted for William Scard age 39.
                                "William Scard, Head, age 39, Tanner, born Widcombe, Bath, note: "[details withheld] In Wells ."

                   Census Continues;     Ann Scard, Head, age 37, Laundress, born Widcombe, Bath.
                                                         Joseph Scard, Son, age 14, Printer, born Widcombe, Bath.
                                                         William Scard, Son, age 11, Scholar, born Widcombe, Bath.
                                                         Frederick Scard, Son, age 1, born Widcombe, Bath.
                                                         Frances Scard, Daughter, age 12, Scholar, born Widcombe, Bath.
                                                         Ann Scard, Daughter, age 7, Scholar, born Widcombe, Bath.
                                                         Elizabeth Scard, Daughter, age 5, Scholar, born Widcombe, Bath.
.                                             William was found in the same Census [1871] at Wells recorded aged 40, a patient, profession 'Tanner' 
                                              born Linkton, Somerset [extra details see Census].

                                              It is likely that William was taken to the Wells Hospital a few days before the Census.
                                              William having anticipated being at home on Census night, filled out the Census Form with his own name first as 'Head
                                              of the Household' it seems he was taken to hospital in the interim. 

                    1871 Death; 
                                             William died in the Wells Hospital a few months later, his death Registered in the December Qtr. 1871 at Wells, 
                                             Somerset at the recorded age of 40 years. 


  It appears that William's widow Ann Maria Scard built her own Laundry Business, which she conducted from a
                           premises at  24 Carlton Road, Bath, also her residence.  
                          Evidence implies Ann owned another nearby cottage in the same Street at No. 34 Carlton Road, Bath.
                          In 1883 Ann Maria and William's youngest daughter i.e. Annie Eliza Scard married Henry Charles Ralph Hanney 
                          in the March Qtr. 1883 and the couple it seems occupied the latter cottage. 
                          Several months prior to Ann Maria's death in 1890, her son-in-law Charles Hanney would seem to have purchased
                          34 Carlton Road property for the sum of £40.  However 'both' cottages were mentioned as part of Ann Maria's Will in 1890.
                          This led to a Court Appeal by Ann Maria's son William Scard [the younger] against the Administrators of his mother's Will
                          regarding the 2nd property, against his brother-in-law Henry Charles Ralph Hanney.  William lost the case and left 

                          See the Newspaper Clipping detailing a Court Appeal relating to her Estate in the Epilogue directly below. 

                    Anna Maria Scard  [nee Thatcher] widow of William Scard; 

                                       1881 Census:  Address 24 Carlton Road, Bath. 
                                                                * Ann Scard, Head, Widow, aged 46, Laundress, born Bath, Somerset.
                                                                 Ann Scard, Daughter, aged 17, Laundress, born Bath, Somerset.
                                                                 Elizabeth Scard, Daughter, aged 15, born Bath, Somerset. 
                                                                 Frederick Scard, Son, aged 11, Scholar,  born Bath, Somerset
                                     * Later evidence implies that Ann was self employed. 

             After her eldest son Joseph's discharge from the Navy in 1883 [aged 25yrs], it seems that he returned home to live 
                                     with his mother and siblings.  He appears to have had a drinking problem and according to a statement by his 
                                     mother he did not work for several years, she supporting him during this time.  
                                     This eventually led to an assult on his mother and siblings in 1888 causing damage to the cottage in which they lived. 
                                     Several newspaper articles below detail two incidents [further below].
                                     Ann died two years later, recorded under the name Ann Maria Scard in the June Qt. 1890, aged 55yrs. [Reg. Bath]
                                     Ann Maria Scard died Testate at 24 Carlton Road, Bath in 1890 bequeathing her Estate to 'relatives'.
                                     Her son William under the name 'William Charles Scard', at that time living in London, challenged the 
                                     Administration of his mother's Will and the newspaper Article relating to the case is as follows;
                                     Bristol Mercury and Daily Post: Friday October 17 1890 - Issue 1323 
                                      Left Click mouse on image to enlarge                                       

                     Josiah James Norton Scard born 1857 aka Joseph Scard son of William Scard & his wife Ann; 

                                       Josiah James Norton Scard aka 'Joseph' Scard, the name he adopted during his lifetime. 
                                   *  1878:     Joseph Scard joined the Military after 1871 probably around age 18 ie. 1878
                                   *  1883:      Discharged in 1883 at the age of twenty-five. 
                                   *  1886:     The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post (Bristol, England)  
                                                      DATE: Friday, Oct. 8th 1886. Issue 11982. 
                                                       CAUTION:  This Article may be distressing to some Family Members.
                                                       DATE: Friday, 3rd Feb.  1888.  Issue 12395.
                                                       CAUTION:  This Article may be distressing to some Family Members.
                                                       Click to enlarge.

