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                                                                                                          Break-through Research
                                                    The four Scard Branches appear to be united under a common Ancestral Family in the 17th Century
This pivotal family in the late 1600's in North Dorset and from whom evidence suggests the surviving descendants comprise over 95% of those bearing the Scard name recorded in the 
England Census 1841-1911. This evidence would unite the traditional 'Branches'  emanating from Gosport & Southampton, Hampshire; Cerne Abbas, Dorset; Henstridge, Somerset 
and several small fragments in Wiltshire, Bath Somerset and Devon. Research is continuing.


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All descendants
Huguenot Hypothesis  
My thanks are extended to the several families have kindly contacted regarding the Huguenot Origin hypothesis.  
Please be assured that this is very much taken into consideration in all current early research simulaneously but independantly of the 
current research project for Skead Family Hypothesis in 17th century Dorset.
17 15.9.2013
Hampshire Branch descendants
& Bath Branch descendants
(Christchurch, Gosport and 
Southampton) and Bath
My apology to the Hampshire and Wiltshire Branches I have not forgotten you. I am gradually revamping your webpages when I have time. 
I have contacted the Hampshire and Wiltshire Record Offices to see if they have any intention to make their Original Parish Records available 
online to fall into line with other Counties. I have not heard back as yet.  They do have Wills and other documents online at their Online Data 
Bases but progress is slow when having to order microfiche for Parish Records. 
16 15.9.2013
Ringwood, Hampshire
Have several new pieces of information regarding William Scard who was involved in a riot at Ringwood, Hampshire in 1783. 
Published 25th February 1783 London Gazette Issue 12417. 
Subsequent publications imply William was not indicted whereas all other names appear in court records in relation to the incident.
I have a copy of the Hampshire Burial Index CD dating back to 1400 but he does not appear there. 

This is consistent with Ringwood Rates Book "Scard" (no christian name) paid tax on owner occupied property at Ringwood in 1797.
Wwebpages are under reconstruction and will be updated with this notice and other information to be released in the near future
Wiltshire Descendants

(also later Bath Somerset)

Thomas Scard of Warminster old man 29th  Sept 1766 Salisbury and Winchester Journal
Note:   Thomas died three years later.   
             The Wiltshire, Ringwood, some early London, Heyetsbury and Walcott and Bath Somerset 
             are the one family and the webpages are under reconstruction and will be updated with this notice and other information to be released in the near future

13 15.9.2013
Would very much like to establish contact with Cheshire descendants 
12 22.7.2013 All descendants
My apology for the delay in uploading the central Scard Family (17th Century Dorset), which expands to embrace all Scard Family descendants in all branches.
It is taking a longer than anticipated.  
11 22.7.2013
The extended previous message attached to the panel (20.6.2013) has been removed as this situation has been resolved. Thank you subscriber.
10 21.7.2013
Cerne Abbas Descendants
A lovely photograph of the Scard Family is displayed in the Biography of Simeon Scard and Mary Furber believed to be family members.
Simeon Scard (the younger)  daughter Alice Mary Scard is confidently identified far right.  The Photo was taken at Boscombe on 7th Sept 1889
the photographer was S. Emerson of 29 Shelly Road, Boscome, kindly submitted by © Michael Pitfield (descendant of Alice Mary Scard). 
Michael has also researched the Pitfield Family back to 1586.   
                                                                                              click on image to enlarge
The photo may depict other Cerne Abbas family members - descendants are asked if the can help to identify the other persons pictured.
A slightly clearer image is displayed at the Dorset OPC website - Dorchester
16. 7.2013
Scard Family History
REMINDER:  The Scard Website 'Home Page - Index' has been redesigned and is now more 'user friendly' - although the majority of pages 
                      are still under reconstruction - please address the page to see the extent of this site's research in progress.
9 16. 7.2013
North Dorset (Iwerne Minster) 
Scard Branch
The entire set of the North Dorset (Shroton) Family Biographies have been updated, uploaded and hopefully now more user friendly.
i.e. lineage of James Scard  of Henstridge
8 16. 7.2013
John Scard of Fiddleford

i.e. father of James Scard 
of Henstridge 
This new addition to John's Biography is entwined in the newly found baptism of his youngest son James at Milford, Hampshire

Salisbury & Winchester Journal 7th May 1804    (repeated in Sections 8 and 14 - unplaced news article)
 -  six months before the baptism of John's son youngest son James at Milford (see next panel).
                                         MILLS FOR SALE  The Water Grist Mills at Damerham,  
                                         with a Water Meadow of about one acre, held under 
                                         Lady Coote for one life. The Mills have lately 
                                         undergone considerable repair, and are now in full custom.  
                                          Enquire of the Printer; or of Mr. Scarde, at the Wind Mills near Ringwood Hants." 
                                          (necessary to check the original lease under Lady Coote) 

British Newspapers Archive (online) (Subscribed Website)  
14. 7.2013
James Scard of Henstridge 

