Thomas Scard
                                                                                                              Spouse: Sarah Hughes
                    c.1792         Born around 1792 at Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire just 2 miles North of Warminster the son of
                                       Thomas Scard, a Miller and his wife Felicia nee Hooper. Thomas had six siblings. 

                    1797            Thomas was aged five when his brother William died at the age of nine years buried 28th June 1797 at Bishopstrow.
                                        this tragedy was followed twelve days later by the burial of his sister Mary aged six, buried 10th July 1797. 

                    1819    Father dies;  
                                         Thomas was aged twenty-seven when his father, Thomas Scard [Snr] died Testate, buried at the Family 
                                         Grave at Bishopstrow. 3rd July 1819 at the age of sixty-nine.
                                          Thomas was co-executor and main beneficiary in the Will of his father, inheriting all Lands at Boreham which 
                                          included the Family House, Stocks, Sureties & monies, subject to an annuity to be paid to his mother with 
                                          household goods and sums of five hundred pounds bequeathed to each of his four surviving sisters.
                                          See transcript of Will in the link to the Biography of his father above.  

                    1827    Thomas marries; 
                                         Thomas Scard married Sarah Hughes by Licence on the 24th Sept. 1827 at Warminster.
                                              Licence dated five days prior:  
                                                       Date: 19th Sept. 1827 
                                                       Groom: Thomas Scard of Warminster, Batchelor. 
                                                       Bride:  Sarah Hughes of Warminster, Spinster.

                    1828    Mother dies; 
                                         Thomas was aged thirty-six when his mother Felicia Scard [nee Hooper] died Testate, buried in the Family Grave 
                                         at Bishopstrow on the 1st August 1828. Thomas was a beneficiary with his sisters and also named Co-Executor. 

                    1829-1831: Issue;           
                                          Fanny Eliza Scard baptised at Bishopstrow, 8th October 1829 
                                          Sarah Jane Scard baptised at Bishopstrow, 25th January 1831 

                    PLEASE NOTE: The information in Red Italics was sourced from Rootsweb at URL;

                     1830:    Thomas SCARD appears in 1830 Pigots Directory as a miller in Boreham Road, Warminster.
                                   His unmarried sister also appears in the Directory as Miss Scard 'gentry' of West St.

                     1837:  Appears in an Paper relating to the Church Commisioners of Bishopstrow; 

                                               'Church Commissioners CC:Ecclesiastical  CommissionersChurch CHAPTER   
                                                Wiltshire Warminster  ref.  CC/Chapter/155/1 - date: 1837: Thomas marquess of Bath, Scard.

                                                BISHOPRICK WILTSHIRE Salisbury, St Thomas's - ref.  CC/Bishoprick/428/1-5   - date: 1802-1822
                                                Parties:  Bishop of Salisbury; Reade, Rogers, Roles, Scard,  Stevens. - ref.  CC/Bishoprick/428/6-9  
                                                date: 1822-1841 Parties:  Bishop of Salisbury, Rogers, Scard, Browne' National Archives, Kew.
                    1837  Sister Jane marries;
                                        Jane Scard married George Lampard of East Knoyle Wiltshire, a Widower by Licence at Warminster 9th May 1837
                                         by whom she had issue.  See Epilogue in her father's Biography. 

                    1841 Census      Address: Boreham Road, Warminster *;
                                                             Thomas Scard, aged 49, Farmer, born in County
                                                             Sarah Scard, aged 45, born in County
                                                             Fanny Scard, aged 11, born in County
                                                             Sarah Scard, aged 10, born in County
                                                             Eliza Hinton, aged 20, born in County [possibly servant].
                                              * Consecutive entry - were his two spinster sisters, Felicia & Elizabeth, aged 50 & 40 respectively also of Boreham Road,  
                                                  both of 'Independant Means' with servant Jane Silcons aged 20, born all born in County.

                    1841 -  Pigot's Directory 1842 
                                The Misses Scard gave 3/- to the Warminster Ladies Benevolent Society in 1841.

                    1842:    Pigot's Directory 1842 
                                 Thomas Scard 'gentry' at Boreham Road, Warminster 
                                 Miss or Misses 'gentry' at Boreham Road, Warminster 

                    1845 - Land Tax [page 30] 
                                Thomas Scard the owner of Mills and Dwelling House, value £90 p.a.

                    1847 - Sister Elizabeth dies Testate around the 22nd June 1847 [Date of Probate] at Warminster, estimated aged fourty-seven. 
                                Thomas was named co-executor with his sister Felica and one of the principal beneficiaries. 
                                Elizabeth's Will is transcribed in the Epilogue of his father's Biography [link above]                                   
                    1851 Census - not found.