                                       1890:      His mother died at Bath in 1890 when he then moved to London.
                                       1891:      Joseph was living at Battersea, London, Lodger, aged 33, Single, a Gas Stoker, Employed, born Bath, Somerset.
                                       1895:      Joseph Scard married Sarah Jane Thresher under the name 'Joseph Josiah Scard' at Holborn London 
                                                       March Qtr. 1895.  Jane appears to have been a widow.
                                       1901:      Living at Hackney, London, 
                                                      Joseph Scard, Head, aged 43, Married, a Scaffold Builder's Labourer, Employed, born Bath Somerset. 
                                                      Jane Scard, Wife, aged 39, born Romsey, Hants. 
                                                      Florence Scard, Daughter, aged 17, Machinist Blouse, born London [Florence was Sarah's child by her 1st marriage 
                                                      i.e. Florence Thresher]. 
                                                      Frederick Scard, Son, aged 11, born London.[Frederick Sarah's child by her 1st marriage i.e. BIRTH: Frederick Thresher].
                                       1911:      Joseph died June Qtr. 1911 a the recorded age of 55 at [Registered Islington] [died without issue] 
     Frances Emily Scard registered March 1859.
                                        Frances Scard married Edward Skinner at St. Saviour, Registered Sept. Qtr. 1879, Bath.
                                       1881 Census: Not found.
                                       1891 Census: Address: 3 Chapter Street, Bristol East
                                                              Frank Skinner, Head, age 56, Beer Retailer, born Beford.
                                                              Kate Skinner, Wife, age 55, born Leighton Buzzard.
                                                              Edward Skinner, Married, Son, age 30, Coach builder, born Leighton Buzzard.
                                                              Frances Skinner, Married, Daughter, age 32, born Somerset, Bath.
                                       1901 Census: Address: 34 Dorset Street, Tiverton, Somerset.
                                                              Edward Skinner, Head, age 39, Coach builder [illegible], born Poldford, Leighton Buzzard.
                                                              Frances Skinner, Wife, age 38, Laundress, self empoyed, at home, born Bath, Somerset
                                                              Dolly Harrison, Border, age 6, born Bath, Somerset.
                                      Does not appear to have had surviving issue. 
                     William Thomas Scard  born 1860 aka William Charles Scard, the son of William Scard and his wife Ann;

                                      William Thomas Scard married Annie Williams March Qtr. 1886 [Registered Wandsworth].
                                                 William Thomas Scard 1887 London
                                                 Frances Annie Scard 1890 London
                                                 Florence Jane Scard 1892 London
                                                 Caroline Amelia Scard 1896 London
                                                 George Frederick Scard 1898 London
                                                 Ivy Maud Scard 1891 London

                                     1890 Brought Legal Action against his brother-in-law Charles Hanney in regard to the Estate of 
                                              William's mother Ann Maria Scard. [See details above]. 

                                     1891 Census:  Address: 48 Castle Street, St. Giles, London;
                                                                William Thomas Scard, Head, aged Mercers Drayman, born Somerset, Bath
                                                                Annie Scard, Wife, aged 25, born Bath.
                                                                William Scard, Son, aged 4, Scholar, born London, St. Giles
                                                                Frances Scard, Daughter, aged 1, born London St. Giles
                                     1901 Census;   Castle Street, St. Giles, London;
                                                                William Scard, Head, aged 40, Brewer's Drayman, born Somerset, Bath.
                                                                Annie Scard, Wife, aged 35, born Bath
                                                                William Scard aged 14  Errand Boy [William Thomas Scard born March Qtr. 1887 [St. Giles]]. 
                                                                Frances Scard aged 11 [Frances Annie Scard born June Qtr. 1889 [St. Giles]]
                                                                - Frances may have married Edward S Morgan in 1913 St. George Hanover Sq.London
                                                                Florence Scard aged 8 [Florence Jane Scard born Sept. Qtr. 1892 [St. Giles]]
                                                                - Florence may have married Henry W. Jordan in 1918 Shoreditch? 
                                                                Caroline Scard aged 5 [Caroline Amelia Scard born Mar Qtr. 1896 [Reg. St. Giles]]  
                                                                George Scard aged 3 [George Frederick Scard born March Qtr. 1898 [St. Giles]]
                                                                Ever [Ivy] Scard aged 3 months [Ivy Maude Scard birth registered March Qtr.1901 [St. Giles]
                                                                - Ivy married Wilfred H. Gale in 1921 Wandsworth. 

                                     William and his family remained at St. Giles where he died in the March Qtr. 1929 [Reg Wandsworth] aged 69 yrs.
                     Ann Eliza Scard registered June 1863
                                        Annie Eliza Scard married Henry Charles R Hanney March Qtr. 1883.