Most of these have been added to
the Webpage
1)  His Baptism has been found; 
                 "James Scard son of John and Jane baptised 4th November 1804" with the annotation "aged 3 yrs" at Milford.
                                                                      click on image to enlarge
                                               Source: Hampshire Genealogical Society (Hampshire Baptisms) 
                 This entry now cements James Scard of Henstridge as the undisputed grandson of James Scard wealthy Miller of Shroton connecting a once obscure 
                  family in North Dorset firmly as the earlier ancestors of the descendants of James Scard by his wife Jane Porter 

2)  Inquest into the death of James Scard of Henstridge (1879)
                    Caution:  The Inquest into James's death in 1789 at Henstridge (next below) was published Western Gazette on the 25th July. The writer was 
                     previously given James's burial date at St. Nicholas as the 16th July 1879 from a reliable source. Since he cannot have been buried before he died the
                     burial date is being rechecked by special request to the Online Parish Clerk. It is possibly the result of a mistranscription. Reply expected soon.
                     Inquest:     Western Gazette - 25th July 1879;
                     "Sudden Death – An inquest was held at the Bird-in-hand Inn on Wednesday on the body of James Scard aged 79.  
                            Deceased retired to bed on Sunday night, apparently in good health and early on Monday morning was discovered 
                            by his wife to be dead.  No evidence could be adduced to show the cause of death. The jury returned a verdict of 
                            'Death by the  visitation of God'. 
                     Source The British Newspapers Archive (online) (Subscribed Website) link displayed in above panel
3)  Other newspaper items; 
                            Charles and John - Wells Journal 17th Jan 1857
                            Charles scard, 18 and Benjamin Beaton, 20, labourers, were  indicted for stealing a box containing wearing apparel and gold and silver to  the 
                            amount of £4, the property of John Scard at Henstridge on the 24th  December.  Mr. Thing prosecuted. It was admitted by Beaton that Charles Scard 
                            had given him some of the money taken from the box, and Charles Scard took a policeman to a hedge, where he had hid  his brother’s (the prosecutor’s)
                            purse, which then contained above £3 in  gold and silver. The prisoners were both found guilty. Charles Scard was sentenced to six months and Beaton 
                            to four months hard labour.
                           Charles: Re daughter Bessie Scard - Death Notice in the Western Gazette 12th Feb. 1897
                            Family Notices:   Scard - "Feb. 2 at High Street, Henstridge Bessie, only daughter of Charles and Fanny Scard, aged 18"
                           Alfred: There are quite a few for Alfred - I have not transcribed them all but one was particularly interesting. Western Gazette - 15th March 1878
                                         Basically Alfred (a baker) sued his brother Henry Scard (a pensioner) both of Henstridge for an unpaid account for bread of £1.2s.6d but told the
                                         court he did not want to be too hard on his brother.  Henry's wife pleaded the court that they had fallen on hard times.  The defendant to pay 
                                         2s. 6d per month
                            Son/Grandson: George: Several newspaper items for George Scard the year following his parent's deaths although some may be George's brother 
                            Henry's son also named 'George' who was aged twelve in 1880 considering the child was living in the poor house where living conditions were made 
                            uncomfortable to discourage use of them. 
                                     1) Charge of Fowl Stealing at  Henstridge - Western Gazette - 30th January 1880
                                          George Scard, a young man, was  charged with stealing four hens, the property of Hubert Hockey of Henstridge The prosecutor stated that 
                                          he lived with his father, a butcher at Henstridge and kept some fowls in a house at the back part of the premises.  On Sunday afternoon he 
                                          had five hens and a  cock bird in the house..... The next morning about eight o’clock  he heard the fowls “chuckling” and on going to the 
                                          house he found four missing and the door was partly open.  He found  the head of one of the birds inside the house,…………Luke Bishop,
                                          blacksmith  said on Monday last the prisoner came to him saying he was hard up, had nothing  to eat and asked him whether he would buy 
                                          a fowl...... The prisoner was remanded for  a week. Sentence 14 days hard labour. George son of James would have been aged forty-one
                                          - James's grandson by son Henry aged twelve. Sadly the latter seems to be the most likely candidate.
                                     2) Shepton Mallet when George Scard fraudulently enlisted in the Militia.  If the son of Henry he was again aged twelve (perhaps explains 
                                         'fraudulently'?) and was possibly a desperate attempt to find some form of release from the Poor House. 
                                          Shepton Mallet - Western Gazette 5th March 1880

                All the above newspaper items were sourced from ”The British Newspapers Archive (online) (Subscribed Website). There are more however 
                I found these the most interesting for the purpose of this site. I signed up for a two day package, which cost about £7 [UK] and I downloaded 
                quite a lot of items in that time. This website is not affiliated with the said commercial site. 