                                 Slaters 1852-1853  Warminster, Heytesbury & Neighbourhoods 
                                              Sub Heading: Nobility Gentry & Clergy; 
                                              Scard,  Miss Francis, Boreham Road. 
                                              Scard, Thomas, Boreham Road.

                     1854 Eldest daughter Fanny marries; 
                                         Fanny Elizabeth Scard married Thomas Reddrop 22nd June 1854 at St. Denys, Warminster by whom she had issue.
                                         See Epilogue. 

                     1856: During this time Thomas, a Yeoman leased a property at Warminster;
                                 Temple Family Papers Catalogue Ref. 132 -  Temple family of Bishopstrow, Wiltshire ref. 132/25
                                         Dates: 1769 - 1886 -1856 11 documents - deeds and correspondence concerning the conveyance of a pasture 
                                         called 'The Park' in Warminster by Thomas Scard to George Temple.
                                         Records comprise 11 Documents relating to Deeds.  
                                         Source: Wiltshire and Swindon Archives [online] and/or A2A [Online] [National Archives, Kew]               

                    1857 Youngest daughter Sarah marries; 
                                               Sarah Scard married Andrew Job, a commercial Traveller and moved to London - had issue. 
                                               See Epilogue.

                    1861 Census:   Address: Boreham Road, Warminster *; 
                                                             Thomas Scard, Head, aged 69, Farmer of 120 Acres employing 5 labourers & 3 boys, born Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire.
                                                             Sarah Scard, Wife, aged 66, Farmer's wife, born Warminster, Wiltshire.
                                                             Martha Hunt, Servant, Unmarried, aged 22, House Servant, born Dillon's Marsh, Wiltshire.

                                              * Note: Thomas' spinster sister Felicia, aged 71 is living next door with her servant recorded as 'Fund Holder' see Epilogue.
                                                             Boreham Road Warminster [Consecutive entry];
                                                                         Felicia Scard, Head, Unmarried, aged 71, 'Fund Holder' born Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire.
                                                                         Rebecca Payne, Servant, Unmarried, aged 29, house servant, born Sutton Veny, Wiltshire.
                    1861:  Wife Sarah dies;  
                                                     Sarah Scard [nee Hughes] was buried in the Family Grave at St. Deny's. Bishopstrow, Warminster.  
                                                     The Inscription reads;  
                                                                                                                   Sarah Scard
                                                                                                                  9th June 1861 
                                                                                                                        Age 68
                                                                                                                 wife of Thomas

                                                     [Memorial Transcriptions Ref. No.107771] [FHO]  Note: There are four buried in the Family Grave]. 
                                                      See Epilogue of his father's Biography Thomas Scard [the elder]

                                      Kelly’s Directory of Wiltshire 1867;  Private Residents: Warminste;r
                                                   Scard, Thomas Farmer, Boreham Road, Page 366
                                     Post Office Directory;
                                                   Scard, Thomas Esquire, Boreham Road.   Page 34.
                                     Court Directory;
                                                   Scard, T. Boreham Road, Warminster, Page 391 
                    1871: Daughter Sarah returns from London to visit her aging father; 
                    1871 Census Address: Boreham Road, Wiltshire. [Ancestry=Icard]
                                                           Thomas Scard, Head, widower, aged 79, Farmer & Landowner of 110 Acres employing 3 men & 4 boys 
                                                                                      & 5 workers, born Upton Scudamore 
                                                           Sarah Job, Daughter, aged 40, born Warminster 
                                                           John W. Reddrop, aged 11, grandson, Scholar, born Bradford, Wiltshire
                                                           Mary A Burnett, Servant, aged 22, Unmarried, General Servant, born Knook, Wiltshire.
                    1872    Thomas dies;
                                               Thomas Scard died on the 18th Jun 1872 buried in the Family Grave, St. Deny's Bishopstow, Warminster 
                                                recorded aged eighty.


