Study of the Scard Family Name
                                                                           Possible variant

                                        Please note there are different spellings throughout the Parish Records presented below

                                  The Ancient Sharde 'alias Gater' [Gater alias Sharde] Family of Shaftesbury

Although fragments of the the name 'Scard' have been documented in North England from the earliest
times. It is the Policy of this Site to present all evidence to the slightest anomally in order to provide
responsible research. 
Moses Scard the son of Robert Scard of Cerne Abbas , who although well respected  in Newport, Wales, 
a former Police Officer, recorded several times relating to the Newport Riots of 1839 clearly under the 
name of 'Scard'.  However he has chosen to record his name as 'Schard' in the 1841 Census. In fact he had 
recorded the name twice [wife]
Also Thomas Scard of Wiltshire has a Marriage Licence 1758 in the name of Scard yet his marriage is 
recorded as Shearde [Mere - LDS]. Contact was made by the writer to the Mere Historical Society and 
this anomaly is discussed in great detail in his Biography.

Although tenuous these anomalies are placed here to assure all descendants informed of their existence.
It is very likely that all the Early Scard Families knew the story of their early lineage and almost 
certainly that prior to 1850, they all knew that they were related.
Evidence dating back to the early 16th Century combines the Family Name of Sharde and Gater, frequently noted in the Parish Records 
at St. James Shaftesbury as Gater alias Sharde [aka Scharde] or Sharde alias Gater. The persistence of the Family  to use ‘both’ names 
and in fact their insistence upon this duality i.e. recorded in a marriage to Aristocracy in 1597 implies some status.  However towards the
end of  the 17th Century the ancient name Sharde had almost disappeared and the name Gater resumed its place as the Principal Family 

                              Found by Colin Scard, professionally transcribed by Simeon Neil, requested by C.Scard & J.Adams.
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                               Complaint  by Thomas Gather alias Sharde against his brothers William Gather, George Gather 
                               and Roger Fythfield Defendants: Dorset. Inheritance Dispute - a Mansion House in the village of Shaftesbury.
                               Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings.  DOCUMENT TRANSCRIPTION

                                                        SUBSEQUENT RESEARCH REVEALED THE FOLLOWING RESULTS;
Following the Reformation in 1538 the Abbey’s Lands were confiscated and sold and the final abomination accredited to the Monarchy, 
in view of the citizens of Shaftesbury came as they  witnessed the deliberate destruction of their beloved Abbey in 1539. It would be many 
decades before the township would recover any part of their former prosperity.  Among these witnesses were thought to be six  possible 
Scharde family members.
All the following events were recorded at St.James, Shaftesbury. [Dorset Online Parish Clerk & FHO]

             Nicholas Gater [ buried 20th October 1565], 
             Joanne Scharde [buried 25th December 1570], 
             John Gater [buried 15th April 1571], 
             Helen Gater [buried 6th April 1574] 
             Thomas Gater [buried 22nd March 1577]. 

[Note the very early Baptisms and Marriages at some churches at Shaftesbury are badly damaged and have not been transcribed.] 
[All these events were recorded at St.James, Shaftesbury].

Proposed 1st Generation; 

George Gater alias Scharde; 
           Estimated born three years after the Reformation, although the birth of George Gater alias Sharde in c.1545.  Considered
           to be the son of Thomas [mentioned in the 1560 document] married Agnus Herbert on the 19th May 1564 
           He was buried under the name of George Gater alias Sharde on the 8th January, 1572 [OPC] 
           His wife Agnus appears to have survived him by 18yrs and was buried 4th February 1590. 
John Gater alias Sharde; John Gater alias Sharde born ?. John Gater alias Sharde buried 24th April 1583. [Joane SH***E - Widow – [considered to be John’s widow] was buried 10th July 1592.]                                                
Margery Gater; Margery Gater estimated born c.1548 married Nicholas Semer 24th Oct. 1567 .   
Proposed 2nd Generation; 
Henry Scharde alias Gater; 

            Henry Scharde alias Gater est. c. 1576. Appears in the Parish Book of St. James Shaftesbury when he married Susan Persie  
            by Banns on the 8th November 1597. Susan was the granddaughter of William Persie Esquire [buried St.James Shaftesbury 
            13th Sept.1566].  The Parish Register records the Groom as Henry Sharde alias Gater and the Bride as Susan PERSIE 
            Henry was buried on the 19th January 1631 as Henry Gater alias Shard. 
Margery Shard alias Gater;

           Margery Shard alias Gater est. born c. 1590 married Thomas Whittle on the 24th April 1609 by  Banns at St. James Shaftesbury 
           the Parish Register recording her name as; Bride Margery SHARD alias GATER. [FHO]. 
           Margery is considered the sister of Henry [above]. 
Proposed 3rd Generation;
Matthew Scharde alias Gater; 

           Matthew Scharde alias Gater est. born c.1600. Married Unknown ?. Died  Unknown. By 1643 Matthew had recorded six of his 
           children's burials between 1624 - 1636. [Span 13 years]

          1624: Burial; 29th August, Elner Gater d.o. Matthew [BURIAL]
          1626: Burial; 23rd January,James Gater s.o.Matthew alias Shard [BURIAL]
          1628: Burial; 16th February, John Gater s.o.Matthew [BURIAL]
          1633: Burial; 21st May, Thomas Gater s.o.Matthew alias Schard [BURIAL]
          1634: Burial; 25th February,Joanne Gater alias Shard d.o.Matthew alias Scarde [BURIAL]
          1636: Burial; 28th December, Anna d.o.Matthew [BURIAL]
Elizabeth Gater alias Short [Sharde];

          Elizabeth Gater alias Shore/Short thought to be the sister of Matthew was born c. 1606:- married Hinrie Flewell on the 19th July 
          1625 by Banns at St.James Shaftesbury. The Parish Register records her name as Elizabeth Gater alias Short [OPC].
          Another source records the marriage as Groom Henry Flewell ‘Bride Elizabeth Gater alias Shore [?] of– [FHO].
          Elizabeth is considered the sister of Matthew [above].

Proposed 4th Generation;

Nicholas Sharpe [Sharde] alias Gater;

          Nicholas Sharpe alias Gater born c.1643. [possible s.o. Matthew]. Nicholas married Joan [unknown]. He recorded five of his children
          buried between the years 1664 - 1678  [span 15 years]

          One Baptism was found recorded on the  6th April, 1677 Margaret child of Nicholas & Jane [Joan] Shard. 
          1664: Buried; 29th March, Nicholas Sharpe [alias Gater] s.o. Nicholas 
          1670: Buried; 5th July, Nicholas Gater s.o. Nicholas 
          1676: Buried; 7th March, Henry Sharpe  [alias Gater] s.o. Nicholas & Joan 
          1678: Buried; 8th July, William Gater s.o.Nicholas & Joan  
          1678: Buried; 30th July, Joan Gater d.o.Nicholas & Joan 

From this point the Scharde Name disappeared and only of the Gater Name survived. 
See Dorset Online Parish Clerk.