4)            Previous Post:   Also see Dorchester Prison Records for James Scard in 1821 - please see previous updates timeline below posted 30th April 2013
                                           has a physical description of James then aged nineteen.  Courtesy of (Commercial Website)
Whilst I have always encouraged descendants to copy my research to their own files for their own personal use however using the facilities at 
subscribed or commercial sites to publish (copy and paste) text from my webpages without my permission is unacceptable
Scard Family History
The Scard Website 'Home Page - Index' has been redesigned and is now more 'user friendly' - although the majority of pages 
       are still under reconstruction
Gosport Branch 
David Kenny has kindly agreed to voluntarily handle all emails and enquiries from descendants of the Gosport Scard Branch.
David is a descendant of this branch and has assisted me on many occasions with researching this particular branch and other contributions. 
His contribution to the Site has been much appreciated by us all over the years and his expertise will now be enjoyed by descendants.
Barry Key has agreed to voluntarily help those descendants of the Gosport Scard Branch who settled in London and the Family of Mary Barnes. 
Barry and his twin brother's contribution was monumental in uniting the Gosport and Southampton Branches to a common Christchurch Family origin. 
Nth Dorset Branch
Prison Records at Dorchester Prison give further evidence that James Scard of Henstridge formerly of Fiddleford and later spouse of 
Jane Porter, was indeed the father of Eliza Legg's base-born child born around May 1820. 
The scenario unfolds that Eliza Legg made the Bastardy Order in 19th July 1820 [i.e. George IV's first year reign] against James Scard who by then was 
aged around eighteen for a child born around May that year. It is estimated Eliza conceived the child around August 1819 and aware of her pregnancy 
around October 1819.   See Transcription & extra notes [sorry folks I can't find the original document buried somewhere in a box since my move]
James Scard appears to have absconded to Wiltshire to join his father and stepmother, the latter receiving treatment at the Salisbury Hospital.  
James  was admitted into the Salisbury Hospital on the 25th March 1820 when Eliza was in her third trimester.  He was discharged on the 6th May
1820 after a fairly long confinement of six weeks  with a note to the effect 'Cured'.  It is assumed James's stepmother died in Wiltshire as her death
does not appear in Dorset records. Evidence confirms that John returned to Dorset sometime after these events. No extradition papers were noted 
from Wiltshire in the Prison Records a year later to imply James had been removed by habeas corpus, thus James must have returned to Dorset to 
his Aunt Harriet [nee Scard] at Dorchester in the interim with his father in mid 1821, which is consistent with other records.
It was at Dorchester where he was 'taken-up' or perhaps on the advice of his aunt, volunteered to answer to the charges of Bastardy the previous year. 
Compliance to the original Order was likely agreed, there are no other references to this matter in subsequent pages.

There is also a fairly good description of James in the Dorchester Prison Book  -  click on images to enlarge
                        left page           right page

This information will be added to the Biography of James Scard of Henstridge within the next couple of weeks.
Cerne Abbas Branch
1)  In view that a reasonably large volume of information has become available a Biography page has been created for 
     William Scard (alias John Scard) and his wife Elizabeth [nee Jenkins] of Cerne Abbas
     Digitized scans containing the costs of apothecary charges, coffins, burial for both and other expenses are displayed. 
2)  Biography of their orphaned son now reflects young William's life recorded in several records at Cerne simply as "Scard's boy"
     and documented details of his life during adolescence.
     Relevant digitized images are now displayed in his Biography William Scard and his wife Margaret nee Groves. 
3)  Small Pox: The Cerne Abbas Biographies for the original Scard brothers, sons of William and Margaret [nee Groves]; 
     Robert, William, James & Simon. are now up to date.  They now include many documents and evidence not included before. 
     It was noticed that James [born 1793] was recorded in 1826 his face heavily pitted with small pox doubtlessly contracted 
     during his childhood.  It is uncertain if his siblings also carried the scars although it is highly likely
     that all the children succumbed to the virus at the same time. Images of various documents are now displayed 
4)  I have also introduced a "Feature Snippet" about the family attached to each Biography, which descendants may find interesting. 
Cerne Abbas Branch
Walter Scard is now looking an unlikely candidate for paternity of William Scard of Cerne. Walter's biography 
has been re-written to accommodate new information viz; 
Malchi Burford, father of Walter's spouse Rebecca was recorded "a cordwainer, of Fordington" at Exeter in 1690 
this is consistent with the marriage banns published at West Stour between William Scard "shoemaker of East Stour" and Betty Light,
It is apparent that William followed in the foot-steps of his maternal grandfather.  
Added to the venue of the Banns being published and undeniable evidence that Walter and Rebecca were also resident East Stour
being the only Scard Family in that village would make this evidence compelling. 
Young William died without issue a year after his marriage to Betty Light who appears to have been born in Bath, Somerset.  
His widow remarried the following year. 
Walter's biography has been re-written and now displays the digitised scans for most of the new documented evidence.
Hi Fellow Scard Descendants,
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Judy Adams
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