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SIMPSON DESCENDANCY CHART                                                                                                               PREVIOUS GENERATION: PAYNE
                                                     SIMPSON FAMILY
                                                   Of Brighton, Sussex, England. 
                                                                        William Simpson 
                                                                      Spouse: Fanny Paine
Birth:            William Simpson was considered  born around 1780 or prior.  Although evidence of the Simpson Family name has been 
                      found in Sussex dating from 1553,  no definite link to these families has been found for William.  

Research into Lineage:   There is evidence of a fairly large family module in Brighton from 1769, recorded married at St. Nicholas, John 
                      and Jane recording the births of their many children at the same venue with what appears to be his brother Thomas and his
                      wives, firstly Sarah and in then Martha but William's baptism could not be found.  The research is still in its early stages. 
Occupation:  William appears to have been a cordwainer. 
Marriage:       William Simpson married twenty-one year old Fanny Paine on the 15th September 1805 at St. Nicholas Brighton.    
Fanny Paine:  Fanny Paine was baptized at St. Nicholas Brighton on the 25th May 1788 [correction] the daughter of John & Sarah Paine. 
                         She had one recorded younger sibling, 'Sarah Paine'  also baptised at St. Nicholas at Brighton on the 29th Feb. 1784 [correction]
                         who had not survived.  
Issue:              William and Fanny Simpson recorded two children at Brighton;
Child 1:          Fanny Simpson baptized on the 18th February 1806 at St. Nicholas at Brighton. Fanny died 1806 – 1808 between the ages 
                        of 0 to 2years old. 
Child 2:          Fanny Simpson baptized on the 19th October 1808 at St. Nicholas at Brighton.

Trade:           On the 25th June 1810 an Apprenticeship Indenture was recorded at Howlett & Clark, Solicitors at Brighton between 
                       Edmund Faulkner, with the consent of his mother Elizabeth Faulkner to be apprenticed for a term of seven years to 
                       William Simpson a cordwainer also of Brighton. The lad had assumedly been working with William Simpson for around 
                       10 months, the length of the years to be served was post dated to begin from the 12th August 1809.  The Document was 
                       witnessed by James Read. 

The later years:  No further mention has been found for William Paine nor his spouse Sarah.  The burials at Brighton prior to 1822 have 
                       not been transcribed.  Neither appear at Brighton in the 1841 Census.  

Fanny [the younger] Marries: Fanny and her mother at least are known to have remained at Brighton where by the age of around seventeen - 
                      eighteen or prior Fanny came to know a Law Clerk, John Swinton Ashhurst, who was working for local solicitor 
                      Mr. Fleetwood at Brighton.  

                     Undoubtedly with her mother's permission [mandatory for an underage marriage], at the age of nineteen Fanny married John 
                     Ashhurst Swinton at Preston only a small distance from Brighton on the 28th January 1827. 

Grandchild Lewis Ashhurst is born; 

Fanny Simpson [the elder] nee Payne: Wife of John Simpson; 

                     Fanny remained at Brighton at least with her daughter Fanny [the younger].

                     She appears to have given permission for her daughter Fanny to marry at the age of nineteen [mandatory for an underage 
                     marriage] in 1827.   

                    Fanny lived long enough to see her first grandchild born a year later in 1828.   

                    She survived only few more months and was recorded buried in the Church yard St. Nicholas Brighton on the 7th November 1828 
                    at the 'recorded' age of  forty-five. 

Fanny Simpson [the younger]: Daughter of John Simpson & his wife Fanny [nee Payne];

                    At the age of nineteen Fanny Simpson married John Swinton Ashhurst on the 28th January 1827 at Preston only a small 
                    distance from Brighton.  At that time John Swinton Ashhurst was a Law Clerk who was working for local solicitor 
                    Mr. Fleetwood at Brighton.  

                   John and Fanny had in all three children all born at Brighton;

                   Child 1:  Lewis Ashurst born in 1828, 
                   Child 2:  John Swinton Ashurst born in 1829 
                   Child 3:  Fanny Ashurst, baptised at St. Nicholas, Brighton on the 27th  March 1833. 

                   The family continued to live at Brighton where John then worked as a Law Stationer.

                   Fanny's marriage to John Ashurst and her own premature death [Death Certificate Displayed] can be found in the 
                   Next Generation. 
Sarah Simpson: Youngest Daughter of John Simpson & his wife Fanny [nee Payne];

                   No further information was found for Sarah. 

                                                                    Simpson Family of Brighton Descendent Chart