               Fanny Reddrop [nee Scard] eldest daughter of Thomas Scard & his wife Sarah [nee Hughes];

Re-cap: Fanny Elizabeth Scard married Thomas Reddrop 22nd June 1854 at St. Denys, Warminster. 1861 Census: Address: Poulton Villa, Bradford; [Ancestry com index = Beddrop!] Thomas Reddrop, Head, aged 33, Cloth Merchant, born Devon, Frieston? Fanny E. Reddrop, Wife, aged 31, born Boreham, Warminster, Wiltshire. Thomas Scard Reddrop, aged 5, Scholar, born Warminster, Wiltshire. William Harris Reddrop, aged 4, born Bradford, Wiltshire. Arthur Hughes Reddrop, aged 2, born Bradford, Wiltshire. Eliza Fleming, Servant, aged 25, housemaid, born Wiltshire Stockton. 1871 Census: Address: Poulton Road, Bradford, Wiltshire [Ancestry com index = Reddsop!] Thomas Reddrop, Head, age 43, Cloth Merchant, born Devon, Frieston? Fanny E. Reddrop, wife, age 40, born Wilts, Warminster. Thomas S Reddrop, Son, age 15, Banker's Clerk, born Wilts. Warminster. William H. Reddrop, Son, age 14, Scholar, born Wilts, Bradford. Fanny Edith Reddrop, Daughter, age 8, Scholar, born Wilts, Bradford. Elizabeth W. Reddrop, Daughter, age 6, Scholar, born Wilts, Bradford. Hugh Jones Reddrop, Son, age 4, born Bradford. Ethel Sarah Reddrop, Daugher, age 3, born Bradford. Eliza Gould, Servant, age 31, Servant Domestic, born Dorset, Stalbridge. Jessie Parham, Servant, age 17, Servant Domestic, born Wilts Bishopstrow. 1881 Census Free online at LDS Site. Still living at Bradford, Thomas now 53, Fanny E 51 with children Fanny E age 18, Hugh J age 14, Ethel S aged 13 and Warren J. aged 21. 1891 Census: Address: No.7 Barbsagle? Place, Bradford; Thomas Reddrop, Head, aged 65, woollen Cloth Traveler born Devonshire Tiverton. Fanny E Reddrop, Wife aged 61, born Warminster Hugh Reddrop, Son, aged 24, land surveyors assistant, Bradford, Wiltshire. 1901 Census: Address: Wilton Somerset [Ancestry com index = Neddrop!] Hugh J. Reddrop, Head, aged 34, Auctioneer's Assistant, Worker, born Wilts. Bradford. Mary C. Reddrop, Wife, aged 35, born Cumberland, Skelton? Marjerie C. Reddrop, Daughter, aged 1, born Somerset, Taunton. Fanny E. Reddrop, Mother, Widlow, aged 71, born Wiltshire, Warminster. 1909 Death: Fanny E. Reddrop [nee Scard] died March Qtr. 1909 recorded aged 79 [Reg, Taunton [Somerset] Sarah Job [nee Scard] youngest daughter of Thomas Scard & his wife Sarah [nee Hughes]; Re-cap: Sarah Scard married Andrew Job, a commercial Traveller and moved to London. 1861 Census Address: 6 St. Paul's Crescent, St. Pancras; Andrew Job, Head, aged 30, Commercial Traveler, born ? Cornwall. Sarah J. Job, Wife, aged 30, born Warminster, Wiltshire Andrew Job, Son, aged 2, born Warminster, Wiltshire Prudence Scott, Servant, Single, aged 22, born Bestbury or Westbury, Wiltshire. 1871 Census Sarah was visiting her widowed father in Warminster with her son Andrew. 1881 Census: Free online at LDS Site. Living at Wimbleton, Wilts, a widow, with Mary Ray, a widow, an annuant [relationship illegible], son Andrew and a Servant. 1891 Census: CAUTION: may be the same visiting the Snelgrove Family at Chanel End, Heytesbury, Warminster; Mary G. Snelgrove, Head, Widow, aged 58, Living on her own means, born Devon, South Mollon. Ethel [initial ?] Snelgrove, Single, Daughter, aged 33, born Wiltshire, Heytesbury. John [initial ?] Snelgrove, Single, Son, aged 30, Maltser, an Employer, born Wiltshire, Heytesbury. Sarah J Job, Visitor, Widow, aged 60, living on her own means, born Wiltshire, Boreham. 1901 Census: Address: No. 42 Underhill Road, Camberwell, London; S J B Job, Head, Widow, aged 70, Living on own means, born Wiltshire, Warminster Andrew [initial ?] Job, Son, Single, 42, Drug Chemist, Worker, Wiltshire, Warminster Annie Stagg, Servant, Married, aged 36, General Servant Domestic, born Wiltshire illegible. DEATH: CAUTION; Only likely entry so far found Is 'Sarah Jane Job' died June Qtr. 1905 recorded aged 74 years. [Reg. Stroud [Gloucestershire]?