                                        1890 Ann's brother William brought Legal Action against his brother-in-law Charles Hanney relating to the 
                                                 Administration of the Will of William's mother Ann Maria Scard in 1890 in particular 
                                                 regarding the property at 34 Carlton Street Bath, where Ann and her husband Charles Hanney
                                                 occupied for several years prior to her mother's death. [See details above]. 

                                        1891 Census:  34 Carlton Road, Lycombe, Bath.
                                                                Henry C. Hanney Head, aged 33, Cab Proprietor, born Portsmouth
                                                                Anna E. Hanney, Wife, aged 27 Laundress, born Somerset, Bath.
                                                                Fred C Hanney, Son, aged 5?, born Somerset, Bath 
                                                                Ada Hanney, Daughter, aged 3, born Somerset, Bath.
                                                                Henry W Hanney, Son, aged 7, born Somerset, Bath - possibly married in 1910 [Bristol] 
                                                                Maud Hanney, Daughter, aged 1, born Somerset, Bath - married in 1907 [Bath]
                                                                Frederick Scard, Brother, aged 21, gardener, born Somerset, Bath.
                                        1896 Death:   Ann Eliza Hanney [nee Scard] died in the Dec. Qtr. 1896 [Reg. Bath] recorded aged 33yrs.
                                                                Her spouse remarried two years later in the June Qtr. 1898 [Bath] and died in the 
                                                                Sept. Qtr. 1913 [Bath] recorded aged 56 yrs.  
                                        Note:               Not able to find the Family in the 1901 Census.  
                        Elizabeth Chadwick Scard registered Sept. 1865

                                        Elizabeth Chadwick Scard married Thomas Naylor Jones in the Sept. Qtr. 1883 [Bath].
                                        1891 Census: 29 Alexandra Road, Lyncombe, Somerset. 
                                                              Thomas N Jones, Head, aged 29, House Painter, Employed, born Bath, Somerset.
                                                              Elizabeth C Jones, Wife, aged 25, Laundress, Employer, born Bath, Somerset.
                                                              Elizabeth L Jones, Daughter, aged 6, born Bath, Somerset.
                                                              Thomas F Jones, Son, aged 1 month, born Bath, Somersert.
                                                              Lottie M. Hanney, aged 13, Nurse - Domestic, born Bath, Somerset. 
                                        1901 Census: 3 Cottage Pde, Lyncombe, Somerset. [Saint Saviour]
                                                              Thomas N Jones, Head, aged 36, House Painter, Employed, born Lansdown, Bath, Somerset.
                                                              Elizabeth C Jones, Wife, aged 35, Laundress, Own Employer, at home, born Wyndcombe?, Bath, Somerset.
                                                              Thomas F Jones, Son, aged 10, born Lyncombe, Bath, Somerset.
                                                              Malfred? H Jones, Son, aged 9, born Bath, Somerset.
                                                              Edward F Jones, Son, aged 7, born Larkall, Somerset.
                                                              Lillian N Jones, Daughter, aged 5, born Larkall, Somerset.
                                                              Leonard [?] Jones, Son, aged 3, born Larkall, Somerset.
                     Frederick Scard - Birth Registered March 1870                                  

                                        1891 Census: at 34 Carlton Road, Lycombe.Bath recorded aged 21, 
                                                                 a gardener, with his sister Annie Hanney [nee Scard] & her family.
              Frederick Scard married Sarah Elizabeth Powel Sept. Qtr. 1895 [Reg. King's Norton].
                                       By 1901 he had moved to Bradbury, Cheshire;
                                       Issue as at 1901 census; 
                                       1901 Census:  Address 95 Smithy Green, Bradbury Cheshire;
                                                                Frederick Scard, Head aged 31, Railway Signal Man
                                                                Sarah E. Scard, Wife aged 31, Hertfordshire, Upton Bishops?
                                                                Sarah E. Scard, Daughter aged 4, Derbyshire, Backewell?
                                                                Fred Scard, son aged 2 Cheshire, Bradbury.
                                                                Doris Scard, daughter aged 2 months Cheshire, Bradbury  [died in the June. Qtr. 1902 recorded aged 1]
                                                                Daisy Scard, daughter, aged 2 months, Cheshire, Bradbury [died in the Sept. Qtr. 1901 recorded aged 0]
                                                                Charles Clapton, boarder, aged 23, Single, Railway Porter, born Gloucestershire, Illegible.
                                                                Leonard Smith, boarder, aged 17, Single, clerk at Railway, Railway Goods Office, born Derbyshire, Elton
                                                                Other births may have been recorded for this family: http://www.freebmd.org.uk/cgi/search.