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                                                                  TIDSWELL FAMILY
                                                                                 Of Manchester,  Lancashire, England

                                                 William Tidswell
                                                               Spouse: Elizabeth Hutchinson
               William Tidswell was recorded in the 1841 & 1851 census implied born around 1803 at Manchester. 
               Closest Match:   William Tidswell born 8th October 1801 at Manchester, son of William Tidswell & Elizabeth [nee unknown].
                baptized at the Holy Trinity Church at Salford [1 mile of Manchester] on the 11th November 1801. 

1822 - MARRIAGE: 
                William Tidswell married Elizabeth Hutchinson on the 11th  February 1822 at Manchester Cathedral.
                Elizabeth  Hutchinson was baptized on the 2nd November 1803 at Manchester Cathedral the daughter of James Hutchinson
                Sarah [nee Hardy] who married 21st June 1802 at the same venue.  Her mother may have died young, a second marriage recorded 
                for James Hutchinson six years later also at the same venue. 
Issue [1824-1839];  [All baptisms recorded at Manchester Cathedral]   

                  Child 1:  Eliza Tidswell           baptised 3rd October 1824 Manchester Cathedral.
                                                                      Appeared in 1841 Census with family.  Appeared 1851 Census living with John Riley. 
                                                                      Eliza formed a relationship with John Riley c. 1848, had several issue. 
                                                                      She immigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1855 with her two surviving children following 
                                                                      John Riley who had preceded her two years prior.  
                                                                      They married in 1855 in Melbourne and in all had nine children of the relationship/marriage. 
                                                                      The full story of Eliza's life with John Riley can be found on another page,  
                                                                      See:  John Riley & Elizabeth his wife nee Tidswell. 

                   Child 2:  James Tidswell          baptised 18th February 1827, Manchester Cathedral.  
                                                                        Died young [before 1839].
                   Child 3:  Thomas Tidswell       baptised 15th March 1829.  
                                                                        Appeared in 1841 & 1851 Census. No further information.
                  Child 4:   Martha Ann Tidswell baptised 7th October 1832. 
                                                                  Appeared in 1841 & 1851 Census. Married in June Qtr. 1751.

                  Child 5:   Francis Tidswell no baptism details.  Born c. 1834/5.
                                                                  Appeared in 1841 & 1851 Census.   
                                                                  Died Manchester March Qtr. 1875 recorded aged 41yrs.  No further information.
                 Child 6:   Sarah Tidswell    baptised 6th July 1836.
                                                                 Appeared in 1841 & 1851 Census. May have died Manchester [Dec. Qtr. 1858], six months 
                                                                 after her younger sister Caroline. Sarah would have been aged twenty-two at that time.
                                                                 Many marriages or burials could apply.
                 Child 7:   James Tidswell   baptised 29th November 1839.
                                                                Appeared in 1841 & 1851 Census. No further information.

1841 Census; 
                 Residence: Gt. Annots? Street, Manchester. All entries 'born in County'. 
                 William Tidswell, age 35; Labourer, Elizabeth Tidswell, age 35; Eliza Tidswell, age 17, Servant; Thomas Tidswell, age 12; 
                 Martha Tidswell, age 8; Francis Tidswell, age 6, Sarah Tidswell, age 4; James Tidswell, age 1.

Issue [1841-1847]; 

                Child 8:   Elizabeth Tidswell, baptised 13th February 1842, Manchester Cathedral.
                                                                    Elizabeth appears on the 1851 Census aged 8years.
                                                                    Elizabeth may have died June Qtr. 1862.  If same she would have been aged twenty-six.   

                Child 9:   William Tidswell,   baptised 28th July 1844, Manchester Cathedral.  
                                                                   Died Sept. Qtr. 1845, age 1 year.
               Child 10: Caroline Tidswell, baptised 5th November 1847, Manchester Cathedral.
                                                                  Appears on the 1851 Census. 
                                                                  Died June Qtr. 1858, Manchester.  Estimated aged eleven years. 

1851 Census;   [All entries 'Born in Manchester']
                  Residence: No. 50 Little Lower Street.  
                  William Tidswell, Head, age 48, Well Sinker; Elizabeth Tidswell, Wife, age 49yrs; Francis Tidswell, Son, age 16, Card Brusher;
                  Sarah Tidswell, Daughter, age 14, Card Tinter; James Tidswell, Son, age 10, Scholar; Elizabeth Tidswell, Daughter, age 8, Scholar; 
                  Caroline Tidswell, Daughter, age three.

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